Snow leopards in Planckendael

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25.5.2018 by Patricia Roberts, Video by Cécile and Jos

Dear All, I received a video of Cécile and Jos, showing the snow leopards in Planckendael. The video is a compilation taken between little videos taken during the period January 19 through May 4, 2011. (The photos are screen shots from the video)

 photo snowleo2.jpg

 photo snowleo11.jpg

The ones you are seeing are Laila (handraised by the keepers because her mother passed away shortly after her birth) and Kedar. After the move of Laile to the Big Cat Sanctuary in smarden, Kent, UK, Lola arrived. And Mervi will surely remember that she has supported Lola during her stay in Stuttgart Zoo, as a kind of a godmother. And Kedar is of course our pretty male.

 photo snowleo10.jpg

 photo snowleo9.jpg

In the beginning of the video, you can watch Laila and Kedar enjoying a good meal, then searching for a decent spot to relax and to do what every cat is doing: digging a little hole for the peepee.

It goes without saying that games of “touch me if you can” and “hide and seek” are always on their daily schedule.

 photo snowleo4.jpg

 photo snowleo5.jpg

An itching spot is finding a very natural solution. And there are trees around for whatever purpose, isn’t it.

Measuring the height of a tree to climb in it has never been a problem for Kedar. And in less than no time, he is reaching the top. And of course, Laila does not want to stay alone “downstairs”. But, OEIOEIOEI, Monsieur wants the tree for himself.

When they are standing close to each other, the size difference is very clear.

 photo snowleo8.jpg

 photo snowleo3.jpg

They are both wonderful and very beautiful animals, but also masters in hiding.

I hope that you will enjoy the video.

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  1. Dear Patricia,

    How nice to meet the snow leopards in Planckendael!

    Laila and Kedar are beautiful cats with their gorgeous fur and the impressive tails.

    It’s funny to see how much their behaviour reminds of that of our pet cats. Of course, they are much bigger and also have their own kind of behaviour. They are excellent climbers and it looks like no tree is too high for these two. 🙂

    Obviously Kedar likes to act like a ‘macho cat’ but I’m sure Laila will challenge him if she wants to. 🙂

    I hope they are both still doing fine!

    Dear Cécile and Jos,

    Thank you so much for presenting these beauties to the readers of Knuti’s Weekly! It’s always a pleasure to show ‘new’ animals here.

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Patricia,

    Snow leopards are great animals, but unfortunately they don’t show themselves often to the zoo visitors. As you say: they are masters in hiding.

    Thank You for this report and the nice video!

    Greetings from Tallinn

  3. Liebe Patricia.

    dir, Cécile und Jos vielen Dank für das schöne Video der beiden Schneeleoparden.
    Selten sieht man sie so aktiv miteinander spielen wie hier und sie spielen
    wie die Kindermiteinander: sich groß machen (angeben), verstecken und ein
    bisschen zanken gehört auch dazu.

    Beim erst Ansehen waren die Fotos noch sichtbar, beim 2. Mal nicht mehr, aber
    dafür ist das Video ja recht lang und wunderschön.

    Liebe Grüße nach Leuwen an dich und deine Katzen!

  4. Dear Mervi, thank you for publishing this video of Cécile and Jos (and for creating the screen shots). Even though this video is dating back from 2011, watching these beautiful animals is a never-ending pleasure.

  5. Dear Patricia, Cécile and Jos!
    Thank you for the video. Laila and Kedar are the beautiful animals.

  6. Dear Patricia
    You will I think find this funny. I have just finished doing a photostory for Mervi (sadly without video-Molly Merrow is doing those) of the two Snow Leopards at HWP. As you write, they are master of hiding. I love the big warm tails

  7. Sehr hübsche Kätzchen !
    Danke für das Videos. 🙂

  8. This is SO VERY special!!! I have followed Laila since her baby days in Planckendael with her amazing papa thanks to Knutis. Now she lives with her guy Yarko (and even had a quick cameo recently in the BBC special “Big Cats About the House”), which follows the growing up of another amazing cat- @MayaTheJaguar even has her own Twitter!

    Thank you for posting this, it’s so fantastic to see a throwback of our girl from way back when!! <3 Laila so much.

  9. Snow leopards are beautiful and charming animals if they are in the mood for it. The youngsters are so sweet and funny when playing ‘hide and seek’ and ‘catch me when you can’. Everyone who ever has got the chance to witness this cannot but love them!

    Thanks to you and your friends for the video and the information.
    I just was a bit concerned when I saw them climbing in the tree. Luckily they obviously remained safe and sound!

  10. Dear Tracy, here is a video that Jos has mailed me at the occasion of my birthday and also at the occasion of Laila’s first birthday in 2011 (we were born on the same day, but unfortunately, I am a bit older, of course). Hope you like it. Hope that the link is working.

  11. Patricia,

    Thanks for sharing! I love how at first dad says no, but spunky girl climbs right back up and eventually he realizes that he’s met his match. 😉 Neat that you share 4/4 with Laila, and the video is a perfect birthday gift! And even if you’re older than she is, people are like wine, we just get better with age! Have a great weekend…

  12. Dear Patricia, Cecile and Jos!
    Big cats are always beautiful and impressive animals.
    Snow leopards are special indeed: lovely, sensitive, with kind of sad expression in their soulful eyes and with a stunningly beautiful and smooth fur.
    It is heartwarming to see them play because this is a great rarity.
    Thank you for bringing us this lively recording.


  13. Liebe Patricia,

    danke für die schönen Bilder der Schneeleoparden.

    Da das Video doch sehr lang ist, schaue ich es mir später an. Vielen Dank an Cecile.

    Liebe Grüße