Sisu the discus thrower

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23.5.2018 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! This time my newsletter is very sporty! Mama and I’ve got a new toy that looks like a discus! However it’s a ‘multi tasking toy’ that can be used in many ways! And I certainly know a lot of ways! Of course, we have many other toys, too – for example a giant ball.


I can use it as a visir to protect my cute face if it’s needed!


It can even serve as a drinking glass. When I want to show extra fine manners I can use it instead of drinking straight from the pool. Isn’t that great? Sometimes a polar bear boy wants to be elegant and impress the bear girls – especially one who’se name starts with the letter ‘Q’ ….


I can also use this ‘toy’ as a food bowl ….


…. ooops ….. maybe not ….


Before I present the new toy to mama we sing our morning song ‘Good morning sunshine’. There’s a song called ‘Good morning starshine’ from the musical ‘Hair’ but this song is from my own musical ‘Bear’! Oh yes, I’m a composer now, too!


We both appreciate top quality so, of course, we made a thorough inspection of the toy.


The discus toy passed the examination with great approval!


Mama, I’m off now because I have a new job!


The Finnish athlets haven’t been very succesful in the WC or the Olympic Games lately so I volonteered to be their coach in the throwing disciplines. I suggested mama will be coaching the runners. Not as a pace maker but as a ‘chace maker’. If she’s running after the athlets their speed will be amazing!! 🙂


First some warm-up is needed.


A good athlet must know his/her  equipment so I’m making friends with the discus.


It’s very important to use the most efficient technics.


And then I throw!


Let’s see if I managed to beat my record ….


My aim is to throw it to the opposite side of the pool but oh no, the discus landed in the water.


Well, training makes a master so I keep training. Soon I can share my know-how with the Finnish athlets. After the discus I’m going for javelin!! And after that shot put! Oh bear, Finland is going to be a great sporting nation again!


I have contacted the IOC and suggested that water polo with a giant ball will be accepted as a new discipline in the Olympic Games. Please, keep your fingers crossed my idea will be accepted!


OK, accepted or not – I’m training anyway!


That was all for now because I’m very busy training, coaching and composing! Mama and I wish all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly a very happy Summer time!

Paw waves from your pal Sisu

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  1. Dear Mervi and Marko
    Sisu would be a great choice to support Finland at the Olympics. I am also sure that Mama Venus would enjoy encouraging the athletes as well.
    I am sure as Sisu grows he will be able to throw further.
    A delightful tale with beautiful photos

  2. Ach SISU, du bist der charmanteste Sportler den ich kenne!
    Die A-Note bekommst du sowohl für den Discus- als auch für den Ballweitwurf!

    Liebe Mervi,
    du bist wieder spitze als Sportreporterin zu den super tollen Fotos von Marko.
    Mit Sisu bei der Olympiade wird das Finnische Team auf jeden Fall Gold gewinnen.
    Sisu ist ein echter Athlet und Künstler zugleich.

    Vielen Dank für das erfrischende warm up heute morgen!
    Herzliche Grüße

  3. Dear Marko and Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Sisu and Venus.
    The story is delightful! Sisu likes his toys. The discus is funny, the huge ball is impressive.

  4. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko!
    Sis u ist baerfekt, ihr müsst ihn zu den Olympischen Spielen schicken!
    Danke für die grossartigen Bilder.

    Lieber Sisu!
    Ich bin sicher, alle Eisbaerprinzessinen sind von dir beeindruckt!

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  5. Lieber Marko & Mervi

    Das sind wieder tolle Fotos aus dem Norden.
    Sisu und Mama Venus haben viel Spaß mit
    dem Diskus. Aber am besten gefallen mir die
    Bilder mit der riesigen Kugel.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  6. Dear Marko and Mervi, what lovely pics of Sisu. Oh Well, he/she (I am still wondering whether Sisu is a he or a she) will learn the athletes what to do and most importantly, how to do. On thing is for sure, this young polar bear knows how to manage the toys.

