A lovely day in Planckendael – UPDATED with 2 videos

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1.2.2018 – Posted by Patricia Roberts, Videos by Jos and Cecile

Cécile and Jos have been visiting Planckendael again and as usual, according to good old traditions, they have made some videos.

In the first video, you can meet Kanvar. He was born in Spain and as a young bull came to Zoo Antwerp. Maybe, you will remember that Zoo Antwerp is now a place where young elephant bulls can stay for a few years before moving to their forever zoo. He arrived to Planckendael last year in July to replace Chang (who is now in Copenhagen).

 photo plancken1.jpg

But not before Chang was having sufficient time to learn him how to behave with regard to the ladies. Na ja, for making babies, he will have to wait a few years since all ladies have or are going to have a baby. Maybe you will remember that in 2014 I told you about the game between Ming Yung and Kanvar and the tyre. Then they both were still kids, now almost adults. In the video, one can see that Kanvar is a very calm and friendly giant who knows perfectly well how to get his hay.

 photo plancken2.jpg

The second video is showing some other animals.

Our Indian lions: the mother and the youngsters on the roof and the meadow and the “king” of the family making sure that his manes do not get wet!!! Vanity, your name is man, isn’t it.

 photo plancken3.jpg

 photo plancken4.jpg

A pretty blue lobster “trying to escape” or so and “walking on high heels”.

The emus do not care about the weather and just enjoy their life. But frankly said, they always look a bit muddy. By the way, their names are Cécile and Jos (and I swear that I am NOT KIDDING!).

 photo plancken5.jpg

And then, last but not least, the last of the Tasmanian devils in Planckendael, mother Miena.

 photo plancken7.jpg

 photo plancken8.jpg

She arrived together with her daughter Corinna in 2017. They were a gift from Denmark. The two sons of Miena went to Pairi Daiza. Unfortunately, Corinna died.

Hope you like it, Dear All.

Cécile and Jos have posted two new videos:

In this video you can see the two Tasmanian devils when they came to Planckendael

Birthday surprise for young Lions Rani, Ravi and Raman on the 25th of January when they had their 2nd birthday.

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  1. Liebe Patricia,

    fein, dass du dir wieder einmal Zeit für einen Zoobesuch und damit auch einen Bericht für uns gemacht hast.
    Und dann noch in netter Begleitung, um einen Namensvetter zu treffen – sehr witzig!

    Das Video mit dem Elefanten zeigt die Kreativität der Pfleger dieses Betonrohr als Futterquelle
    für die Elefanten zu machen, wo das Futter im Freien auch noch schön trocken bleibt – toll! Es gibt also auch in Antwerpen eine Jungbullen WG. Da macht man sich bei Elefanten scheinbar mehr Gedanken drum als bei Eisbären.

    Die Löwengruppe ist beeindruckend, aber die tasmanischen Teufel mag ich nicht so gerne.

    Danke für deinen Bericht und liebe Grüße!

  2. Dear Patricia

    I like the the lions most. 🙂
    A nice family! I am sorry,
    that Corinna died – her
    mother looks pretty !
    The elephant has
    good manners. 🙂

    Thanks to Cecile and Jos
    for the videos 🙂 I´ll watch
    them later in the afternoon.

    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Cécile and Jos,

    What a great pleasure it was for me to publish your lovely videos. Thank you so much!

    Kanvar is an impressive elephant male. I’m sure the lady elephants will fall in love with him when the time comes. 🙂

    Mr Lion isn’t behaving very ‘gentlelion like’ occupying the shelter himself. However, the rest of the family doesn’t seem to mind. 🙂

    I’ve never seen a blue lobster before. It looks very beautiful tiptoeing in his (or her) kingdom.

    Were the emus named after you or is it a pure coincidence?

    What a pity Miena lost her daughter. I hope the beautiful ‘devil’ will soon have a companion.

    Dear Patricia,

    Thank you for writing such an informative and also entertaining text to this article!

    Hugs from Mervi

  4. Dear Patricia,
    thank you for bringing us the pictures and videos of Jos and Cecile.
    Kanvar is an impressive young male, he likes the hige toys 🙂
    The lion family is lovely.
    Tasmanian devils are the interesting animals. I hope Milena will get a partner.

  5. KANVAR is a beautiful youngster-elephant-bull!
    The TASMANIAN DEVILS are as funny looking as interesting beasties and kind of ‘knuffig’! I like them.
    The blue lobsters in the last videos are very beautiful (I am a ‘lobster’ as well = ‘Sternzeichen Krebs’* but no competition at all for those beauties! 🙂 ) . . . *A friend of mine used to answer ‘I am a lobster’ if somebody asked for her sign of birth. Of course that was just for kidding – as I was kiding here as well . . .

