Gerda and Kai got red ‘teddybears’

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13.2.2018 – Photos by Anna Novikova

Anna visited the zoo on the 3rd of February. She and her friend Valentina thought Gerda and Kai had looked a bit bored so they brought new red barrels to them. They often collect money for buying toys for the polar bears.

 photo gerda11_1.jpg

Anna and Valentina took photos standing on chairs from the zoo café next to the polar bears. Anna has problems with arthrosis so photographing lifting her head is difficult. What luck the café was willing to lend the chairs to ‘our team’!

Gerda and Kai are still staying in separate enclosures. It looks like they both were waiting for the visitors.

This is Gerda wondering what to do today.

 photo gerda17.jpg

 photo gerda13.jpg

Even Kai seems to be waiting for something ….

 photo kai13_1.jpg

After her morning meditation Gerda thought it’s time for some action ….

 photo gerda14_1.jpg

…. and started with her fur cure.

 photo gerda19.jpg

Suddenly she was interrupted by a noise coming from the visitors’ area.

 photo gerda20.jpg

How kind of Anna and Valentina to bring me this nice barrel!

 photo gerda4_1.jpg

Kai says ‘thank you’ to our team.

 photo kai9_1.jpg

He looks very happy with his new toy. Let’s see if this one is polar bear proof! 🙂

 photo kai5_2.jpg

There’s an orange thing on the snow – maybe a carot?

 photo kai11_1.jpg

What a broad smile Kai has on his face! No doubt he was very happy about the red toy.

 photo kai15.jpg

Gerda and Kai are still staying in separate enclosures but it’s funny to see how they treat their new toys in the same way.


 photo kai20.jpg

Doesn’t he look like a child with a teddybear? So cute!

 photo kai17.jpg

 photo kai1_1.jpg

Here’s Gerda with her ‘teddybear’.

 photo gerda8.jpg

This thing is mine and I won’t give it away, Gerda seems to be saying – or at least thinking. 🙂

 photo gerda7_1.jpg

Enough for cuddling teddybears …. It’s throwing time again!

 photo kai3_2.jpg

Here you can see how icy cold the weather is! Even the running water has frozen. Kai doesn’t mind – this is his kind of weather.

 photo kai6_1.jpg

After a barrel throwing session it’s time for some relaxation.

 photo kai16.jpg

 photo kai19.jpg

A nice nap using the barrel as a cushion is never wrong!

 photo kai22.jpg

Even Gerda decides to have nap.

 photo gerda12_1.jpg

You can watch Kai and Gerda on a webcam.

It works from 12.00 to 8 am. Gerda is in the 1st Chamber, Kai in the 2nd Chamber. Sometimes there are problems with the camera in Kai’s chamber.

Finally I want to present two sweeties to you.

I don’t know the name of this bear so I just call her/him Brown Beauty!

 photo 27337243_2003644239960219_7744865275388290484_n.jpg

 photo 27073114_2003644209960222_2336839996734074597_n.jpg

This puma kitten is Sofia. If she doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what does …. 🙂

 photo novo3.jpg

 photo novo2.jpg

 photo novo1.jpg

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  1. Dear Anna and Valentina
    We really appreciate your photos and also the way in
    which you get toys for Gerda and Kai. It is also good
    to meet the brown bear and baby puma.
    Dear Mervi
    Your words bring the photos to life and in particular Gerda and Kai. They are such cuddly Polars.


    Thank you for the lovely photos of Kai and Gerda.
    The red barrels obviously are nice toys for them.
    Brown Beauty is a Cutie (das reimt sich sogar).
    The little mountain lion is a cutie too! All are
    enjoying the winter weather with much snow!

    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Anna and Valentina!
    It is great that you bring the toys to Kai and Gerda. All bears like to play. Kai and Gerda enjoy the toys.
    The brown bear is sweet. The young puma is cute.

  4. Dear Mervi, Anna and Valentina!
    Thank you for these lovely pics and affectionate subtitles! They really warm my soul on a winter´s day.

    Seeing these mighty polar bears play and cuddle happily with their brandnew red barrels is simply heartwarming, one must love them. They appear exactly like children with a new toy.
    Isn´t it wonderful that your gifts were appreciated that way?

    The glimpse of “Brown Beauty” is so sweet, he/she really seems to enjoy his meal.
    The little puma Sofia is just enchanting.


  5. Dear Anna

    Wonderful pictures from Gerda und Kai !
    Thank you so much!!!


  6. ANNA and VALENTINA you seem to be as ‘polar bear addicted’ or even ‘polar bear crazy’ as we all are.
    Wonderful such we get these beautiful bears to see in all their playing actions!

    Indeed, it’s interesting how tender even the most powerful adult polar bears can treat their toys
    and it’s amazing how much they ressemble themselves in lots of actions even though they can also be very individual . . .

    BROWN BEAUTY and the ‘awwwww . . .’ so sweet PUMA KITTEN are heartwarming sights too.

    Thanks to all you three, MERVI, ANNA, and VALENTINA (please give some ‘paw waves’ of me to your beautiful lovelies in the NOVOSIBIRSK ZOO! 🙂 )

  7. Liebe Anna, liebe Valentina!

    Es so lieb, dass ihr darauf schaut, dass Gerda und Kai nicht sich nicht langweilen. Die zwei haben ja soviel Spass mit ihren Geschenken.
    Danke für die wunderbaren Bilder

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  8. Liebe Anna,

    vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Fotos von Gerda und Kai., und auch dem Braunbären.
    Der rote Kanister paßt farblich sehr gut ins Bild.

    Besonders niedlich ist das kleine Pumakind mit den schönen bleuen Augen.. Zum Klauen süß.

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Liebe Anna,Valentina und Mervi,
    sehr schöne Bilder von Gerda und Kai und man sieht wieviel Spaß Kai mit dem neuen Spielzeug hat.
    Aber auch die anderen Tiere im Zoo sind sehenswert und ich bin von dem Pumakind und dem hübschen Bären ganz begeistert.
    Vielen Dank, für diesen schönen Bericht.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. dear Anna and dear Valentina,
    it is great that you have visited Gerda and Kai and have brought such wonderful toys,Gerda and Kai had much fun and also we all can have much joy with watching all your lovely pictures. Thank you so much.
    Gerda and Kai you are looking fantastic, the first picture of you Gerda is today my favorite, so cute.
    dear Mervi, thank you very much for sharing these nice pictures with us, it is a big pleasure to watch and read the text
    dear greetings to all of you