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19.3.2018 by Mervi

I wrote this for Knuti’s first birthday and I thought this would be suitable for publishing on this sad day. Maybe it will bring a little smile on your faces despite of the sadness.

Some reflections from a Knutian point of view

For most of us the 5th of December 2006 was just an ordinary day – so we thought but little did we know then! At 3 pm on that day a polar bear cub was born at the Berlin Zoo. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that moment was the beginning of a whole new era in our lives!

Foto: Marion K

In Januari/Februari the first news and pictures were published about the baby polar bear called Knut and his keeper Thomas. This started a worldwide epidemic now known as Knutitis (a desease that can’t and mustn’t be cured!). People throughout the world wanted to know everything about this miracle!

In April Knuti came out for the first time and the daily shows began. The queus were long when thousands of people wanted to see the little darling. RBB started the weekly programs from the Berlin Zoo and started even hosting Knuti’s blog that soon became a popular hang out for all Knutians!

Also many devoted fans started their own Knutsites and blogs. Songs and poems were written about Cute Knut, photographers started visiting the Zoo daily to provide the Knutians with new pictures. The brown basket and the green “kuscheldecke” soon became very familiar to us all! The Knuti fever was spreading very fast!

Photo: Hartmuth

I’m sure Knuti has as many nicknames as there are Knutians! Here are some of them: Lakritznase, Feine Maus, Puschelkeks, Knutie Pie, Knumpkin, Knutischatzele, Knutito, Kuschelbärchen, Cutie Knutie….the list is loooong!

An average Knutian is a woman in her best age – most of them have cats, dogs or both!

By this time many husbands and boyfriends couldn’t help noticing that their wifes/girlfriends got something special in their eyes when they saw pictures of Knuti or visited the Knut blogs. I suggest we give a standing knuvation to all the hubbies, boyfriends and even our pets for their patience with the us during this year!!

The amount of inhabitants in the Knutian world was increasing all the time. Being a Knutian is a 24 hour/day “job”. It’s not enough to sit by the knuputor at home – no, we just have to peek in the blog/s now and then while we are at work, too. And it’s like a vitamine injection to see new pictures of Knuti and read all the latest comments – a true Knutian thinks this peeking should not only be allowed but it should be obligatory!!

Being a Knutian means also love, friendship and caring across the frontiers! We live in different parts of the world and speak different languages but we never have any problems understanding each other! As one of the Knutians said: We speak through our hearts. Besides – we have also created a new, special language – Knutish – to make the communication easier!

The daily show with Knuti and Thomas was the great attraction in Bärlin. When I visited Knut in May/June I could hear all possible languages spoken at the Zoo.

A big moment was when Knuti went into water for the first time. Thomas followed him into the ice cold water and of course, the audience was overwhelmed! Sometimes Knuti hitch hiked on Daddy’s back!

Photo: Christina M

On the 9th of July the show was abruptly stopped and there was a lot of talk about the bear becoming too dangerous for his keeper. The Knutians shook their heads and couldn’t believe it!

Newspapers wrote that now that Knuti’s getting bigger the interest for him will diminish. Oh boy, were they wrong! The Knutians don’t abandon their darling just because he’s getting bigger. Besides – he’s only getting cuter! What a performer he is with his perfect timing. Who can resist those looks towards the audience asking “Did you see that?”

How we have enjoyed seeing Knuti play with his squeaky ball! What energy that furry fellow has!

Photo: Tina

Knuti’s jutebag shows are a classic! It’s incredible what he can do with that bag not to mention his imitations of elephant, tapir, waiter and even Fidel Castro smoking his cigar!

The Knutians were very worried about Knuti when Thomas had his three week vacation in August. Knuti did very well even if we could see he missed his Papi. When it was time for Thomas to come back the Knutian world was almost breathlessly waiting for the pictures and reports about the reunion. And they were richly rewarded! The tears of happiness that were shed that day could have made a new river!

In the end of August Knut hurt his paw and again the Knutian world was worrying. Dr Schüle made himself (temporarily) very impopular when he had to anaesthesize Knuti! Fortunately the paw healed quickly. Our Knuti showed though great cleverness! He had of course noticed he was getting extra attention when he was limping so he kept on limping when there was somebody watching him. We had so fun with our clever fluffy friend!

Hypocondriac Moi? No way!

Also Knuti’s weight was a topic which was discussed lively in the media and in several blogs. Knuti was the one who took it very calmly and continued to enjoy eating his croissants….

Every little incident is BIG news for a Knutian.

The Poo of the Year!

Every single thing Knuti does is great news in the Knutian world. When Knuti didn’t quite make it to the toilet everybody was praising him for being a clever bear who didn’t want to poo in his pool! Accidents DO happen! I could never have imagined that a pooing bear would make me – or anyone else – so excited!

Raking, shovelling and fooling around….

The new mulch bed was headlines for weeks! It was so nice to see little Knuti lying on his bed playing with his jutebag or squeekyball or making his gymnastics! The mulch bed needs to be taken care of and when Daddy came in with his shovel Knuti always wanted to help him. Of course, Daddy couldn’t resist Knuti’s wish to fool around a little…

Photo: Marion K

In November the Zoo director forbid Thomas Dörflein to play with Knuti in the enclosure which upset many Knutians. The feelings calmed down when we learnt that our dream team still spends time together in the “back room”. Knuti is een kleenet kind and needs hid Daddy!


The whole Knutian world celebrated when Thomas Dörflein was awarded by the “Landesverdienstorden” in October. We were all truly happy for him. That man deserves all the prizes and awards in the world!!!