  7. Dear Marko and Mervi,

    Sisu seems to be one very sporty little polar bear!
    I remember, that he was a personal trainer, then he was skiing in the mountains..
    Now he is a discus thrower and finally plays with this huge ball.
    His mother Venus is surely proud of such a good son.

    Thanks a lot for this lovely story with these beautiful pictures!

    Greetings from Tallinn

  8. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    There´s no doubt, Venus and Sisu would be marvellous coaches for any Olympic team – especially of course for the Finnish – and every discipline! Both are very sporty indeed.
    What a wonderful story and what fabulous pics!

    Though Sisu has grown a lot he is still a cutie and so skilful. He is actually able to use any object for different purposes and knows how to have a huge amount of fun meanwhile.

    I love each and every photo but the pics on which he is standing on his back paws I like best.
    He looks so incredibly sweet!
    The imagination of Sisu and his mother singing ” Good morning star/sunshine” made me kind of nostalgic. I loved the musical “Hair”!
    Thank you for this pleasure.


  9. Liebe Mervi und lieber Marko,
    Sisu übt schon mal für die bärige Olympiade, die große Herausforderung wird der Kugel Weitwurf.
    Jetzt habe ich einen sogenannten Ohrwurm und -Good morning sunshine- geht mitr nicht mehr aus dem Kopf.
    Herzlichen Dank, für tolle Bilder und Texte von dem zukünftigen Olymioniken Sisu.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Dear Marko and Mervi,

    Sisu is really a great sport BÄR !!!
    Thank you for this wonderful sporty report!!!


  11. TERVE SISU! . .. Du bist ein herrlicher frecher ‘süßer Spatz’! . . . ô-ô – Pardon! Du kommst ja langsam in das Alter, in dem solche Aussagen (speziell von Alten Weibern!) eine unverzeihliche Beleidigung darstellen. Also, better: “DU BIST EIN TOLLER HECHT!”

    Thanks MERVI and MARKO JUNTTILA for the gorgeous pics and great and funny accompanying story of your ‘big lovely’ 🙂

  12. Morjens Sisu!

    Ole sää nyt etevä mukul. Ossat heittä pesofatikin nii hyvi. Ja sit viäl semmost suurt pallo. Mahta mammas olla sunst ylppi. Se neit Kuu vast onkin ihastunut. Se on kliistrannu kaikk seinäs täytte sun kuvias. Sit viäl lipastonki pääl on ainaki 6 kuva sunst. Se Marko on aikast hyvä fotograafi, no miksei ko o hyvä modell. San kiitoksi markol.
    Mervi-täti on oikke hyvä sekretääri. Kirjotti oikke mukavast. Nii ett kiitoksi vaa.
    Muist ny juara pali siit fatist ja polskutella siin alttas ku on nii kuuma. Mää ole telkust kattinu, ett siäll teilläki päi o kuum. Onk ne perhana mäkäräise jo tullu?
    Kerro ny mammall kans tervauksi. Pist taas tule kuulumisias.


  13. Teddybärenmutti,

    Sisu pyysi kirjoittamaan kiitokset hauskasta kommentista. Lupasi juoda paljon vettä. Mäkäräiset ja sääsket ovat vielä talvilomalla mutta juhannukseksi ne tulevat vaikka kainalosauvoilla! 🙂

  14. Liebe Mervi,

    erst einmal vielen Dank an Marko für die Zusendung der wieder sehr schönen Bilder von Sisu und Venus.

    Das ist ja mal ein interessantes Spielzeug. Witzig aber auch die Fotos vom kleinen Sisu und dem riesigen Ball. Das Sisu richtig kräftig getobt hat mit dem Ball, sieht man am aufschäumendem Wasser.

    Es hat Spaß gemacht die Bilder anzusehen.

    Liebe Grüße

  15. dear Mervi,
    Marko has sent wonderful pictures from Ranua, thank you so much for sharing with us, It is so nice to see, how much fun Sisu has.
    terve dear Sisu,
    I am very glad to see such wunderful pictures of you and your Mama. Your Mama will be very proud of you, you are a really sporty bear boy. enjoy the lovely Summer time, all the best to you and your dear Mama
    big paw waves to Finland and Sweden