Doncaster – Part 2 Afternoon

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6.3.2018 by Ralph

It was soon afternoon and the Rangers, as the keepers are known, had to start thinking of where they want the bears to spend the night. It was Pixel and Victor’s turn to stay in Enclosure 2, which suits Victor. Nissan and Nobby are always kept away from Victor at night, for obvious reasons. They get the run of the remaining enclosures. All three enclosures have enough covered den spaces for the bears to sleep separately, though they usually like company.

The first problem was to get Nissan out of Enclosure 2 by bribing him with food. This notice explains to the visitors what is going on.

 photo _20180216_212107.jpg

Nissan wanted to go back to Enclosure 2, so did not agree with the notice.

 photo Nissantunnel1.jpg

 photo Nissantunnel3.jpg

In the end he got the message and being the cheerful chap he is, Nissan was soon back where he belonged.

 photo Nissanmorning6.jpg

With Nissan on one side, it was time for Victor and Pixel to be given some treats. They heard their names and came over from the far end where they had been watching something interesting in a neighbouring field.

 photo PixelVictor1.jpg

 photo Victor1.jpg

 photo PixelVictor2.jpg

You cannot see the Ranger offering them baked potatos. These got a mixed reception, but Victor did growl once at Pixel to remind him of the service order.

 photo PixelVictor4.jpg

Pixel wanted some more food, while Victor had gone off for his rest.

Next it was Nobby’s turn. This chart shows the size of a typical adult Polar Bear.

 photo IMG_20180216_115628.jpg

Here are Nobby and Ranger demonstrating the real life version:

 photo Nobbyafternoon7.jpg

 photo Nobbyafternoon6.jpg

 photo Nobbyafternoon8.jpg

Like his mother and sisters, Nobby knows how to get attention:

 photo Nobbyafternoon2.jpg

 photo Nobbyafternoon1.jpg

In this shot, you can see the blood stain from the burst boil. It was starting to heal and Nobby was clearly quite relaxed.

 photo Nobbyafternoon4.jpg

Sufficiently relaxed to watch his Ranger go. Does that look remind you of another young Male Polar Bear?

 photo Nobbyafternoon5.jpg

My last pictures from Project Polar show Nissan chilling out at the end of the day:

 photo Nissanafternoon5.jpg

 photo Nissanafternoon3.jpg

 photo Nissanafternoon4.jpg

 photo Nissanafternoon1.jpg

Nissan here seems to be saying Dosvedanja

 photo Nissanafternoon2.jpg

Or as this Post puts it

 photo _20180216_212607.jpg

Well, free if you have an Annual Card like me.

YWP is home to many other interesting animals, but most have to be seen in the photographs on Facebook, but I did manage to make the acquaintance of two sisters from Germany, who are every bit as rare as the Polar Bears and just as at home in the water.

Let me introduce you to:

 photo _20180217_070518.jpg


 photo _20180217_070536.jpg

Not guessed yet, well here are the ladies’ passport photos:

 photo IMG_20180217_070406.jpg

 photo IMG_20180216_143725.jpg

As you can read from the sign, these ladies have expensive tastes and they are strong characters as well. Hollywood Film Producers take note!

 photo IMG_20180217_070445.jpg

And here they are in action:

 photo otter5.jpg

 photo otter4.jpg

 photo otter3.jpg


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  1. Dear Ralph,
    thank you for the interesting report. The bears have a lot of place in Doncaster. I can see a wound on the right leg of Nobby. Unfortunately I saw yesterday this wound at the new picture too.
    Mora and Alexandra are very lovely.

  2. Dear Ralph,

    You had a perfect timing for your visit just before the snow came. Wonderful for the polar bears but difficult for travellers by train!

    It’s really great Victor, Nissan, Pixel and Nobby have a possibility for some ‘privacy’ but they can also choose to spend time together. Not many parks can offer this kind of enclosures!

    All the bears seem to know when the catering service is coming although Nissan acted like a super star and let the keepers wait a while. 🙂

    The size of the polar bears is almost unbelievable. You can see it clearly when you compare them with humans. Even a tallest person looks more or less like a dwarf …. 🙂

    Nobby’s wound looks worse than it seems to be. At least our sweet boy doesn’t let it prevent him of any kind of ‘exercises’. Well, he’s Giovanna’s son and we all know what an iron lady she is!!

