Hope is doing fine in Orsa – UPDATED 13. February

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9.2.2018 – Source: Orsa Predator Center, Photos by Johanna Berglund

All polar bears seem to love barrels and the blue barrels are their favourites. Hope is no exception as you can see in the following photos and the video.

She obviously wants to say ‘hello’ to the visitors, too.

 photo hope1_1.jpg

I’m having lots of fun here in Orsa! There’s so much real snow in my enclosure. Amazing!

 photo hope2_1.jpg

 photo hope3_1.jpg

OK, now you’ve had a chance to admire me closely so it’s playing time again!

Hope – the daughter of Flocke and Rasputin – arrived in Orsa on the 19th of January from Antibes in southern France. She is now getting acquinted with her new home – the surroundings and her keepers. According to Johanna Berglund, a keeper in the park,  Hope is delighted by all the snow in Orsa.

 photo hope7.jpg

The new polar bear girl has been taken from Antibes in southern France, a park that is part of the same European network as Orsa Predator Center, focusing on conservation programs.

“We received a request for this polar bear, which we thought would be an excellent future female for our polar bear Wilbär, a highly ranked male, whose genes are very important.

Hope is curiously exploring her new home.

 photo hope3.jpg

 photo hope2.jpg

Hope who is just over three years old, came to us on January 19th, and we are ready to give her a good ´introduction period’. It is important that she gets used to the new environment and her keepers. What I can say is that she seems to feel well in our snowy and Winter like landscape and the cold weather.

 photo hope4.jpg

When Hope will be introduced to the other two polar bears, Ewa and Wilbär, is not yet decided.

“It will happen in the near future, we have not yet decided when. We’ll take it easy, it’ll take the
time it takes. Everything’s going fine so far’ Johanna Berglund says.

 photo hope5.jpg

We have hopes for polar bear cubs in the future. The polar bears we have in the park have not succeeded yet, which is a pity because this species is fighting for its survival on earth.

 photo hope1.jpg

 photo hope6.jpg

Knuti’s Weekly wishes Hope a happy life in Orsa!

My special thanks to Johanna Berglund for the photos and the information!

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the news and pictures of Hope in Orsa. It looks like that Hope loves the snow 🙂
    Now Hope is a new hope for Orsa to get the polar bear cubs 🙂 I wish Wilbär, Hope and Ewa the nice time together.
    Unfortunately I cannot see the video.

  2. Dear Mervi and Johanna
    Raspi and Flocke have produced a very A list daughter. From the Riviera to an Arctic paradise, and Hope looks every inch the part. It will be interesting to see what Eva makes of the new girl. Polar Bears are very hierarchical, so as long as Hope makes the right huffs and sniffs and shows Eva respect. I imagine Wilbaer will be delighted.
    Thank you for the lovely pictures, video and notes

  3. Dear Mervi!
    It is wonderful to see this polar bear girl, raised in the south of France, enjoying winter and snow in Orsa to the fullest.
    The video is great! She obviously loves sliding down the snow hill and roll around in the snow.
    Fortunately there´s plenty of it.

    It´s a pity Ewa and Wilbär aren´t parents yet. So the newcomer´s name “Hope” is quite appropriate…
    Hope! fully all three bears will like each other and play together.
    I wish them all the best!


  4. That’s real joy to see HOPE obviously being so happy in the snow!

    It’s amzaing how fast those ‘beautiful young giants’ get accustomed to very new circumstances in their ‘not-self-chosen’ world. . . And it’s so good to read the words/answer of JOHANNA BERGLUND in connection with the question when HOPE and her neighbors EWA and WILBAER will meet for the first time:
    “It will happen in the near future, we have not yet decided when. We’ll take it easy, it’ll take the time it takes.”

    The little sequence I could see when I started the then abruptly stopped video showed perfectly how muh HOPE is feeling at ease in the snow. Awwwwwwww . . . . !

    GOOD LUCK! to HOPE and EWA and WILBAER and to any of the other animals and their keepers and visitors!

    Thanks to the ORSA PREDATOR CENTER and to JOHANNA BERGLUND for the report and pics and not to forget THANKS to MERVI for opening the chance of same to us by her good connections to the center and her tireless editor in chief’s work.

    Just for information:
    When I watched the video my screen went all balck all of a sudden
    and it took some time and trials on my keybaoard until the contents of the link came back to the screen, KWM so. The video-image showed white on black: ‘VIDEO NICHT VERFÜGBAR’ – it seems to be FACEBOOK-caused!!!

  5. Dear Mervi and Dear Johanna, these pics and video are wonderful. Even though Hope was having an ice grotto in Antibes, it is such a pleasure to see her rolling in the “real white stuff”. She is a true young polar bear and may her name bring the hope for offspring within this and a few years.

  6. Liebe Mewrvi,

    Hope sieht prima aus und Schnee als solcher ist ihr aus ihrer Luxushöhle ja auch bekannt – nur die jetzige
    Menge ist natürlich ganz neu für sie.
    Mit Wilbär zusammenzukommen wird wohl kein Problem sein, eher die Begegnung mit Ewa, die der jungen Dame sagen wird, wo es lang geht. Dennoch bin ich zuversichtlich, weil wir bisher eigentlich von allen
    Jungbären in ihrem neuen Zuhause nur positive Nachrichten hatten.
    Also viel Glück auch für unsere neue Schneekönigin in Orsa!

