Victoria’s cub, Aron and Nanook

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17.4.2018 – Source: Highland Wildlife Park

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has revealed that the first polar bear to be born in the UK for 25 years is a boy.

Staff at the charity’s Highland Wildlife Park discovered the four-month-old cub is male during his first routine health check this morning (Monday 16 April).

 photo kincraig1.jpg

Una Richardson, head keeper responsible for carnivores, at Kincraig near Kingussie, said, “It was very exciting to find out we have a little boy.

“Next we need to give him a name and our keepers are coming up with a suitable list which we will soon ask the public to choose from on social media. This will help us engage with as wide an audience as possible to raise awareness of the threats polar bears are facing in the wild and the need to protect this magnificent species.”

 photo kincraig2.jpg

Born in December, the cub was recently introduced to his large outdoor enclosure with mum Victoria and has already taken his first swim.

“He is becoming more confident every day and is doing well. We were able to give him a quick health check, ensuring he was back alongside Victoria very swiftly,” said Una.

“While there is a lot of interest from the public, we are reminding visitors that he is still very young and is spending a lot of time in his cubbing den.”

News from Tallinn by Evi

Evi brought a new toy to Aron and noboby had to ask the sweet boy to play with it. Aron loves his toy! 🙂

Maybe you’re wondering why we don’t see photos of Nord so often. Poor Nord has an injury on his hind paw and he would have difficulties walking in the new area because of the stones and gravels. That’s why he’s staying in the old enclosure.

This photo was taken in November 2017 and you can see the injury.

 photo NordinNovember2017.jpg

Evi took this photo a few days ago and as you can see the injury looks bad. Hopefully the vets can help Nord so he can enjoy his life again.

 photo NordsSickLeg.jpg


Finally a couple of photos of sweet Nanook and her mother Lara

 photo nanook2_2.jpg

Mama, wait for me!

 photo nanook1_1.jpg

It’s an exciting world outside the den but it’s wise to stay close to mama.

 photo nanook3_2.jpg

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank für die Nachrichten aus den verschiedenen Bären-Kindergärten.
    Fein, dass es den Kleinen gut geht und die Schotten nun einen Bär-Boy haben.
    Nanook wird in den nächsten Tagen von Ralph besucht werden, der uns sicher
    davon berichten wird.
    Um Nord in Tallinn tut es mir sehr leid, hoffentlich heilt die Wunde am
    Fuß bald ab, denn sie ist nicht ungefährlich.

    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the update about the little ones of the polar bears in Kingussie, Tallin and Gelsenkirchen!
    They are cute and frisky, simply adorable and I wish them all the best: a long, happy and healthy life.
    It is good to have a little boy in the family of polar bears again!

    I´m worried and feel very sorry for Nord. I hope his wound will heal now in no time!
    It reminds me very much of Vienna´s injury on her left hind paw that took a long time to heal too.


  3. Liebe Mervi

    Victorias Junge entwickelt sich toll.
    Aron spielt schön mit dem Ring. 🙂
    Laras Baby ist niedlich. Ich wünsche
    Nord gute Heilung für seine Wunde.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  4. Dear Mervi
    You have given us a lovely report about this year’s polar bear families.
    The Scottish cub being a boy is good news because he can move to Doncaster when he is old enough.
    Nord looks in a bad way. But Tallinn seem to be taking good care. By this time next week I hope to have seen Nana myself.

  5. Dear Mervi,
    it is great that there is a boy in Scotland.
    Dear Evi,
    Aron was delighted about the toy.
    Nanook is a sweet girl.


  6. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for this article!
    Nice to read about little fur balls, who all are cute and curious.

    I bring some toys to Aron, because I see, that he is bored in the emty enclosure. The keepers not allowed to give bears a lot of toys and tree branches – they afraid, that the water treatment system will clog up. But Aron wants to play…

    Nord, poor, has the paw problem from last summer already! The wound looks still bad and he spends a lot of time inside.
    Thank you, Mervi, for publishing photos of Nord – maybe some readers have some good advice for Nord and he will get help?!

    With greetings
    Evi from Tallinn

  7. Dear Evi,

    I looked at your pictures very carefully, I have not seen his paws so badly yet. I’ve tried a lot already, but we can only help if the Tallinn Zoo asks for it. That makes me sad.

    Hugs Uli

    OMG! . . . All the best and some KNUTI-style soft hugs to NORD.
    I do hope very much the vets can AND will really help him.
    Thanks to EVI for the report, the pictures and the video.

    Awwwwwwwwwww . . . . . what a lovely little boy there is. Hopefully he will get a name that
    fits perfectly his appearance!

    ZOOM Gelsenkirchen
    NANOOK is also a cutie. How could it pssibly be different!

    Thanks to Mervi and her ‘reporting personel’
    (that’s a joke for those who need this additional remark!)

  9. Liebe Evi und liebe Mervi,
    ich wünsche Nord gute Besserung und hoffe sehr, daß er bald wieder auf die große Anlage kann.
    Aron hat derweil viel Spaß beim Spielen.
    Nach so vielen Mädels ist es schön auch wieder einen kleinen Eisbär zu sehen.
    Alles Gute für den Nachwuchs in Gelsenkurchen und Schottland.
    Danke für schöne Bilder und Video.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Die allerbesten Wünsche für Nord!!!

    LG Brigitte

  11. dear Mervi,
    the cubs are looking so sweet and lovely and they can enjoy a wonderful time with Mama.
    I send many good wishes to Nord, all the best to you dear Nord
    thank you very much for sharing the pictures with us
    dear greetings and paw waves

  12. Danke für all die wunderbaren kleinen Bärchen und alles Gute für die Cubes und ihre Mamas!

  13. Liebe Mervi,

    danke für die schönen Fotos der Eisbärenkinder aus Schottland und Gelsenkirchen.

    Nanook ist eine süße, und recht quirlige Maus.

    Ich wünsche dem Nachwuchs alles Gute.

    Der arme Nord. Die Wunde sieht ja nicht sehr gut aus. Ihm wünsche ich gute Besserung.

    Liebe Grüße