    ‘VANITY your name is MAN !’ A typical ‘PATRICIA ROBERTS’! . . . Sometimes you are for sure right with your assumption or shall we rather say experience!? 😉 . . . . One has to grin automatically when one comes across the photo of the complete lion-family with the gentleman is under the cover of the den while the rest of the family cares nobody may disturb peace and comfort of the ‘Big Boss’ . . . 🙂

    Thank you very much, dear PATRICIA ROBERTS for having cared for publication of an interesting zoo report from the ZOO PLANCKENDAEL enjoying us with your words (even though you seem not to feel well lately, as I saw in ‘Die KNUIPE’ when reading there diagonally. Wishing you ALL THE BEST and SPEEDY RECOVERY!). . . Thanks also to the authors of the photos and videos which were a pleasure to watch. And thanks a lot to you, dear MERVI for your caring again for interesting publications in ‘KWM’ which means lots of work for you as the editor in chief – and this only short after all your activities in connection with the celebration of ‘TEN YEARS KNUTITOURS’!

    – – –

    Emus called ‘CÉCILE and JOS’ – that’s something! . . . Nearly unbelievable but I made very often the experience that there are most astonishing coincidences – again and again. I am pretty sure you had a good laugh! . . .BTW: I believe I rather believe in coincidences than in ‘kismet’ but ‘Who ever knows what’s the reason for what we are in – may it be trouble and pain or luck and joy . . .

  6. Dear Patricia, Cecile and Jos!
    Thank you for the interesting report, the nice pics and videos of Planckendael.
    Kanvar is a goodlooking young elephant bull. I´m convinced the ladies will love him when he is full grown and it´s the proper time…

    I had a good laugh about the behaviour of the water-shy male lion and your subtitles.
    Isn´t it typical for a lion king ? The whole lion family looks gorgeous.

    I´ve never seen such beautiful blue lobsters before too. They are very elegant and interesting animals.

    I feel sorry for the little devil Miena and hope she will not stay alone!


  7. Dear Mervi, Ludmila and AnkeB who expressed their hope for the lonely “Devil” Miena,
    Today came 2 updates from Planckendael:
    Two new Tasmanian Devils arrived from Copenhagen… -YouTube (Twee nieuwe Tasmaanse duivels komen aan uit Kopenhagen …) ? 0:39
    Birthday surprise for young Lions Rani, Ravi and Raman – YouTube (Verjaardagsverrassing voor leeuwtjes Rani, Ravi en Raman) ? 0:42
    Hugs for all the Knutians
    Cecile and Jos

  8. Dear Patricia, Cecile and Jos !

    Thanks a lot for the report and the wonderful pictures and videos from Planckendael.

    The elephant Chang is doing fine in Copenhagen. He is in must, and he is working hard throwing sand outside his enclosure towards the visitors.

    Sorry to read, that the little Devil is dead.

    Hugs from Copenhagen

  9. Dear Cecile and Jos!
    These are good news and lovely videos from Planckendael!
    Thank you so much!


  10. Dear Cécile and Jos,

    Thank you so much for the two new videos! I have inserted them both in the article.

    Hugs from Mervi

  11. Dear Patricia, Cecile and Jos
    Thank you for this fascinating mixture of Africa and
    Australia. The big lions and elephants are of course very dramatic, but the fate of the fierce little “devils” tugs at the
    heartstrings. Like Polar Bears they are so fragile.

  12. Dear Mervi, Cecile & Jos

    🙂 The videos are interesting, especially the birthdayparty for the
    young lions. Its nice, that mother Miena now has new companions.

    Chris 🙂

  13. Danke für die InteressantenVideos und tollen Bilder aus diesem schönen Zoo. Die Teufelchen sind so lustig. Die Pfleger geben sich viel Mühe, damit die Tiere Spass haben und beschäftigt sind.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  14. Liebe Dear Patricia, Cecile and Jos

    Vielen Dank für die netten Bilder die sehenswerten Filmchen


  15. Liebe Patricia,Cecile und Jos,
    schade dass die Tochter der Tasmanischen Teufel nicht überlebt hat aber die Mutter wird schon wieder
    erfolgreich für Nachwuchs sorgen.
    In der Löwenfamilie ist volle Action angesagt mit den schon erwachsenen Jungtieren.
    Bald kommen sie in andere Zoos und ich freue mich immer wenn die Geburtstage der Zootiere
    gefeiert werden, ist nicht selbstverständlich.
    Danke Euch für die schöne Gemeinschaftsproduktion.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  16. Liebe Patricia, Cecille und Jos,

    danke für die neuesten Fotos und voir allem schönen und interessanten Videos aus Planckendeal.

    Tasmanische Teufel sind putzige Tierchen. Leider sieht man sie nur sehr selten in Zoos.
    Das war ja eine schöne Geburtstagsparty bei der süßen Löwenfamilie. Da war ordentlich was los.

    Liebe Grüße