Winter in Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna

Jan 29th, 2018 | By | Category: Zoos in Austria

29.1.2018 – Photos by Jutta Kirchner

It’s been snowing even in Vienna and many inhabitants in the Tiergarten Schönbrunn have been enjoying the white stuff.

Of course, especially the polar bears Lynn, Ranzo and Nora are happy about the Winter weather.

Nora hasn’t been introduced to Lynn and Ranzo. She has been exploring her new home and judging from her facial expression she’s very satisfied with the accommodation.

 photo nora1.jpg

 photo wien4.jpg

 photo wien7.jpg

Nora looks very glad about the snow flakes, too!

 photo nora2.jpg

Yippee, I can see more snow flakes falling!

 photo wien5.jpg

 photo wien6.jpg

The ‘old couple’ Ranzo and Lynn have been waiting for the Winter but now it has come!

 photo Wien1.jpg

The water in the pool is very chilly but that, of course, is not a problem for a polar bear!

 photo wien2.jpg

 photo wien3.jpg

A study in cuteness

 photo wien10.jpg

Hey, this is my kind of weather! 🙂

 photo wien9.jpg

A white savannah? The cheetah seems to be wondering …..

 photo wien11.jpg

What a fantastic sight!

 photo wien15.jpg

The face of a red panda must be one of the cutest in the world of animals!

 photo wien13.jpg

How does the snow taste? 🙂

 photo wien12.jpg

Another beautiful sight

 photo wien14.jpg

The panda twins are having bundles of fun frolicking in the snow.

 photo wien20.jpg

 photo wien22.jpg

Playing in the snow takes a lot of energy so a snack break is needed for ‘filling the fuel tank’!

 photo wien19.jpg

Mama, isn’t it fun to have white, soft snow under our paws?

 photo wien23.jpg

 photo wien21.jpg

Bird’s eye wiew

 photo wien25.jpg

Surprise! It’s me up here!

 photo wien24.jpg

Knuti’s Weekly wishes Jutta and all her four legged friends in Schönbrunn a pleasant Winter time!

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  1. Liebe Jutta und Mervi
    Magical photos from Vienna with its two sets of wonderful bears. A kangaroo/wallaby in the snow!

  2. Dear Jutta & Mervi

    You present us a real winter-wonderland in Schönbrunn.
    We had the last snowfall in December (for one day), 😉
    So its nice, to watch happy animals in the snow.
    They are all well prepared with a warm fur. 🙂
    The little Pandas are so cute, playing in
    the white stuff. Even the red pandas
    and the wallabies have snow in
    their natural habitats in the
    mountains. 🙂 Only Mr.
    Cheetah seems to
    be a little bit
    irritated. 😉


  3. Liebe Jutta und mervi!

    Danke fuer Fotos von Winterwunderland Wien. Alle tiere sehen so gluecklich aus.



  4. Dear Mervi and Jutta!
    Thank you for the pictures from the zoo Vienna in the snow. Nora is a pretty polar bear girl. I think she is happy about the new enclosure. Ranzo and Lynn enjoyed the bath in the cold water. I hope they will like Nora.
    A sea lion is very cute. The red panda showed the tongue 🙂
    The pandas like the snow too.

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    um diesen tollen Schnee können hiesige Winterfans die Zootiere in Wien nur beneiden.
    Bei den Cheetahs hält sich die Begeisterung natürlich in Grenzen, aber fast alle anderen
    lieben die weiße Pracht.

    Nora sieht super aus und das Wiedersehen mit Ranzo ist für dich natürlich eine besondere Freude.
    Danke an dich und Jutta für den Bericht!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Liebe Mervi, liebe Jutta,

    das sind wunderschöne Fotos aus dem Wiener Zoo.
    Es gibt ihn doch noch, den Schnee.

    Schöln zu sehen, dass es Ranzo und Lynn und auch Nora gut geht.
    Besonders süß finde ich die Katzenbärchen im Schnee und auch die Pandabären.
    So ein kleiner Panda ist schon toll. Vielleicht klappt es ja bei unseren Pandas auch mal irgendwann.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Dear Mervi and Jutta!
    Wow, that are fantastic photos of a winter fairytale landscape in Vienna.
    All the animals look so beautiful in the snow and seem to enjoy winter time.

    I hope Lynn and Ranzo will welcome Nora kindly as a friend and playmate.
    I wish they could play in the snow together.

    Thank you for bringing these fabulous pics to us.


  8. Dear Jutta and Mervi

    Wonderful winterphotos from Vienna. Thanks a lot !

    Hugs Inge

  9. The snow we had unfortunately only 3 days in Vienna. I hope it will catch up a bit.
    Thank you Mervi, for the nice report and thank you also for the kind comments,
    Sincerely, Jutta

  10. Dear Jutta, I think that apart from the cheetah and the wallaby, all other animals definitely do love the snow and hope to have some more.
    It is such a fun to see the panda’s (big and red, adults and kids) loving to stroll around.
    And my God, Ranzo is now a real white giant. I hope that Schonbrunn is having good times with the trio (Ranzo, Lynn and Nora).
    Thank you for keeping us updated.

  11. Liebe Jutta und Mervi!

    Schönbrunn ist wirklich ein toll angelegter und wunderschöner Zoo, man sieht dass die Tiere sich Wohlfühlen. Danke für diesen lieben Bericht und die wunderbaren Bilder.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  12. PATRICIA – Wallabies live in the Australian Alps
    in the Southwest – they HAVE snow there ! 🙂
    (winter happens, when we have summer)
    They even have wintersport there ! 😀

  13. Liebe Mervi und liebe Jutta,
    Schnee und Eisbären da gehört einfach zusammen!
    Nora hat sich eingewöhnt und wir werden sehen wie sie sich mit Lynn und Ranzo versteht.
    Die Pandas sind für mich einfach umwerfend niedlich und auch ganz toll fotografiert.
    Vielen Dank für die Tiere im winterlichen Schönbrunn.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  14. Ah – and here is another polar bear young man spoiled with two female beauties and lots of white stuff!
    Oh, I see, you are not yet all together . . . Wishing you the best and that you will be a good TEAM!

    Also all the other animals shown are so beautiful in all the white stuff but I am sure also without any,
    simply beautiful. JUTTA KIRCHNER is still the gifted photographer we know a good while now already. She will remain for me always the Lady who created the LANDBÄR and the WASSERBÄR for ARKTOs and NANUK (if I remember it right . . .). Thanks to her and to MERVI again.

  15. Liebe Jutta

    Ganz zauberhafte Bilder!!!

    Liebe Mervi,
    vielen Dank!

    Herzliche Grüße

  16. I came from Schönbrunn yesterday: there was not any snow, was +10, one day even +15 degrees…
    Ranzo patiently stood by the wall and waited for Nora, who was on the other side of the wall. Later he sniffed over all the area, where Nora had been…

    Many beautiful pictures can be found on this site:

  17. Hello Evi!

    Welcome to Knuti’s Weekly! Thank you for the information and the link!

    Hugs from Mervi