A ghost, a hot polar bear tango and fishy treats

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21.6.2018 by Sisu, Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! This time I can tell you something really thrilling. The visitors have seen a polar bear ghost in our enclosure! I have a photo as an evidence. Are you frightened now?


The ghost is coming up ….. Do you see now who the ghost is?


Yes, it’s ME – your pal Sisu! I hope you didn’t get too scared! 🙂 Oh bear, you should have seen mama’s face when she thought I was a ghost! Hahahaa, it’s fun to be a young polar bear. Nobody can be angry at me when I play games with the keepers and the visitors.  🙂


And now to something completely different!

The two legged creatures in Finland love to dance tango so mama and I thought we could try it, too.

– May I have the next dance?


Tango comes originally from Argentina but for some reason it’s very popular in Finland, too. Mama and I decided to make our own polar bear version of this ‘hot’ dance.


Well, we can make things ‘hot’, too! 🙂


We asked our keepers to play suitable music so we could give a good performance. I wanted to hear ‘Criminal tango’ but mama prefered ‘Tango Jalousie’.


Maybe our paws aren’t ideal for this dance. Sometimes the steps made us fall …..


….. but isn’t it an essential part of this dance that the lady leans back occasionally? This is our version!


After our great performance mama and I were treated by yammy rainbow trout.


Oh bear! This fish is really big and yammy!


I ate my fish very fast but, of course, mama had to be a ‘gourmet bear’ and enjoyed the fish in every possible way. She believes she’s a female Jamie Oliver of the polar bear world.

She waits for the flying fish so elegantly.


She smelled the fish to make sure it was fresh. Oh yes, it was so she kept floating in the water with it and enjoyed the smell of the fishy snack.


An excellent fish requires a suitable beveridge and I think our water is just the right kind of drink to go with it.


Watching mama made me hungry again so I tried to put my nicest face and hoped she would share her fish with me.


Mama, I’m a growing bear and need lots of calories in order to grow to a giant polar bear!


She didn’t listen to me but continued to float in the water. Well, she looked so happy that I didn’t want to bother her anymore. Soon it’s the Midsummer Eve and I hope the keepers haven’t forgotten our salmons!


I wish all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly a happy Midsummer time!

Paw waves from your pal Sisu

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  1. Dear Mervi and Marko,

    Oh, what a great story to the beginning of the summer!
    And such beautiful pictures! Thank you so much!
    Sisu always do something special and interesting. Here he keeps this fish so tenderly as his own toy… And that tango with his mother is wonderful!
    A happy Midsummer time to everybody!


  2. Liebe Mervi,

    danke für den erheiternden Bericht über Sisu mit seinem Tango mit Mama.
    Deine Phantasie ist unerschöpflich und witzig zugleich.
    Sisu, der Schlawiner, spielt seine Babyrolle immer aus, wenn er sich davon einen
    Vorteil verspricht, wie hier den Fisch von Mama zu stehlen.
    Andrerseits ist er schon so groß und kräftig, dass er beim Wassertango schon sehr
    gut führen kann.

    Dir und Marko vielen Dank und eine schöne Mitsommernacht!

  3. Lieber Sisu!
    Du bist wirklich einmalig witzig und süß und ein toller Tangotaenzer! Die jungen Eisbaerdamen werden sich freuen.

    Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko!
    Danke für die bezaubernden Bilder und die lustige Geschichte.

    Liebe Grüße und schönes Mittsommer,

  4. Dear Marko & Mervi

    Sisu has much fun, playing with his mother.
    Delicious salmom is a special meal, but
    also usefull as a toy. 😀
    Thank you for the nice photos !

    Chris 🙂

  5. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Thank you for bringing us again beautiful pics of Sisu and his Mom with funny and appropriate subtitles.

    This article could be called ” Ghost, Nachricht von Sisu” … because the title reminds me of the German title of the film “Ghost” : “Ghost, Nachricht von Sam”.

    I liked the Finnish viking dancing tango with his mother. Actually the Finns are known for their love to tango.
    These photographs show very special examples for this affinity…

    Sisu has grown a lot but he is still a cute kid who wraps his mother round his little claw…


  6. Dear Sisu and Marko
    You have given Mervi a wonderful story for Midsummer.
    A young Polar Bear is delightful as a ghost and as a tango dancer. But Mother Venus shows that when it comes to a large tasty salmon, age and experience count.

  7. TERVE! dear ‘little’ beauty in RANUA!
    What a huuuuge rainbow trout you and your mama have got!
    HAppy bears the two of you. Hope it will stay like this your lives long!

    Oh my, dear MERVI, you have outdone yourself once more with this funny subtitle-story.
    The first photograph is priceless! Thumbs up, dear JUNTTILA!
    Had to laugh a lot of time while watching and reading. e.g.: “….. but isn’t it an essential part of this dance that the lady leans back occasionally? This is our version! . . .”

    Thank you!


    Dein Kommentar (June 21st, 2018 10:18 am ) hat mir eben auch noch sehr gut gefallen!

  9. Dear Marko

    Thank you very much for the nice report with his many wonderful pictures


  10. terve dear Sisu,
    you and your dear Mama are looking great when dancing the water tango and you as a ghost, oh how exciting but I am glad it was you. It is sweet of you, that you do not disturb your Mama when she is so happy, .your dear keepers have always good snacks for you both. Enjoy this wonderful tiime together with your Mama. I like your reports so much
    dear Mervi and dear Marko
    thank you for the lovely pictures and the funny text. It is a pleasure to see these content Polar bears
    big paw waves and dear greetings to Finland and Sweden

  11. Lieber Marko,

    das sind diesmal besonders schöne Fotos. Vor allem die vom “Eisbärgeist”, wie Mervi es genannt hat, sind super.
    Den Tango können die Beiden ja schon perfekt. Was wohl Herr Lambi (Juror bei Lets dance) dazu sagen würde?

    Die Regenbogenforellen sind ja wirklich riesig. Sie haben bestimmt auch besonders gut geschmeckt.

    Liebe Grüße

  12. Liebe Mervi und lieber Marko,
    Sisu als Geist das glaubt ihm keiner und seine Mama schon gar nicht.
    Dazu ist der große Kleine ganz schön präsent.
    Eisbär-Tango ist sehr spaßig und noch kann Venus ihren Sohn Paroli bieten aber Sisu wird ganz nach
    Manasse kommen, groß und stark.
    Vielen Dank, sehr schöne Bilder und witzige Texte, hat Spaß gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K