Lynn has arrived in Copenhagen

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9.3.2018 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo

Early this morning the female polar bear Lynn arrived in Copenhagen from Vienna where she has lived together with the male Ranzo.

Copenhagen welcomed the beautiful polar bear lady with a real polar bear weather!

 photo lynn1.jpg

Already before noon Lynn was eagerly exploring her new home.

 photo lynn8.jpg

 photo lynn7.jpg

She seemed to be very relaxed and curious. The visitors could see her jump into the water, too.

 photo lynn5.jpg

 photo lynn4.jpg

Lynn will be staying in the old polar bear enclosure before being introduced to Nöel and Nord. Normally the zoo waits about 30 days before introducing new animals but because Lynn has had a thorough medical examination and declared healthy the introduction may happen earlier.

 photo lynn6.jpg

The keepers in Copenhagen are keeping an eye on the three polar bears in order to decide when the time is right for them to be introduced to each other in the Arctic Ring. The zoo hopes it will happen already after a week. The visitors can see Lynn in the old enclosure until then.

In Vienna Ranzo has been looking for Lynn

Birgit B is visiting Vienna and she found Ranzo looking for Lynn this morning. The couple had to be separated because they are closely related. Their grandparents are Vienna and Churchill that used to live in the Rostock Zoo.

 photo Ranzo2.jpg

 photo Ranzo3.jpg

Ranzo will soon have a new girlfriend – Nora who moved to Vienna from Tallinn.

 photo Ranzo4.jpg

 photo Ranzo1.jpg

Photos of Ranzo by Birgit B


Welcome to Copenhagen, sweet Lynn!

 photo lynn2.jpg

 photo lynn3.jpg

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    das Begrüßungswetter für Lynn scheint Lynn zu gefallen.
    Mal sehen, was Noel und Nord zu dem Neuzugang sagen.
    Zurzeit herrscht bei den Jungbären “Bäumchen, Bäumchen wechsel dich”

    Ich wünsche Lynn eine problemlose Eingewöhnungszeit!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hallo Mervi

    Lynn macht einen sehr entspannten und unternehmungslustigen Eindruck. 🙂
    Kopenhagen hat sein bestes getan, die Bärin mit Polar-Wetter zu begrüßen.
    Ranzo hat schon nach Nora geschnuppert, die im Nachbar-Gehege lebt. 🙂
    Dies konnte man in einem Video gut sehen. 🙂 Ich wünsche Lynn und Nora
    viel Spaß und vielleicht später niedlichen Nachwuchs in ihren neuen Zoos!

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  3. BRITTA – beinahe hätten wir einen KWM-Pasch hingelegt. 😀

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the news. The winterly weather was a nice welcome for Lynn.
    I can´t help, I feel sorry for her that she had to leave Vienna.
    I wish Lynn good luck! May she be happy and well.


  5. Dear Mervi
    It is good to see Lynn safely in Copenhagen and looking relaxed and interested in her surroundings.
    Lets hope that the Polar Bears in Copenhagen and Vienna
    get on with their new families.

  6. Dear Mervi,
    I hope Lynn will be happy with Nord and Noel. Unfortunately I do not like the zoo Copenhagen.

  7. LUDMILA – eigentlich ist der Zoo in Kopenhagen schön.
    Nur hat leider das Management merkwürdige Ansichten.

  8. Dear Mervi,

    Yes, now is she here. I hope, that she, Nord and Nöel soon will be able to be together.


  9. Dear Mervi,

    Lynn is in her new home!
    I heard from Lynn’s keeper of Vienna yesterday, that Lynn was really nervous. Her keeper flew to her to Copenhagen, so she could be calmer. It’s understandable, that she is nervous: all is new for her and her friend Ranzo is missing…I hope she will be more calme today.
    Ranzo is relaxed. He is interested in Nora. Nora and Ranzo will see each other through the bars next week…


  10. Dear Evi,,

    I’m really curious to see how Ranzo’s and Nora’s first meeting ‘face to face’ will go. At least they are very interested in each other,

    Hugs from Mervi

  11. Dear Mervi,

    I just heard good news about Lynn:
    today she was quite different from yesterday…
    I hope she will cope with the new situation.


  12. Dear Mervi,

    I visited Lynn to-day. She was alone and examining the little enclosure and had also an open door to the new enclosure, so she can walk about and look and smell. She is a very nice little lady. I hope, that she, Nöel and Nord in time will have a good life together.

    Hugs Inge

  13. dear Mervi,
    thank you for the news about Lynn. I hope so much that Lynn will like her new home and Noel and Nord.
    Poor Ranzo he will miss Lynn but soon Nora comes to Vienna and to him.
    Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures with us. Lynn looks so sweet in the snow.
    I wish all the best to the bears.that all will have a good life together
    big paw waves and dear greetings

  14. Liebe Mervi,
    ich hoffe sehr, daß sich Lynn in Kopenhagen wohl fühlt und sich mit Noel und Nord gut versteht.
    Danke für die Info aus Kopenhagen und Wien.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  15. I visited the Zoo and said hallo to Lynn (doing fine), the new male tiger and several other animals. There were not so many visitors. Understandable in that weather, so I had more or less many animals for myself.

    Here is 2 small video showing Lynns arrival from she came by car and the 2 Brownbearcubs being examined by the vet.…FE-782EEA739B5D…BC-B0028EA4CD55

    All the best for the weekend to you all