    Herzliche Grüße und Danke für deinen tollen Bericht mithilfe von Johanna!

  7. Liebe Mervi!

    Da hat Hope ja das große Los gezogen, Orsa ist ja ein Eisbären-Paradies und Wilbaer und Ewa werden sich bestimmt gut mit ihr vertragen, Platz ist ja auch genug.

    Danke und liebe Grüße, Erika

  8. Dear Mervi and dear Johanna,

    thank you very much for the first information about Hope.
    I think it’s great that in Orsa everything is very calm and cautious – especially the socialization with Wilbär and Ewa.

    “It will take the time it takes.” It is better not to proceed.

    I wish Hope all the best in the polar bear paradise and who knows… maybe there will really be the desired offspring in the beautiful Orsa sometime.

    Many greetings from


  9. Forgotten…

    The pictures of Hope in the snow are fantastic, especially she does not know snow in these quantities. I look forward to hopefully many more reports and pictures from Orsa.

    Bye Conny(HH)

  10. Dear Mervi

    Hope looks very satisfied and relaxed in her new surrounding.
    The masses of snow are a dream for every polar bear. Hope
    has luck, that she was selected of the other young polar girls
    in Europe. The new enclosure is a special gift for her ! I am
    shure, that the staff of Orsa predator center will give Hope
    all time she needs, to cope with the new situation, before
    she will meet Wilbärle or Ewa! Many thanks to Johanna
    for the excellent pictures of the winter wonderland ! 😀

    Chris 🙂

  11. What a wonderful polar bear- girl!
    It’s so fantastic to play in the white snow…Nothing could be better for a little polar bear!

    My best wishes to Hope and I hope to hear about her in the future.


  12. Liebe Mervi und liebe Johanna,
    jeder Eisbärfan wünscht sich dass sein Liebling
    einen guten Zoo bekommt.
    Hope hat das große Los gezogen mit dem Orsa Park!
    Jetzt lernt sie richtigen Schnee kennen und Natur pur,
    besser geht es nicht.
    Vielen Dank für schöne Bilder aus dem Eisbär Paradies.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  13. Dear Mervi,

    I always feel that the bears chosen for Orsa get the jackpot!

    Thank you for sharing this! I am so happy for Hope!

    LG, Christine

  14. Dear Mervi,

    thanks for showing Hope in her new home in Orsa. Wonderful pictures of a charming lady enjoying the snowy new home.

    Hugs Inge

  15. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for this good news from Orsa, the pictures are very nice. I am glad that Hope can enjoy the wonderful snow. I wish Hope a happy life and hope so much, that Wilbär, Ewa and Hope can soon live together and accept each other.
    thank you also to Johanna,
    dear greetings and big paw waves to Sweden

  16. Dear Mervi,

    Hope took it very well indeed.
    Orsa as a new home is a direct hit for the young bear.

    Many thanks for the information and the wonderful pictures


  17. Liebe Mervi,

    ich freue mich für Hope, dass sie sich so wohl fühlt in der neuen Heimat.
    Es macht Spaß zu sehen, wie sie freudig den Schneeberg herunter rutscht. Ist ja doch eine Umstellung vom warmen Antibes ins kalte Orsa. Genau das richtige für einen Eisbären.

    Ich würde mich freuen wenn Hope sich gut mit Wilbär und mit Ewa versteht.
    Das Dreiergepanne gut funktionieren können, haben uns unter anderen auch Tonja, Wolodja und Aika, aber auch Fiete mit seiner neuen Freundin und Oma Zora gezeigt.
    Ich drücke die Daumen.

    Liebe Grüße

  18. It’s a joy to see HOPE happily playing in the thick and white snow.
    Seems she is not too much missing ANTIBES and Mum HOPE and/or Papa RASPUTIN.

    It gets excitig to se how all the three bears will react when getting ‘trace’ of each other . . .

    Thank you MERVI for this additional!

  19. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für das Video, Hope hat so viel Spass im Schnee. Schade dass Flocke und Raspi nicht sehen können, was ihre Kleine für ein tolles neues Zuhause hat.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  20. Dear Mervi,

    Thanks for this report!

    I am glad Hope is adjusting well….

    Look forward to more news as she
    meets her new friends!

    xo k-j

  21. Thanks Mervi Blue barrels are a major
    event in the Polar Bear Olympics. Hope
    looks to be a promising contender.

  22. Was für Berge von Schnee ! 🙂
    Und auch Hope mag das blaue
    Fass – Eisbären lieben blaue
    Fässer. 😉 Das ist inzwischen
    so eine Art Markenzeichen…

  23. dear Mervi
    I freue mich für Hope, thank you so much for this nice up date
    dear greetings

  24. Hi Mervi,

    How wonderful that Hope gets to live in beautiful Orsa with all its snow. She must feel she has indeed won the jackpot as Christine Chinni said!

    Best wishes,

  25. Hello Sarsam – what a relief, to read you here.
    We miss you in the Knuipe ! Is everything o.k.
    on your side of the big pond ? 🙂

    Chris 🙂