Greetings from the polar bears in Vienna and Tallinn

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8.2.2018 by Evi from Tallinn

Nora is curious and skilful climber! She likes cleanliness- she often puts her food on some object, rarely eats on the ground. Nora is a very sensitive polar bear. She is playful and she likes to throw things: she threw the new yellow ball, which we brought her to Schönbrunn, on the roof!

 photo Tallinn1.jpg

 photo frida1.jpg

 photo frida3.jpg

 photo wien3.jpg

 photo frida2.jpg

Where did the ball land?

 photo frida4.jpg

Ranzo stood and waited for Nora, who was on the other side of the wall. I think that they will be a great couple!

 photo wien1.jpg

 photo wien2.jpg

 photo Nora4.jpg

 photo wien4.jpg

Nora is now in a good zoo: she is relaxed and feels fine, she has kind and friendly keepers… I hope she will be happy with Ranzo …

 photo Nora2.jpg

 photo Tallinn2.jpg

 photo Nora1.jpg

There is a little snow in Tallinn now and our polar bears like it very much! Little Aron plays with his mother Friida in the snow. I’ve seen on camera how they spent the night sleeping in the yard! Nord does not like transport box and he lives still on the old area.

Our Friida has not adapted to the new conditions: she is still very nervous, only walks around constantly.

Aron swims and plays in the pool. When the little snow fell down, they sometimes slept outdoors at night …

 photo JaumlaumlkarudVaumlljas.jpg

 photo aron1_2.jpg

 photo aron2_2.jpg

 photo aron3_1.jpg

Winter fun with Friida and Aron

 photo frida5.jpg

 photo aron4_2.jpg

 photo frida6.jpg

There is a camera in our zoo to watch polar bears

Nora in Tallinn

 photo nora5.jpg

Nord does not enter the transport box and he is still in his old area.

 photo Nord.jpg

In Youtube you’ll find three short videos of Nora showing what a playful girl she is.

Knuti’s Weekly wishes all the polar bears and their keepers in Vienna and Tallinn a wonderful Winter time! Let’s hope there will be a good solution even for Nord!

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  1. Dear Evi,

    Welcom to Knuti’s Weekly Magazine!

    Nora seems to be a very sweet polar bear girl who love playing all kinds of games. I had a good laugh at her throwing skils. It’s not easy to throw a ball on the roof! 🙂 I’m sure she was happy about your gift.

    Ranzo must be really curious about the new beautiful lady bear. I’m sure our Finnish viking has already fallen in love ….. I hope even Lynn will ‘accept’ her new friend.

    Wow, what a great photo of Friida and Aron sleeping in the snow. I know that even Ewa and Wilbär in Orsa like to spend a night outdoors every now and then despite the cold weather – or maybe because of it.

    Aron is a real cutie pie and just like all polar bear cubs he loves rolling in the snow. I can never see enough of this kind of wonderful scenes. – I hope Friida will soon forget her stereotype behavior and starts enjoying the new enclosure whole heartedly. Maybe she misses Nora? I was glad to see Friida playing with Aron anyway.

    I sure hope there will soon be a good solution for Nord, too so he doesn’t have to stay alone in the old ‘house’.

    Thank you so much for this lovely report with great photos!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Thank you, Mervi, very much for this article!

    Now many friends of polar bears can also know more about our polar bears! It’s a great pleasure for Nora fans to read how fine she is doingis right now! A few months ago, when Friida and Aron left another area, Nora ran nervously on the concrete floor and did not know that everything would change …
    She is relaxed and happy at the moment, she has nice and friendly keepers! Greetings to them!
    Julian, her keeper, said that Nora eats everything (soft toys can not give her), but here in Tallinn she had only some balls on the concrete and she was bored, then she chewed everything.
    I also hope, that Friida will love the new conditions and Nord will be soon in our new polarium.

    Once again, Mervi, many thanks!

    Kind regards,
    Evi from Tallinn

  3. Dear Evi You really have given us a full account of what is happening to the Polar Bears of Tallinn.
    The shot of Nora actually climbing like a Sun Bear shows how much energy she has.
    I can understand Friida being upset by the change. Katjuscha in Berlin was given a mulch bed, which younger Polar Bears love, but she prefers her safe stone hole. She will walk around until she knows every corner of her new home. Vilma in Rostock was also very nervous when she was not occupied by Fiete, so playing with Aron will also help.

    Dear Mervi Thank you and Evi for bringing Tallinn into our family.

  4. Hallo Mervi

    Die Bärchen in Tallin und Wien haben in jedem Fall das
    große Los gezogen. Beide Anlagen sind beispielhaft. Ich
    hoffe nur, dass Nord auch bald aus diesem Käfig heraus
    kommt und die Dinger dann ein für alle mal verschrottet
    werden. Nora scheint sich in Schönbrunn bereits ganz
    gut eingelebt zu haben, während Aron in Tallin den
    Schnee genießt und mit Mama Friida spielt. Ranzo
    ist sicher neugierig auf seine neue Mitbewohnerin
    in Wien. Dank an Evi aus Tallin für das interessante
    Bildmaterial!, dass sie KWM zur Verfügung gestellt hat!

