The lions found us very boring

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1.5.2018 by Mervi & Vesa

Although we spent most of our time in the Copenhagen Zoo with the polar bears we managed to see many other animals, too.

Copenhagen is expecting giant pandas in the end of this year so a big enclosure is being built for them. This made the ‘navigation’ a bit difficult because we couldn’t take the paths we usually take. For instance we failed to see the young elephant Plaisak. It was really a pity because we heard that even papa Chang was with his family this day.

The camels are always there to greet us with a smile. At least I want to think they were smiling …. 🙂

Camels are majestetic animals and it seems to me they’re looking down at us even when they’re lying!

There are two sweet brown bear cubbies in the zoo but it was impossible to get decent photos of the mama and her kids. However, papa bear in the neighbouring enclosure was willing to pose for our cameras.

Sorry, folks that you can’t take photos of my kids but I’m not such a bad substitute …. You must agree that my smile is that of a heart breaker!!

The zoo has prepared a very nice ‘nursery’ for the mama bear and her cubs. It’s not so big but it has lots of enrichment for the whole family. If you look carefully you can see a glimpse of the baby bears. We could see them happily playing together. Mama bear was having a well deserved break in the shadow.

Saying ‘hello’ to the praerie dogs is a ‘must’!

Naturally, we had a chat with the reindeers as well. They speak Finnish fluently …. 🙂

We had hoped to see the Tasmanian devils but they were hiding during our visit. We managed to catch sight of this cutie from the Oceania anyway.

We were very excited to meet the two rhino babies because we’ve seen their birth ‘live’ in the zoo’s webcam.

The half brothers have no names yet so I call the older rhino boy simply Baby One. He’s six months old now.

He has grown a lot since we saw him with his mama in the stable (in webcam).

Baby Two is now 4 months old – or rather 4 months young. Mama rhino was eating and her son was drinking. 🙂

Baby Two drank and drank and we already thought he would never stop. Finally he decided to turn his face towards us. Of course, I maintained the tradition cursing my camera that didn’t work. Those who know me can already guess what happened. Oh yeah, the lense cover was on ….. Do I ever learn???

Baby Two is still very young so he needs lots of rest, too.

We were very glad he took a little walk so we could admire him. What a sweetie he is!

The two rhino mothers with their sons were separated with this wooden fence.

On the day after our visit the rhinos were allowed to be together for the first time. The meeting went very well and from now on they will spend a couple of hours per day together. Papa rhino will be introduced to his sons later.

The keepers told us that the younger rhino obviously thought he was the big boss. 🙂 This is a video by the Copenhagen Zoo.

Near the rhinos there’s the part of the zoo where we can even touch the animals. This pony stole my heart.

On our way out we met the lion clan. Mr Lion was taking a walk.

These ladies were sun bathing.

There are two litters of lion cubs for the time being. Sometimes the visitors are puzzled when they see young cubs and a little later some older cubs. How on earth can they grow so fast?? 🙂

We only saw this one – probably one of the older cubs.

This trio was observing the visitors

– What do you think of today’s visitors? They’re not doing any tricks – they just stand there!

Oh boy, they are so boring! We’d better have a nap in the sun instead!

We let the lions have their beauty nap  and headed towards the exit. It was a bit too warm for a zoo visit but we enjoyed our visit very much.

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  1. The camel is even grinning and it looks most impressive.

    You do have a good sense for observations. The description of the camels is most fitting and the expression ‘majestic’ is even more matching for what I wanted to say by ‘impressive’.

    Probably I didn’t see any camel before from the front side,
    as I didn’t know they have such a dense and massy beard.

    Beautiful brown bear. ‘Yes, you seem to be a heartbreaker’ . . .
    So are baby rhinos! = Right heartbreakers!

    Lovely and quite big prearie dog (at least looking so in your photo) .

    Also the reindeers, the kangaroo, and the ponies are quite ‘a sight’!

    The lion family is so beautiful and relaxed.

    You managed to see a lot of lovable and beautiful animals and to take great pics.
    For sure, this was a sucessful and pleasant day for the both of you in COPENHAGEN.

    Thank you very much for this ‘sunny’ report which I read and enjoyed now,
    on a rather chilly, windy, and grey ‘First of MAY’. . . (Internal remark: but a lot of dust bunnies
    did already vanish and such – for me – it feels rather ‘sunny’, as it was about time already for a loooong time!).

    – – –
    Greetings to INGE aus COPENHAGEN:
    Hope you are well. I didn’t meet you in MERVI’s blogs for already a long time.
    Hopefully that’s just a sign for lots of positive activities . . .
    Looking forward to YOUR next report of a visit at your beautiful HOME-ZOO with such a lot
    of beautiful animals in wonderful zoo-surroundings . . .

