Aron had difficulties to choose ….

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25.4.2018 – By Evi from Tallinn

When I visited the polar bears in the Tallinn Zoo I found a playful Aron and surprisingly even a brown bear in the polar bears’ enclosure ….. or was it a brown bear?

 photo aron20.jpg

No, it wasn’t a brown bear – Friida likes to roll on the wet ground which colours her fur in black and brown shades. 🙂

 photo friida3.jpg

Aron’s toys are lost between the stones, Friida helps him to find them.

 photo friida1.jpg

Aron called from the pool: “Mother, jump into the water, you’re so dirty!”

 photo friida2.jpg

Friida jumped

 photo friida4.jpg

Aron got today new pipe from me ( the last one was lost between the stones). Our bears were also given an ice bomb so Aron could not decide, what to take first.

 photo aron1_4.jpg

He took the pipe. He likes these pipes so much!

 photo aron15.jpg

Hey, I can use this pipe as binoculars!

 photo aron4_4.jpg

This thing is easy to transport – I only need a nose! 🙂

 photo aron2_4.jpg

A secret agent working under cover? 🙂

 photo aron3_3.jpg

The water is calling …..

 photo aron9_3.jpg

…. and Aron throws the toy.

 photo aron16.jpg

Of course, he even ‘threw himself’ into the water!

 photo aron17.jpg

Here are some examples of Aron’s swimming skills.

 photo aron7_2.jpg

 photo aron8_3.jpg

 photo aron10_2.jpg

 photo aron5_3.jpg

 photo aron6_3.jpg

After some intensive playing with the new toy in the water Aron remembered the ice bomb and placed it on the wooden ‘table’.

 photo aron11_3.jpg

Does it roll down or does it stay?

 photo aron12_3.jpg

A thrilling moment!

 photo aron13_2.jpg

Oh bear, it fell down. Well, Aron wasn’t too disappointed. After all – an ice bomb is yammy so it’s better to eat it than play with it.

 photo aron14.jpg

Nord was sleeping outside. His leg is still looking bad but hopefully there will be help for him!

 photo nord1.jpg

More photos of Aron in the water

 photo aron18.jpg

 photo aron21.jpg

The little big bear 🙂

 photo aron19.jpg

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  1. Dear Evi and Mervi !
    Wow, you brought really stunning pics and a wonderful and funny story around to us.
    Thank you for this pleasure! I loved each and every photo and all the subtitles.

    In the old Knut times we used to say :a dirty (polar)bear is a happy bear. Friida must have been very happy when you took the photographs of her as a brown-grey-black bear…

    It´s so sweet of you Evi that you brought Aaron a new toy! It`s quite obvious Aaron loves the pipe AND the ice bomb so it was really hard for him to make a decision which one he should take first.
    It´s quite hilarious that nearly all young polar bears love to put their noses in every kind of tube. But if he wants to be a secret agent Aaron still has to work on his camouflage… 😉

    The underwater pics of Aarons swimming skills are breathtaking beautiful.

    The photo of poor Nord has been a big drop of bitterness in this pleasure. I hope he can be helped soon by the vets and will recover quickly! I´ll keep my fingers crossed for him!


  2. Liebe Mervi, liebe Evi!

    Danke fuer die gruesse aus Tallinn Aron ist ein spielerischer Bär Ich träume, dass wir können einmal tallinn Zoo besuchen.



  3. Dear Evi

    I like the underwater photos. 🙂
    Aron is a skilful player with the pipe.
    Frida looks funny as a brown bear.
    Thank you for the report from Tallin.

    Chris 🙂

  4. Liebe Mervi,
    liebe Evi,

    die Unterwasserfotos sind wunderschön und Aron ist sehr geschickt mit seiner Pipe.
    Diese Bilder erinnern so sehr an Milak…

    Die Braunbärin war sicher auch undercover unterwegs, um vielleicht Aron die Eisbombe
    zu stehlen?

    Danke für die schönen Bilder und die Geschichte dazu!

  5. Dear Mervi and Evi
    Thank you both for such a detailed report.
    Really sending soft hugs to Nord and hoping that his leg can be treated.

  6. Dear Mervi,

    Thanks a lot for publishing this article!
    Aron is a wonderful little bear, who loves swimming and diving in the pool.
    Also the new toys make him always very happy. Unfortunately these get lost between the stones…It seems, that Aron likes the extremes too.
    Friida swims less, mostly in the morning.
    Nord, poor, has to wait still for the better times…

    With greetings

  7. Dear Evi!
    Frida in brown looked lovely. Aron is a playfull boy. It is great to see him with the pipe. The pictures with the ice bomb on the wooden table are funny.

  8. Liebe Evi,
    Friida und ihr Sohn Aron haben viel Spaß und wenn du dann auch noch so schöne Spielsachen mitbringst, sorgt Aron für beste Unterhaltung.
    Nord hat noch immer seine entzündende Tatze und ich wünsche ihm gute Besserung!
    Dank Dir ganz herzlich für deine schönen Bilder aus dem Zoo in Tallin.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  9. Dear Evi,
    Information from the Tallinn Zoo is rare, so I am always very happy to read about Aron, and especially something about Nord and his paws. Nice that they bring Aron the little pipes, he loves them.

  10. This is a wonderful and lively report with lovely bears frolocking about!

    Thank you very much, dear EVI for this latest gorgeous photos of gorgeous POLAR bears 😉

  11. . . . frolicking about . . .

  12. Best wishes to NORD!
    Fingers are crossed his wound will soon and fully heal!!

  13. Liebe EDvi,

    danke für die wunderbare Fotoserie von Friida und dem kleinen Aron.

    Sonst sind ja eher Kinder die kleinen Dreckspatzen, hier ist es aber eindeutig die Mama.

    Die Unterwasserbilder von Aron sind super. Auch die Bilder wo Aron sich das rote Teil über die Nase stülpt. Das machen Eisbären sowieso gerne.
    Die Eistorte hat ihm bestimmt auch geschmeckt.

    Liebe Grüße

  14. Sorry, Evi sollte es natürlich heißen.