A rainy day in Vienna

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13.6.2018 by Evi from Tallinn

On the 15th of May it only rains and rains already from the midnight.The air temperature is only +13, when the day before was +24.

It’s a quiet day in the zoo –  there are only few visitors.This is, of course, nice – it’s better to watch the bears, take pictures and make videos.

The doors between the two enclosures are closed: Nora and Ranzo can use only one enclosure – the one with the deep pool. The bears seem to be confused:

“What’s going on? Why can’t we access the entire territory?”


Nora even rises up on her hind legs to see better…


The reason, why the doors are closed: they are bringing  new mulch to the bears.


And then the doors open …


Nora enjoys the new mulch for a long time, Ranzo only looks at Nora.


“Hey, Ranzo, try it too: I hope, you like it!


“Ranzo, it’s really funny, believe me!”

Then Ranzo rolls himself once in the mulch and the bears go to have fun in the pool.




Nora will continue playing in the pool with different toys for a long time, but Ranzo secretly goes back to the mulch.




The bears repeatedly visit the mulch and pool.


In the meantime the visitors can enjoy the athletic measurement between Nora and Ranzo: “Who is stronger?”



What a nice moment! They look so tenderly at each other.



It’s about 5 pm, when the bears stop their active activities.

It’s still raining…



‘I wonder how long it will be raining.’


‘Do you think the transparent drops will turn into white snow flakes?’


‘I guess we just have to wait – maybe until November or December ….’


A cappuccino bear


And a teeth exhibition 🙂




Finally three short videos:

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  1. Dear Evi!

    Wonderful photos of wonderful bears. They are so sweet. Our Ranzo is so handsome and nora so elegant.



  2. Dear Evi!
    Sometimes it is great to have the rain. There are not many people in the zoo. Polar bears have no problems with the rain. It is great to know, that Ranzo and Nora got the new mulch. They are on very good terms with each other. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  3. Dear Evi

    Thank you for the nice report and the videos.
    Nora and Ranzo have much fun together.
    The new mulch is an attraction for them.
    Water games are funny too.
    Both bears look fantastic !


  4. Dear Evi,

    Although Nora and Ranzo were not so happy staying indoors I’m sure they were glad to find a nice mulch bed when they came out. 🙂

    Ranzo was a gentlebear and allowed Nora to quality control the bed first. It’s obvious they found it quite comfortable.

    Nora is a young lady who loves to play even alone but, of course, it’s great to have a play mate in the water.

    I love the photos where they look so tenderly at each other. I can really sense there’s love in the air – and in the water, too!! 🙂

    Thank you so much for this charming report with great photos and videos!

    Hugs from Mervi

  5. Dear Evi, maybe that visiting a zoo during a rainy day is not such a big pleasure for the humans, there are two advantages: most animals do not care so much about a gentle rain and there are not so much visitors.
    When I saw Nora standing up to watch what was going on, I had to smile: the girl is having a little sexy roundish belly, no? Their games are funny and although Ranzo would win always, it is nice to see that the lady gets what the lady wants. I adored the videos.

  6. Dear Evi
    You made great use of a rainy day to bring us this lovely story from Vienna. Nora and Ranzo are a beautiful couple of Polar Bears. The combination of comfortable mulch and pool went down well with them.
    Thank you

  7. Liebe Evi!

    Die zwei haben richtig viel Spaß und der Regen ist ihnen egal. Hübsch schauen sie aus als
    Cappucinobaeren. Danke für diese tollen Bilder aus Wien und dass der Regen dich nicht abgeschreckt hat.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  8. Dear Evi and Mervi!
    Thank you for the fantastic pics of Nora and Ranzo!

    They are a wonderful and goodlooking love couple and I´m happy for them they have such a good life together. The videos are great! The rain didn´t matter in any way. I had a good laugh about the last video when Nora chased Ranzo with a loud hum. She seems to be quite self-confident although she´s much smaller than Ranzo.

    It seems the keepers in Schönbrunn pamper them in any and every possible way.
    The bears obviously enjoyed their new mulch. This zoo should be a shining example for some others…

    I loved all the pics, but Nora standing upright and all the tender glances between the two bears in love I liked best.
    Mervi, Thank you for editing!


  9. Liebe Evi und liebe Mervi,
    Nora und Ranzo sind glaube ich das neue Eisbären-Traumpaar.
    Ranzo läßt Nora als erste in das Mulchbett und auch im wasser sieht das alles sehr harmonisch aus.
    Neugierig sind alle Eisbären und Nora zeigt ihr kleines Bäuchlein, dabei.
    Natürlich ist Ranzo stärker und Nora gibt besser nach.
    Die Videos sind sehr schön und zeigen gut die Harmonie der Beiden.
    Als viel kleinere Bärin muß Nora auch mal zeigen wer Chef auf der Anlage ist und Ranzo zeigt wie
    gutmütig er sich von Nora jagen läßt.
    Vielen Dank, das sind schöne Bilder trotz des Regens und hat viel Spaß gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Auch im Regen sind diese beiden Bären nur ‘klasse’!
    Schöne Bilder aus Schönbrunn/WIEN hast Du uns mitgebracht, liebe EVI aus TALLIN.
    Und Du, liebe MERVI, hat nette Texte dazu ‘geschnitzt’!

  11. Dear Evi

    Thank you for the wonderful report with the beautiful pictures and the great videos!


  12. Dear Mervi,

    Tahank you for publishing this fun story!
    Unlike people, the bears enjoyed this rainy day, especially Nora. There is much new and interesting for Nora in Schönbrunn. She has never seen any mulch before, here in Tallinn!
    The keepers deal a lot with the bears every day in Schönbrunn. They talked about bear training: Nora learns everything very quickly, Ranzo is a little lazy: he does what he has to do, but then he quickly lays down.
    They wondered how well the bears were adapting to each other.


  13. Liebe Evi,

    das sind wieder sehr schöne Bilder von Nora und Ranzo. Super, dass sie neuen Mulch bekommen haben.
    Wie man in dem Video sieht, hat Ranzo es sehr genossen.,

    Aber auch die beiden anderen Videos und natürlich die Fotos sind sehr schön.

    Die Beiden hatten offenbar einen kleinen Disput, wie man lautstark in dem dritten Video hören kann. Aber ansonsten verstehen sich die Beiden ja sehr gut wie man sieht.

    Danke auch an Mervi für`s Einstellen.

    Liebe Grüße