  2. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    I don’t know why, Lionesses have a way of making one feel guilty. They look so fierce. The Brown Bear on the other hand is very welcoming. Rhino babies are full of fun and so precious. They move like rubber balls and are enjoying life.
    Two hump camels are called Bactrians I think and are the ones found in Asia rather than Africa. Lovely wolly

  3. Liebe Mervi,

    Kamele u n d Giraffen haben diesen etwas überheblichen Blick auf die kleinwüchsigen Menschen,
    und bleiben dennoch majestätisch!

    Schade, dass ihr die Elefantenfamilie nicht sehen konntet, aber alle anderen Tiere
    waren genauso sehenswert. Die Hauptbeschäftigung der Löwen ist sowieso
    schlafen und essen, da sind die beiden Rhinobabies wesentlich aktiver und auch
    ein bisschen “größenwahnsinnig” den Erwachsenen gegenüber.

    Die kleinen Braunbären werden gut von Papa-Bär vertreten und Herzensbrecher
    sind sie mit ihrem Teddybärenlook allemal!
    Dein Missgeschick mit dem Kameraverschluss ist mir auch nicht unbekannt…

    Danke für deinen schönen Bericht aus Kopenhagen und liebe Grüße!

    PS. Das neue Bild von Knut ist auch zum Dahinschmelzen schön!

  4. Liebe Mervi

    Ihr habt eine schöne Runde im Zoo gemacht.
    Der Löwen-Clan hat mir besonders gefallen.
    Die Nashornkinder sind entzückend und
    ebenso die kleinen Braunbären. Schade,
    dass sich die Teufel versteckt haben.
    Aber das Erdhörnchen ist so niedlich.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  5. Liebe Mervi,
    es ist immer schön, einen neuen Zoo kennenzulernen.
    Es freut mich also sehr, dass ihr in Copenhagen ward.
    Danke für den ausgiebigen Rundgang.
    Hugs Uli

  6. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    Thank you for the second part of the report about your vistit in the Copenhagen Zoo.
    That must have been a fine day and you saw many loveable animals.

    I loved them all but my sweethearts are the little rhinos. They are incredibly cute and I wish them a good healthy and happy life. Unfortunately I can´t watch the video.

    I think the lions weren´t bored but just cool… and were so good looking at it.


    PS: I love that photo of Knut too! It is one of my favourites.

  7. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    You met many lovely animals in the zoo. The young rhinos are wonderful.
    The lions like to rest 🙂

  8. Dear Mervi and Vesa,

    All this animals, whom you saw, were cute and they looked relaxed.
    My special favorites are the bears- always and everywhere!
    They look so handsome and gorgeous and I like them so much!


  9. Dear Mervi and Vesa !

    Thanks for your report from “my” homezoo with wonderful photos and interesting ad funny text.

    Yes, the small rhinoboys are charming, and the lions have style.

    To find the ways in the zoo for the time being is a challenge. I can, because I often pass through. I hope, that it will be nice, when all the work is finished.

    All the best for the new week to you all from Copenhagen.
    Thanks Dumba. I have problems in the Knuipe. I can read but not write. Here in KWM I can both.
    Lots of good wishes to you.

  10. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for this part of your report from Copenhagen. All the animals are wonderful and especially the lion family is very sweet and what they are thinking about the visitors, ha ha I like it.
    Daddy Brown bear is very handsome and I think he is very proud of his family. The baby rhinos are very lovely.
    It is great that you and Vesa were in Copenhagen for such a good and interesting visit.
    dear greetings and big paw waves to you dear Mervi, Vesa, Mimmi and Nalle

  11. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    da habt Ihr aber wirklich einen tollen Rundgang gemacht.
    Ja, es ist wirklich schade, dass Ihr die Elefanten nicht sehen konntet.
    Das erinnert mich an unsere riesige Baustelle, als das Panda-Gehege gebaut wurde. Leider mussten bei uns dafür einige Tiere abgegeben werden.

    Aber dafür hat Euch das Kamel sein schönstes Lächeln geschenkt.

    Ihr konntet zwar Mama Bär und ihre beiden Kids nicht richtig fotografieren, aber Ihr konntet sie spielen sehen. Das ist doch super. Und Papa Bär scheint ein Charmeur zu sein.

    Es ist auch immer schön, wenn man die Geburt von Tieren in einer Webcam verfolgt hat, wie hier bei den Nashörnern, und sie dann irgendwann persönlich besucht. Super, dass die beiden Hörnchen gemeinsam spielen können, wie ich auf dem Video gesehen habe.

    Tolle Fotos auch von den schönen Löwen, Känguru, Ponys &Co.

    Danke für die schöne Zoorunde aus Kopenhagen.

    Liebe Grüße nach Schweden

  12. Liebe Mervi und lieber Vesa,
    das Lächeln des Bärenpapas ist umwerfend und entschädigt für alles was ihr nicht sehen konntet.
    Aber die beiden kleinen Nashörnchen haben sich gezeigt und auch die Löwenfamilie in voller
    Alle Tiere sind es wert fotografiert zu werden und meine ganz persönlichen Favoriten sind
    die Präriehunde.
    Herzlichen Dank, war schön bei eurer großen Zoorunde dabei zu sein.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K