Gerda and Kai are together again!

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26.2.2018 – Photos by Anna Novikova

On the 21th of  February Anna challenged the cold weather and went to the zoo again.  Despite of  a cold she had caught she wanted to meet our polar bears again. Kai and Gerda are together again and Rostik plays in his little enclosure.

It looks like Gerda has made herself extra beautiful this morning. No wonder she’s smiling!

 photo gerda8_1.jpg

When Kai came out Gerda turned her boomsie towards him. I wonder what she wanted to say …. 🙂

 photo 1901143_2015472218777421_3968444050824441687_n.jpg

Just like many other polar bear ladies Gerda wasn’t too eager to meet Kai in the beginning. After the long ‘maternity leave’ a lady needs some quality time for herself!

 photo 27973185_2015472222110754_1203067536373869914_n.jpg

Gerda, where are you? – Oh bear, what a sheepish expression Kai has on his face! Just like a man in love!! 🙂

 photo kai1_2.jpg

Maybe she will come to me if I just keep low prophile ….

 photo kai2_2.jpg

Where are you? I’m running out of patience now!

 photo kai5_3.jpg

Hello Kai! Are you talking to me?

 photo 28059218_2015472368777406_2351422393328746886_n.jpg

How annoying! That bear is turning her boomsie on me again!!!

 photo 27973847_2015472365444073_6439716700582849710_n.jpg

Something by the wall had caught the bears’ interest so they started digging in the snow side by side.

 photo 27750401_2015471845444125_7358813904611620787_n.jpg

A study of digging Gerda

 photo gerda3_1.jpg

I’m sure there’s something hidden in the snow.

 photo gerda1_1.jpg

Yippee! I was right!

 photo gerda4_2.jpg

Proudly Gerda presented the treasure she had found.

 photo gerda5_1.jpg

Let’s see if this thing is paw proof!

 photo gerda7_2.jpg

After a while Gerda felt mercy with Kai and approached him.

 photo 28056134_2015471972110779_488217120942480453_n.jpg

Let me give you a real polar bear hug!

 photo 28378825_2015472015444108_8848405466425500510_n.jpg

And a tender kiss, too!

 photo 28056834_2015471955444114_2201265977366450786_n.jpg

On February 27th Anna and her friends will go to the zoo to congratulate Rostik, Gerda and Kai on the International Polar Bear Day. Of course, they will bring gifts, too. I hope we will get a report from that day later on.


 photo rostik2.jpg

Hopefully Rostik will soon find a nice zoo with a big enclosure for polar bears. Especially when it’s possible that Gerda and Kai will be parents again in the end of the year.

 photo rostik1.jpg

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  1. Dear Anna

    Thank you for the interesting report!
    Gerda needs some time, before Kai
    can mate with her. But Kai is a gentle
    bear and has no hurry. It was funny,
    how Gerda digged out the plastic
    container! I also hope, that the
    zoo-officials will find a solution
    for Rostik soon. The cage isn´t
    very comfortable and hopefully
    only “Notlösung” for a short time.

    Chris 🙂

  2. Dear Anna and Mervi

    What a lovely snowy bear story with beautiful photos and words.
    I am sure that Gerda and Kai will soon settle down together.
    Rostik does need a good home. Perhaps the new enclosure in Rostock.

  3. Thanks for the pictures of the Seberain fluffy beauties.
    May they have more space some time in the future . . .

  4. Dear Anna, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures from Novosibirsk. The bears have still the snow, but Kai got the spring feelings 🙂
    Kai and Gerda look very nice.
    Rostik has not much place, but he has the water in his pool.

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi and dear Anna.
    Best wishes to Gerda, Kai and Rostik.

  6. Dear Mervi and Anna!
    Thank you for the update of Gerda and Kai!

    Although it was already a week after Valentine´s day when Anna took the photos, the lovestory of Gerda and Kai takes time…
    But Kai is patient, he knows his sweetheart and will surely enchant her and win her heart after a while.
    Both of them look gorgeous especially when they´re smiling. I suppose it doesn´t bother Kai when Gerda turns her boomsie toward him, since it is such a pretty one…

    Poor Rostik still has to stay in that terrible cage.
    Hopefully he will move soon to a better place. I wish him best of luck!


  7. Just had another look to the pics.

    The first picture of GERDA is simply priceless!
    Had to smile a broad smile – ‘Ich musste schmunzeln’ vor Vergnuegen bei diesem Anblick!!

  8. Liebe Mervi und liebe Anna,
    Gerda zeigt Kai sehr deutlich wer Chef ist und Kai geht auf das gefährliche Spiel der Eisbärin, ein.
    Aber sie verstehen sich und das läßt hoffen ………….
    Danke Dir für den schönen Bericht und ich freue mich auf die Fortsetzung.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  9. dear Mervi,
    thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of Gerda, Kai and Rostik with us. Gerda looks so content with her toy which she has found under the snow. And the real polar bear hug and the tender kiss, so lovely.
    I wish Gerda, Kai and Rostik all the best,
    dear greetings to you and to Anna, who took all the nice pictures, it is a pleasure to watch it

  10. Dear Anna, first of all, my deepest respect for having the courage to visit a zoo in such cold weather to bring us a nice report and pics. Like all others, I hope that Rostik soon will find a good zoo with a nice girlfriend. With regard to Gerda and Kai, it seems that Spring fever is arriving, but one thing is for sure: Gerda is the BOSS! In the video it is clear that although she is about one third smaller than Kai, she is driving him from here to there.