Kai found a toy in the snow

Feb 4th, 2018 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

4.2.2018 Photos by Nina Kurpatkina

As you already know it has been and still is extremely cold in Novosibirsk. However, Nina challenged the tough weather conditions and visited the zoo on the 27th of January.

It was a bit difficult to find Kai at first but finally he was discovered digging in the snow. 🙂

 photo kai11.jpg

The treasure hunting was succesful! Kai could proudly present a green barrel to the visitors.

 photo kai13.jpg

First a nice throw ….

 photo kai12.jpg

…. oooops! It landed on his head. Not much for a head wear but you must admit it looks very decorative!

 photo kai2_1.jpg

Of course, Kai made a thorough quality control of the barrel.

 photo kai3_1.jpg

Hmmm, this one looks like a polar bear proof toy.

 photo kai5_1.jpg

On second thought – there are no such things as polar bear proof toys so Kai did his best to prove his thesis.

 photo kai4_1.jpg

Oh bear, this thingie is a real challenge!

 photo kai7.jpg

Kai was getting tired ….

 photo kai6.jpg

…. and soon his eye lids were very heavy and the big bear was in the land of dreams. Maybe he was dreaming of new ways to destroy the stubborn barrel ….. 🙂

 photo kai10.jpg

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  1. Dear Nina and Mervi
    Your photos and words bring Kai into
    my room and I am really becoming
    a fan of this cuddly chap. He is following
    the Polar Bear method for dealing
    with new toys, as explained by Herr
    Deisenhofer in Stuttgart Zoo:
    1_ try to eat it.
    2_ destroy it, so that you can eat it.
    3_if you can’t destroy it, keep it safe so
    you can start again after a rest.
    Great to see Kai.

  2. Hallo Vielen Dank, So Schöne Fotos zusehen von Kai, übrigens Rostik hatt auch besuch von einem Hund. es gibt ein Video. Besten Dank Hans Odermatt

  3. Dear Nina and Mervi!
    It is great to see Kai playing in the snow. He has often very nice things to play.

  4. Dear Nina and Mervi,

    thanks for showing the wonderful pictures of Kai in the snow. Oh, that is really winter.

    Hugs Inge

  5. Liebe Mervi und liebe Nina,
    An den Bildern kann man sehen,daß auch erwachsene Bären große Freude an Spielzeug haben.
    Herzlichen Dank für schöne Bilder und Texte.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  6. KAI is a wonderful fluffy and playful polar bear man/boy 🙂

    Thanks to Nina Kurpatkina nad to MERVI
    for having shown another little ‘snow-festival’ in NOVOSIBIRSK!

  7. Dear Nina

    Thank you for this wonderful pictures!


  8. Dear Mervi and Nina!
    Kai is a very handsome, lovable and frisky polar bear who knows how to entertain himself and have fun.
    I´m happy for him that he is given some toys and can play with them in the snow.
    I loved all the pics!
    Thank you for bringing them to us.


  9. Liebe Mervi und Nina,

    danke für die wunderschönen Fotos von Kai im Schnee.
    Der grüne Kanister als Hut steht ihm auch sehr gut.

    Liebe Grüße Monika

  10. Dear Nina & Mervi

    The photos are nice..Kai
    seem to have fun with the
    plastic container. There are
    many ways, to play with such
    a “toy”. 😉 And when a huge
    bear is tired, snow is a very
    pleasant pillow and bed, to
    have your refreshing nap! 😀

    Chris 🙂

  11. Dear Nina and Dear Mervi, I do not know whether I would have the courage to go to a zoo with such cold weather, but I definitely appreciated the courage. Kai is lovely and he knows perfectly well how to entertain himself with the toy (even after a good nap).