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  5. Hallo Mervi,
    danke für den interessanten Artikel. Tolle Bilder von feinen Eisbären!
    Herzliche Grüße

  6. Dear Evi, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the very interesting report about Nora. She had not very nice enclosure in the zoo Tallinn, but now she lives in the good conditions. She is a playful girl 🙂 I hope Ranzo will be nice to her. He is an adult male, Nora is still a young girl. It would be great if Lynn will be nice to Nora too. Maybe after the mating time in the Spring Lynn will accept the second female.
    Aron and Frida have the new wonderful enclosure now, they have the snow too 🙂 I hope Nord will decide to enter the transport cage to be moved to the new enclosure too.

  7. Dear Mervi and Evi!
    Thank you so much for bringing us the news about the polar bears in Tallin and Vienna.

    I´m curious about the development between the bears in Vienna. Hopefully Nora, Lynn and Ranzo will be a good team and harmonise with each other!
    Deep respect that Nora manages to throw the ball upon a roof! She seems to be very sporty.

    It´s always delightful to watch playing polar bears.
    Frieda and Aaron look fantastic in the snow.
    I hope there will be soon a happy ending for Nord too. The old cages are really outdated, they are simply terrible.


  8. Liebe Mervi,
    liebe Eva,

    danke für die schönen Bilder aus Tallinn und Wien. Ranzo ist sehr an seiner neuen Freundin interessiert und kann von ihrer Sportlichkeit bestimmt noch etwas lernen.

    Das neue Gehege für Aron und Frieda ist prima. Schade, das Nord durch seine Ängstlichkeit vor der Transportkiste noch nichts von diesem tollen Gehege hat. Hoffentlich lässt er sich bald überreden.

    Liebe Grüße an euch Beide!

  9. Dear Evi
    Dear Mervi

    You show us such wonderful pictures !!
    Nora has made the move well and she will be with Lynn and Ranzo
    understand well.
    I keep my fingers crossed for Nord!!!


  10. Dear Mervi and dear Evi

    Thanks a lot for an interesting report and wonderful pictures.

    Hugs from Copenhagen

  11. It’s very confusing with all the polar bears international and all the names and all their journeys and all their getting together with new playmates and partners. I am afraid I am no longer able to keep everybear and everything apart . . .

    Anyway, it’s such a joy to see any of the polar bears doing their very individual antics.

    NORA climbing so high seems to be a right miracle to me!

    Where is NORA actually, in Tallinn or in Vienna . . ???

    HELP! . . . Isch bligge nimma duach! . 😉

    AAROn and FRIIDA are sweeties playing in the snow.

    Thank so everyone involved in this report, EVI, MERVI, . . .? ? ?

  12. Dear Evi, thank you so much for the news from Nora, Friida, Aron and Nord. It is always a pleasure to learn about polar bears in other zoos and where they are going to, and how they are doing in their home zoo.
    For me here in Belgium, it is a bit funny to see a pic of mother and child sleeping outside in the snow, but tja, for polar bears, it is a normal circumstance, isn’t it.

  13. Dear Dumba,

    Nora is now living in Vienna (Schönbrunn) waiting to be introduced to Ranzo and Lynn.

  14. Schön zu sehen, dass es den Baerchen in Wien und Tallin gut geht.

    Danke für den Bericht und liebe Grüße, Erika

  15. Liebe Evi und Mervi,
    Nora als Kletterkuenstler, das ist außergewöhnlich!
    Jetzt ist sie in Wien und wird bald neue Bären kennen lernen.
    Alles Gute für diese drei Bären.
    Friida und Aron geniessen den Schnee und die Zeit miteinander, Nord
    wird sich noch gedulden müssen.
    Vielen Dank für schoene Bilder von Nora in Tallin und Wien und der
    Eisbaerfamilie in Tallin.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  16. Liebe Mervi,

    ich habe noch nie einen Eisbären Gitterstäbe hochklettern sehen. Bis jetzt. Nora hat es geschafft.
    Was mich freut, dass sie sich schenbar schon sehr gut in ihrer neuen Heimat eingelebt hat. Und Ranzo wartet schon auf sie. Neugierig versucht er, einen Blick von Nora zu erhaschen. Bin mal gespannt wie das erste Treffen der Beiden verläuft.

    Und in Tallinn genießen Friida und der kleine Aron den Schnee.
    Danke für die schönen Bilder und das tolle Video.

    Liebe Grüße

  17. Dear Evi,

    Thank you for the link to the lovely videos! Nora certainly has never ending energy! 🙂

    Hugs from Mervi

  18. Thank you all for the kind comments!
    It’s nice to see, that is so great interest in our polar bears.

    Kind regards,

  19. Dear Evi & Mervi
    Nora has never ending energy,
    although I prefer the videos from
    the new enclosures ! What luck,
    that the cages are history now.
    When will Nord change to the
    big enclosure? The poor guy
    still is in his old cage….
    Chris 🙂

    By the way, we are interested in
    polar bears all over the world. Its
    always nice, to have photo
    aunties in the different Zoos! 🙂