Malik and her daughters

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8.4.2018 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen

It was quite a while ago we saw photos of Malik and her daughters Nuka and Quilaq but now Jeanette kindly gave me permission to show you some of her excellent photos.

The girls start the day with a little stretching and cleaning the paws is also on the schedule.

 photo 15875590_10215796907981487_8738808858413385864_o.jpg

A gentle hug is never wrong!

 photo 26220813_10215796907141466_1276457247109004351_o.jpg

 photo 28828748_10215796908781507_1121500966471086479_o.jpg

Even mama Malik deserves a morning hug. In this photo we can see clearly that mama’s milk bar has frequent visitors. 🙂

 photo 28828344_10215796906621453_7309158403463156042_o.jpg

The family seems to be wondering what to do today.

 photo 28954220_10215796906501450_4408536663355722688_o.jpg

Follow me girls! It’s time to say ‘davs’ to our visitors.

 photo 28947117_10215778190793569_5334192302316149339_o.jpg

Oh bear, it takes a while until we’re totally awake ….

 photo 28947250_10215796907701480_1310540749300409346_o.jpg

Where are my white kids?

 photo 28701389_10215778185113427_7588592974792595383_o.jpg

Well, Malik knows that dirty bears are happy bears! 🙂

 photo 28701635_10215778183193379_3542046953650027748_o.jpg

The daughters are nicely cappuccino coloured. Maybe that’s the latest polar bear fashion …..

 photo 28701172_10215778186073451_904410567131290270_o.jpg

 photo 28953811_10215778183153378_8286893596725341394_o.jpg

Shall we jump in?

 photo 28827791_10215778191993599_1825550357631976086_o.jpg

Hello visitors! Nice to meet you all!

 photo 29354478_10215778190913572_6786352014900709433_o.jpg

There are lots of toys but sometimes it’s nice just to sit there and pose for the visitors’ cameras.

 photo 29497232_10215778187913497_1932937447824768994_n.jpg

This ball is quite a challenge but, of course, we polar bears can play with it without problems!

 photo 29472264_10215778187873496_191498181495304982_n.jpg

Prophiles – like mother, like daughter!

 photo 28954649_10215778184233405_6063623963453922394_o.jpg

A snack every now and then keeps a bear going

 photo 28947023_10215778186033450_819273109736454873_o.jpg

Mama, would you like a bite? A bite of the meat, not of me, heheee …. 🙂

 photo 29351997_10215778185953448_120809696381129834_o.jpg

Mama needs the meat because she must have lots of nourishment in order to be able to feed us. We have grown but we still need mama’s milk.

 photo 29513271_10215796905421423_4792625483728696012_n.jpg

No snacks in the world  are as delicious as mama’s milk!

 photo 29570319_10215796905781432_267715344498741294_n.jpg

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    ja, seit dem Tod von Lars im Oktober letzten Jahres hat man kaum noch etwas von
    Maliks und seinen Töchtern in Aalborg gehört. Umso erfreulicher sind die heutigen Fotos, für die
    wir Jeanette Johnson sehr herzlich danken.
    Ich finde die Steinwüste dort nach wie vor grässlich, zumal man immer wieder in anderen Zoos
    beobachten kann, wie genussvoll und gerne sich Bären auf weichen Untergrund oder in einem
    Mulchbett wälzen.

    Die beiden Jungtiere sehen prima aus und dein Text ist wie gewohnt sehr unterhaltend und schön
    formuliert. Ich hoffe, dass die beiden letzten Nachkommen von Lars dereinst einen etwas “grĂĽneren” Zoo
    als neues Zuhause bekommen werden.

    Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

  2. Dear Mervi,
    Dear Jeanette,

    Thank you for this lovely story with these wonderful pictures!
    All the three bears look relaxed and happy.
    I love the cappuccino coloured daughters so much! They look great! I think their mother Malik is proud of them.

    With greetings
    Evi from Tallinn

  3. Liebe Mervi und Jeanette

    Es ist nett, mal wieder Fotos aus Aalborg zu sehen.
    Die Kinder sind groĂź geworden, aber Mamas Milchbar
    ist immer noch willkommen. Schöne Aufnahmen ! 🙂

    Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe
    Chris 🙂

  4. dear Mervi and dear Jeanette,
    thank you so much for publishing these wonderful pictures from Aalborg. Malik has two sweet doughters, they are looking very lovely and with your words dear Mervi I can imagine how they live together with Mama. I wish the bear girls and Malik further a good time with much joy and love. When I think these are the doughters of Lars, this is so touching….
    dear greetings

  5. Fantastic photos, Jeanette. I have spent so many hours and days there, that when I see the photos, it is as if I am standing in front of this lovely family. Malik and her cubs are special. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thank you Mervi and Jeanette
    The pictures show how much fun Malik and her girls have and how well they can be seen by their visitors.
    The Zoo in Aalborg is built on a hillside which allows the pool to be deep and viewed on all sides.
    Malik and her girls are clearly depressed and need to be rescued by people who have never visited Aalborg. Shame thr photographs do not support this argument.

  7. Liebe Mervi und liebe Jeanette,
    gut sehen sie aus die 3 Eisbären im Aalborg Zoo und ich hoffe daß sie weiterhin ein gutes Leben haben.
    Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder und die witzigen Texte dazu.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  8. Dear Mervi and Jeanette!
    Thank you for bringing us these lively pics of Malik and her girls with quite affectionate and humorous subtitles!
    The bear ladies look great, whether white or cappuccino coloured!

    I agree with Britta- Gudrun and don´t want to repeat what has already been said.

    I am moved at the thought that these fabulous young polar bear girls are the last children of our beloved Lars and that he lives on in his wonderful offspring: Anori, Fiete, Nuka and Quilak.


  9. Dear Jeanette, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures of Malik and her girls. They look very well. I find the enclosure not nice.
    Nuka and Quilak are the daughters of our beloved Lars. I hope they will be happy and healthy.

  10. Das ist ein sehr nettes ‘TrĂĽppchen’. Ganz entzĂĽckend die Schmusebilder zu Anfang und das Bild der bildhĂĽbschen ‘feeding Mama’ gefällt mir auch besonders (wie sie in die Kamera guckt!).

    Vielen Dank Jeanette und Mervi fĂĽr diese erbaulichen Bilder und Texte!

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    auch ich freue mich sehr, nach langer Zeit mal wieder Fotos von Malik und ihren beiden Töchter zu sehen. Ich bin erstaunt, wie groß die Beiden inzwischen schon sind.

    Das Gehege ist wirklich alles andere als schön.
    Leider haben wir ja die Berliner Eisbären, aber auch die Eisbären in Wuppertal, auch noch nie Gras oder Naturboden unter ihren Pfoten spüren dürfen.

    Danke an Jeanette Johnson fĂĽr die Ăśbersendung der aktuellen Fotos.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  12. Those lovely playing polar bear youngsters did remind me all of a sudden a lot of this as funny as lovable post card I bought already some years ago:


  13. Dear Dumba,

    The card is lovely! Thank you for showing it to us!

    Hugs from Mervi