To dive or not to dive ….

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18.1.2018 – Source: Aalborg Zoo

It’s obvious that Nuka and Quilak have very different kind of temperament. I don’t know who is who but the other cubbie throws herself without fear into the water while the other rather stays on the shore and takes things a bit easier.

The photos are screen shots from the video – that’s why they are unsharp.

Come on, sis! Let’s play water games!

 photo aalborg1_6.jpg

Are you ready?

 photo aalborg4_6.jpg

OK, I’ll play for myself ….

 photo aalborg3_7.jpg

Even though there are differences in their behaviour the twins, of course, love to fool around together as you can see in the video.

 photo aalborg5_6.jpg

 photo aalborg2_6.jpg

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  1. Thanks Mervi for posting these pictures
    The two cubs have been really well reared by Malik. They have always been feisty.
    I hope to visit them one more time before they leave Aalborg.

  2. Spielfreudige Bärenkinder sind immer ein Blickfang.

    Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank und viele Grüße

  3. Dear Mervi,
    it is great to watch polar bear kids play together.

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    Schön, die beiden Kids aus Aalborg so froh und munter zu sehen.
    Die Beiden sind mächtig gewachsen.

    Danke für die Fotos und das schöne Video.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Maliks Kinder scheinen sich gut entwickelt zu haben.
    Das Video ist lustig – die Beiden spielen sehr gern. 🙂

  6. Dear Mervi, wonderful to see the two cubs. Thanks for showing.
    Hugs Inge

  7. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the latest pics and the delightful video of Nuka and Quilak!
    It´s always a pleasure to watch playful and fun-loving young bears.
    Malik´s and Lars´ twins have grown up and became goodlooking young bear ladies.

    But I can´t help, I´m getting sad when thinking about Vilma and Lars who died there or the brown bear couple that was killed by the Aalborg Zoo in December 2017.

    I can´t forget and forgive that.
    In my opinion especially the death of the brown bears is inexcusable.
    They could have had a happy evening of life like the bears in “Bärenwald Müritz”…
    It could have been like that:

    The statements and explanations of that zoo in this regard were inexplicable, coldhearted and cynical.
    “When will they ever learn?” …


  8. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for these wonderful pictures, I am glad to see, that the lovely cubs from Aalborg have such fun and they are looking very good. I send good wishes to the cubs and their dear Mama
    big paw waves to Denmark

  9. There seem to be a ‘Landbaer’ and ‘Wasserbaer’ as we had them some years ago in WIEN in ‘TIERGARTEN SCHOENBRUNN’ when JUTTA KIRCHNER called NANUK and AKRTOS ‘Landbaer and Wasserbaer’ prior to their getting real individual names! 🙂

    Thanks, der MERVI, for having published this AALBORG ZOO report, accompanied by your own words (the video is unfortunately not visible ‘Video nicht verfügbar’).

  10. Liebe Mervi, das war bei Aleut und Gregor genauso, aber das wechselt und ändert sich auch wieder.
    Danke Dir für die News von den Eisbären in Aalborg.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K