Puma girl Sofia is a real heart melter

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21.3.2018 – Photos by Anna Novikova

There are not only gorgeous polar bears in the Novosibirsk Zoo. There are many beautiful cats, too. This time I want to present the sweet puma girl Sofia to you.

 photo 29136942_2026743757650267_1109018653849812992_n.jpg

This zoo has kept pumas since 1967. It’s been 5 years since a puma baby was born in Novosibirsk but in November 2017 Milana gave birth to a sweet puma girl that got the name Sofia.

 photo 29103776_2027099957614647_8695502925335625728_n.jpg

A lovely portrait of the proud Milana with her daughter Sofiyka (Sofia’s nick name)

 photo 29261737_2029680900689886_9054474118681853952_n.jpg

The keepers have placed a big piece of meat on a rock.

 photo 29133374_2026564101001566_2784162131010912256_n.jpg

Mama Milana makes sure nobody’s disturbing Sofia’s lunch hour. 🙂

 photo 29135984_2026564294334880_1703390403325067264_n.jpg

 photo 29137054_2026564391001537_2775282277536497664_n.jpg

Maybe it’s easier to eat the meat on the ground ….

 photo 29104301_2026564551001521_6775602202711949312_n.jpg

 photo 29063134_2026564521001524_1231635426075213824_n.jpg

Papa Hudson was born in 2004 and mama Milana in 2008.

 photo 29214685_2027099797614663_1578119440094986240_n.jpg

Just like all cats even Sofia loves climbing – and she’s very skilful, too!

 photo 29340223_2029681134023196_4589004278957342720_n.jpg

Playing with a big tyre is also fun.

 photo 29314151_2029680724023237_6225643503158820864_n.jpg

Of course, even a ball is a nice toy.

 photo 29103488_2027099697614673_8935122213091147776_n.jpg

I’d better smell and taste it first ….

 photo 29104208_2026744637650179_1346875669279145984_n.jpg

I’m sure this adorable puma girl has charmed all the visitors in the Novosibirsk Zoo!

 photo 29103416_2027099434281366_3908548757666398208_n.jpg

 photo 29187023_2027099227614720_3650427944800616448_n.jpg

I wish the sweetie pie and her parents all the best – lots of health and happiness!

Dear Anna, thank you so much for these lovely photos!

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  1. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    Thank you for these marvellous pics of the puma family, especially of Sofia!

    Mervi, as always your words underline the photos in a perfect way.
    For my part I´m slowly running out of words so I might be allowed to use your description above: beautiful+ sweet+ lovely+skilful+ adorable = sweetheart Sofia!

    I´m sure she and her elegant parents are magnets for visitors in the Novosibirsk Zoo and everyone is enchanted by these wonderful big cats.
    I wish them all the best!


  2. Liebe Mervi,

    ich liebe Pumas und hier das Kleine ist besonders reizend.
    Das sandfarbene Fell der Pumas erinnert mich an meine Weimaranerhündin Anka.

    Dir und Anna vielen Dank für den schönen Bericht!

    Herzliche Grüße

  3. Dear Anna and dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures and a lovely story about family puma in the zoo Novosibirsk.
    Sofia is a cutie. Her mother keeps an eye on her daughter. The father is a good looking male.

  4. Mervi, thank you very much!

  5. Liebe Mervi und Anna,

    vielen Dank für die süßen Bilder von den Pumas.
    Pumas sind sehr schöne Tiere, und die Kleinen herzallerliebst.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Dear Mervi and Anna,

    thanks for report about and wonderful pictures of the Pumas. Sofia is adorable.

    Hugs Inge

  7. Dear Anna und Mervi

    The little Puma girl is adorable. 🙂
    And so playful with her yellow ball.
    But the mother also is a beautiful
    cat. Thank you for presenting us
    both cuties! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  8. The photo with Sofia in the tire
    is funny 🙂 maybe she wanted to
    jump down on her mothers back?

  9. Liebe Mervi und liebe Anna,
    die kleine Sofia ist eine ganz Hübsche und ich wünsche der Puma-Familie alles Gute.
    Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Liebe Mervi, liebe Anna!

    Die Kleine ist wirklich ganz besonders lieb, danke für diese bezaubernden Bilder.
    Ich wünsche der Pumafamilie alles Gute.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  11. Dear Mervi, dear Anna

    The little Puma girl is adorable!!!!
    Thank you so much!


  12. Dear Anna and Mervi
    It is a delight to be meet Hudson, Milana and little Sofia.
    One of the first wildlife films I saw as a boy was a Disney documentary
    about a Puma. They are such great characters as your words and pictures show