Oktober the 5 th the Knutians started a new tradition – at 8 o’clock in the evening (CET) everybody was to raise her/his glas and sing Happy Birthday to Knuti. We should, of course, eat a croissant, too!! This celebration on the 5th of every month is not just a salute to Knuti but even to the friendship and love in the Knutian world. The Knutians are like the three musketeers – one for all, all for one!

The first snow

Photo: Marion K

One Saturday in November the first snow fell down in Berlin. Knuti was first very suspicious about the white stuff but became soon aware of that the fluffy flakes were actually very funny! He could have so much fun in the snow.

The birthday

Today we Knutians celebrate our white bear’s first real birthday! There will be many visitors from many different countries in front of Knuti’s enclosure. Those who can’t be in Berlin will have a toast at 3 pm but no matter where we are at that moment – we are united in our love to Knuti and his keeper!

We could say that Knutitis has become a way of life! Thank you Knuti and Thomas for making this year so special to all of us!

United we stand

Good friends share the bad days and the good days. They argue and even quarrel but being good friends they always forgive each other. Why don’t we give Knuti a very special birthday gift –a Knutian world where peace, love, understanding and tolerance rule! I’m sure he would appreciate it!


Knut was sent to us for a special reason. He didn’t stay with us very long but one thing’s for sure – he managed to unite people throughout the world! He’s been gone for seven years but his the fire of his spirit is still burning!

Our Dream Team will always be with us!

Dame Blance’s tribute to Knut

 photo 2018_03_19_Knut_7ansDeja.jpg

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  1. Dear Mervi,

    So wonderful to read this again!

    We thought those good ole days would
    last forever… but alas they did not.
    Wonderful memories, tho. Ones I’ll
    treasure forever!

    Thank you!

    xo k-j

  2. Dear MERVI,

    You brought so many beautiful memories back again!!!

    Thank you for sharing this and reminding us all of the love and joy we all shared with KNUT and THOMAS and each other!!! This was truly a MAGICAL TIME in all our lives.

    Love & Hugs,
    Eva G., Super Chef

  3. Dear Mervi!
    You brought the sweet memories back. There were very happy times with a lot of hope for Knut’s future. Unfortunately everything is gone. I miss Knut.

  4. ;(

  5. Dear Mervi and Sabine
    This old song from the 60s matches the feelings we have I think

    Thank you for posting

  6. dear Mervi
    thank you so much for the sweet memories
    19 of March 7 years ago ….
    I could not believe that with our sweet memories, our thoughts, touching collages and wonderful old pictures and stories we can hold Knut so close to us, but it is true, Knut is with us every day, I am very grateful
    Knut fuer immer in meinem Herzen
    dear greetings

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    ich zutiefst gerührt über deinen heutigen Erinnerungseintrag.
    Alles was du damals über den Zauber dieses Bärchens, die Bewunderung für seinen Pfleger Thomas, die vielen kleinen und großen Freuden und Sorgen um Knuts Wohlergehen und die begeisterten Fans geschrieben hast, gilt bis heute und ist immer noch Bestandteil in vielen Blogs und in deinem Blog in ganz besonderem Maße. Und ja, deine beiden letzten Sätze gelten nach wie vor!

    Herzlichen Dank für diese wunderbaren Erinnerungen zum heutigen Jahrestag, an dem Knut vor sieben Jahren endgültig zur Legende wurde.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. MERVI – Again you brought so nice memories to us. Thank you.

    I love especially the pic of CM = KNUT and TD in the pool: cuter than cute!
    And your new collage as I did tell you already in your flickr-album 🙂

    Those were the days . . . Deep SIGH!

  9. Dear Mervi!
    Nobody who did not witness these days and moments will ever know and understand what they´ve meant to us – and still mean. This little white bear and his cool and brave keeper have charmed our hearts and souls.
    It was a wonderful fairy tale with a sad and bitter end.

    Thank you for these heart-melting pics and collages and your affectinate words.
    Knut was such a lovable sweetheart: enchanting, intelligent, funny and beautiful.
    We will never ever forget him!


  10. Liebe Mervi!

    Der Zauber von Knut und seinem geliebten Thomas wird niemals vergehen, die beiden haben für immer einen Platz in unseren Herzen. Wir alle haben so wunderbare Erinnerungen an diese viel zu kurze Zeit. Danke für diesen bezaubernden Beitrag, die lieben Bilder und das wunderschöne Bild von Dame Blance.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  11. Dear Mervi!

    Thank you very much for this wonderful and heartwarming story. I feel like all other Knutians – I can Knut never forget.
    I have tears in my eyes.
    Thank you.

  12. Dear Mervi,

    this is a very wonderful and very emotional retrospective… It is wistful, but also thankful to have been there. Neither Knut or Thomas Dorflein will ever be forgotten. They both stay deep in our hearts.

    Many bear hugs and paw waves.


  13. Thank you very much dear Mervi.

    Dear Knuti,
    We all miss you so much. We wish you were here. We will never forget you. We will always love you.

  14. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Erinnerungen an Knut, der natürlich unvergessen bleibt. Sieben Jahre ist es nun schon her, dass Knut uns verlassen hat, und es fühlt sich an, als wäre es erst gestern gewesen.

    Es wurden heute wieder viele Blumen, Erinnerungsfotos und Croissants beim Träumerle abgelegt.
    Auch die wunderschöne Collage von Sabine lag beim Träumerle.

    Lebe Grüße aus Knut-City

  15. Dear Mervi,

    Candles and croissants and a never-ending standing knuvation to thank for the magic bond Knut, TD and you have woven to keep the spirit going.

    Thank you, dear friends!


  16. I´ll never forget the day, Knut died.
    We´ll never forget our miracle bear.
    Time runs: Knut was on earth only
    for a short time, but he has united
    many people all over the world –
    that´s his legacy for us…