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10.2.2018 by Mervi

Knutitour’s 10th anniversary year is even a year of nostalgie. Now that the Olympic Games in PyeongChang have started I thought this would be a perfect time for some flash backs to our polar bears’ own games during the years.

In Vancouver 2010 Germany had a very special representant – Herr Knut aus Berlin.

In Sotshi 2014 there were many traditional disciplines but also many new.

The Russians have always been winners in ice dancing so, naturally, Tonja and Wolodja won the gold medail. Well, in these games everybear gets a medail. No bear has to risk being disqualified because of doping – there’s no need to cheat because everybear is a winner! 🙂

There were some funny incidents, too. A kosack was dancing on the downhill track. However, Uncle Sergej mastered the unexpected situation very well.

PyeongChang 2018

Even though Ranzo lives in Austria now he wants to be a member of the Team Finland. He’s acting as a defender but also as a forward when needed. Who wants to challenge Finland on the ice??? 🙂 Of course, Ranzo is participating even in the Polar Bear Olympics!

Sisu had decided to take it very easy and just enjoy the games …..

…. but when he noticed Quintana among the spectators he just had to show her he’s not ‘coach potato’. I must admit he has a great style!

Among the new disciplines I can mention treasure hunting in ice cold water. Oh bear, is the white mascot going to kick Sisu’s boomsie ….. 🙂

Rolling a big ball in the snow requires lots of power and energy. Quintana has been an excellent bearsonal trainer for Sisu. She gives him all the energy needed. As we know Miss Quintana is also called Miss Duracell!

The Olympic fire has been travelling via every zoo in the world and now Sisu carried it to the ski jumping arena for the opening ceremony.

The special Polar Bear Olympic rings

It’s been a tough time for Sisu so now he needs a well deserved nap before it’s time for Nordic skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, ice hockey and all the other exciting events.

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  1. Dear Mervi.
    You really have been very busy with all the lovely Polar Bear collages and reports from three Winter Olympics.
    I have to say that I think these are much more fun than the
    human versions.
    I wonder if Sisu and Qintana will become an item. Hope meanwhile has gone for an older bear…

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the funny Polar Bear Olympics!
    It´s a pity this happens only in KWM. I would be a quite enthusiastic spectator if this was a real event…

    Your collages are great!
    When I saw Knut holding the German flag I had to sigh out deeply.

    My favourites are ice dancing, ice hockey and treasure hunting.
    I´d love to see the dainty dance figures polar bears probably would be able to create, as well as I would cross of course my fingers for every team Ranzo is a member of and in an exciting treasure hunting challenge we could see some more lovely boomsies I guess…

    I wish everybody a nice and cosy weekend, with or without the Olympics.

  3. Dear Mervi GREAT?

  4. Liebe Mervi,
    da machen die Olympischen Spiele noch mehr gute Laune. Super Collagen! Ein wahre Freude, sie anzusehen.
    Onkel Sergej wird – wie ich – sicherlich auch alle Eiskunstlauf-Wettbewerbe verfolgen. Er ist in dieser Sportart fast schon Profi, übt er doch so gern auf unserer Knuipe-Eisbahn – und das bereits seit Jahren!
    Vielen lieben Dank und herzliche Grüße von

  5. Liebe Mervi

    Ich musste herzlich lachen über das Boomsie-Foto mit den Maskottchen.
    Schön, auch, einige ältere Collagen zu sehen: wir haben schon einige
    Olympiaden zusammen erlebt. Das Bild mit den olympischen Ringen
    gefällt mir besonders gut ! 🙂 Unsere Rodler sind gut unterwegs…

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  6. You brought again funny and sweet collages, dear MERVI.
    Thanks for the Saturday-entertainement.

    May be I get one or another name of the olympic athletes – but only due to the excessive comments we may expect in ‘Die Knuipe’ by some people 😉 – otherwise I most probably wouldn’t get to know one single of the names in question, as I am ly for sure won’t go to follow the games via TV and/or newspaper and/or radio. I am afraid I am a so called ‘Sport-Muffel’.

    Hmmmm: . . .
    Aha . . .

    Na ja, ich weiß schon lange, dass auch ich mich vor allem AKTIV mehr bewegen sollte . . .
    Stimmt ohne Zweifel! . . . . MAl sehen, ob ich es in diesem Leben nochmals schaffe . . .

  7. ” EVERYBODY IS A WINNER! ” – Best slogan ever for any kind of competition,
    may the question be about sports or any other bodily or mental competition in whatsoever field of life!!!

    [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-GkwIRbLw8 ]

  8. Dear Mervi

    I’m not such a sports fan, but that’s how I enjoy Olympic Games. I’d watch that too.

    The collages have been very successful. They’re all enchanting.

    Have a nice weekend!
    Most cordially Anita

  9. Liebe Mervi!

    Die Goldmedaille für deine Collagen ist dir auf jeden Fall sicher! Danke für diesen lustigen Olympiabeitrag, ich bin sicher, unsere bärigen Stars wuerden die Spiele ganz schön aufmischen.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  10. Liebe Mervi,

    die bärische Olympiade hat begonnen, hier in KW. Klasse! Und Sisu trägt die olympische Fackel.

    Unsere Bärchen sind sowieso schon alle Gewinner. Ein sehr schöner und lustiger Bericht mit tollen Collagen, liebe Mervi.
    Besonders schön finde ich Uncle Sergej Skifahrer, und Ranzo als Eishockeyspieler.

    Tonja und Wolodja machen aber auch eine sehr gute Figur beim Eislauf-Paartanz.

    Danke liebe Mervi für den tollen Olympiabericht.
    Und ich muss Erika recht geben, Du hast auf jeden Fall die Goldmedaille verdient.

    Liebe Grüße und viel Spaß beim Olympia gucken. Deutschland hat ja heute bereits zwei Goldmedaillen gewonnen.

  11. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the remembrance on the Olympic Games 2010 and 2014. Now we have the new young bears, who can continue our tradition with Olympic games. You made the wonderful collages.

  12. …..and the winner is M E R V I !

    Liebe Mervi, dir sind wieder fantastische und witzige Collagen gelungen, von denen eine schöner als die andere ist. Dein Ideenreichtum ist unerschöpflich.
    Wenn ich einen Preis vergeben darf, dann den an SISU in der neuen Disziplin für Eistauchen mit
    der Haltungsnote 10!

    Danke für den herrlichen Spaß zu den Olympischen Winterspielen 2018!

  13. dear Mervi,
    so sweet all the lovely memories but also the new collages are great, My favorite is Sisu carrieing the Olympic fire..Thank you so much for publishing all your nice and often touching ideas. in our dreams all the beloved bears can have such joy.
    dear greetings

  14. Dea Mervi,
    Thank you for fantastic collage! It’s perfect reading to starting the week!
    My favorite is Sisu showing he has a great style on the mountain.

    Kind regards,

  15. Liebe Mervi,
    vor 4Jahren war ich schon der Meinung, daß eine Olympiade mit unseren tierischen Freunden noch mehr
    Spaß machen würde.
    Für dich eine Goldmedaille für die schönen Collagen und ich mache es wie Sisu und sammle Kraft
    für den TV-Marathon.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K