    I think Nissan has a very friendly face. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of examining his kindness very closely.

    The German ‘immigrants’ Alexandra and Mora have found a good home in Doncaster, too!

    Thank you so much for this very entertaining and informative report. Wonderful reading as always!

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the detailed report with interesting photos.
    Comparing with the keeper, Nobby looks pretty huge,
    although he is the Benjamin of the Yorkshire bears.
    Alex and Mora have found an excellent home in
    YWP. I like the giant utters – not many Zoos
    in Europe have them. Duisburg was
    successful with breeding them. 🙂
    Victor is a very impressive bear !

    Chris 🙂

  4. Lieber Ralph,

    schön, dass Du mal wieder in Doncaster warst, um die Männer-WG zu besuchen. Und diesmal auch die Otter.
    Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, bekommen die Bären gebackene Kartoffeln? Das habe ich auch noch nicht gehört. Aber wenn es ihnen schmeckt, ist es doch o.k.

    So dicht an den Zaun ani die Bären zu kommen, ist sicher ein schönes Erlebnis. Und Nissan hat Dich sogar begrüßt.

    Allerdings habe ich nicht verstanden, warum Nbby eine blutige Wunde hat. Was hat er gemacht?

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Lieber Ralph,
    ist sehr interessant wie die 4 Bären untereinander zurecht kommen.
    Nobby´s Wunde heilt und er scheint keine Probleme damit zu haben.
    Er spielt mit seinem Kumpel Nissan und Eisbären haben gute Selbstheilungskräfte.
    Viktor der älteste der Bären und Pixel, das scheint gut zu gehen und das ist auch
    nicht selbstverständlich.
    Die beiden Riesenseeotter haben jetzt Platz, so sieht es jedenfalls aus.
    Gut finde ich die Beschilderung und daß die Tiere auch so gut beschrieben sind.
    War wieder sehr schön deinen Bericht zu lesen mit deinen ganz persönlichenEindrücken.
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße
    Moni K

  6. Lieber Ralph,

    diese Bären WG beeindruckt mich immer wieder.
    Besonders interessant finde ich das System, wie dort die Bären durch verschiedene Gänge geleitet werden.
    Hoffentlich heilt Nobbys Wunde bald und macht keie Probleme.

    Die Riesenotter sind prächtig und wie alle Otter richtige Kobolde.
    Die ausführliche Beschilderung gefällt mir auch gut.

    Vielen Dank für deinen interessanten Bericht und liebe Grüße!

  7. Danke Ralph für deinen interessanten Fotobericht. Ist ja schon klasse, so dicht an die Eisbären zu kommen.

  8. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the second part of your entertaining and informative report about your visit in YWP.

    I would like to join the previous writers: the bears are lucky having so much space with possibilities to be just for themselves if they like to.

    All intelligent mammals cared for by humans have an inner clock. They know exactly when it is time for the feeding and go to a good position in time. Only the time shift in spring and fall irritates them for a while…
    Perhaps Nissan waited for an extra invitation… 😉

    Hopefully Nobby will get well soon and there will be no more boils at any part of his body!

    Polar bears are giants and every human being certainly looks tiny beside them.

    Mora and Alex hit the jackpot when moving to Doncaster!


  9. Dear Ralph,

    thanks for report and pictures from Doncaster Zoo. Wonderful bears. And also giant otters. Not often to be seen.

    Hugs Inge

  10. dear Ralph,
    thank you so much also for the second part of your report from Doncaster. I am glad that you had this wonderful time there and you could see all the 4 Polar bears. The Bears are looking good and I hope Nobby has no pain at his wound. It is also interesting to read about Alexandra and Mora, I hope the lovely girls like their new home.
    Thank you that you brought all the nice pictures here to KWM.It is a joy to watch them
    dear greetings and paw waves to you

  11. Lieber Ralph!

    Danke für die vielen schönen Bilder.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  12. Lieber Ralph

    Vielen Dank für den netten Bericht.


  13. Lieber Ralph,

    es hat ein bisschen gedauert, aber heute habe ich endlich deinen interessanten Bericht gelesen.
    Vielen Dank für die Neugikeiten aus der Bären WG.

    viele Grüße