A special day for polar bears

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1.6.2018 – Source: Novosibirsk Zoo, Photos by Anna Novikova and Andrej Polyakov

On the 27th of May the Novosibirsk Zoo arranged a special Bear Day. This day is a tradition since many years and it’s a day for both the bears and the visitors.

The visitors could test their ‘bear knowledge’ in a special quiz. The children had possibility to draw and paint and, naturally, play all kinds of games.

Gerda seems to understand something special is going on …..

 photo day10.jpg

Gerda and Kai must have appreciated one event particularly – the feeding with fresh fish. The fish was sponsored by local fish shops.

What’s that heavenly smell?

 photo day12.jpg

Gerda hurried to find out what the keepers were up to. As you can see there’s still quite a lot of snow left in the polar bears’ enclosure.

 photo day11.jpg

The keepers were happy to bring the fishy treats to the polar bears.

 photo day5.jpg


 photo day2.jpg

The feeding was a great succes witnessed by many bear friends.

 photo day8.jpg

Hello visitors! How kind of you to come and visit us on this special day.

 photo 32202654_2061913674133275_3940560716586549248_n.jpg

Sorry, I have no time to chat with you – yammy fish is waiting in the water!

 photo 32253058_2061913630799946_5053276851946913792_n.jpg

Caught it!

 photo day1.jpg

Nothing compares to fresh fish – especially when you can catch it yourself!

 photo day7.jpg

The fish tastes very yammy even in the land!

 photo day9.jpg

Thank you dear keepers, sponsors and visitors for a wonderful day! Maybe we could do it every day? Just kidding, once a year is a nice tradition!

 photo day4.jpg


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  1. Dear Mervi, Anna and Andrej,

    Thanks for this nice report and the beautiful photos!

    I think, it was really a wonderful day for the polar bears, visitors and of course, for the zoo keepers!
    Our giant fluffy white friends are a powerful symbol of how fragile the things really are.
    It’s very important to take care for them, dedicating them individually, even one day a year…

    Greetings from Tallinn

  2. Dear Mervi, Anna and Andrej!
    Thank you for bringing us this delightful report with its fine pics from the Novosibirsk Zoo.
    I´m happy for Gerda and Kai that they were pampered with yummy fresh fish on their Special Bear Day.
    They looked as if they really enjoyed it.

    Actually every bear in captivity should have a “Bear Day” every day!

    I am quite sad that a (moon?)bear was shot in the Eifel today. A storm has destroyed the fence of his enclosure in the night, so he could escape. Some big cats of that zoo that escaped too were captured again.
    Only the bear was shot. It´s a terrible pity!


  3. Dear Anna, Andrej and Mervi
    What a wonderful idea to have a special day for Gerda and Kai. The fish looked excellent made me quite hungry. Gerda and Kai are beautifully fluffy as usual, perhaps because of the weather.

  4. Ein schöner Tag für die Bären in Novosibirsk. 🙂
    Es geht doch doch nichts über frischen Karpfen.
    Gerda und Kai sehen sehr gut aus !
    Eine tolle Idee der Pfleger.

  5. Da hatten Gerda und Kai einen tollen Tag, danke fürs Zeigen und die tollen Bildet.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  6. he one wo mentioned lately that polar bears in Russia are especially beautiful respectively have got most beautiful and dense fur are completely right. . . . One can it see again in this report.

    Also the keeper women look very kind and friendly, may be even happy!
    It’s obvious they like their task.

    The fishes really looked very good and the polar bears right contented.

    Thank you very muc for this report from Novosibirsk to MERVI, Anna Novikova and Andrej Polyakov and last not least to the NOVOSIBIRSK ZOO.

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Einstellen der schönen Fotos von Anna.

    Das war sicher ein tolles Ereignis für Gerda und Kai. Solch schöne Fische gibt es sicher nicht jeden Tag.
    Schöne Bilder.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Dear Anna, Andrej and Mervi, of course, these polar bears want that annual tradition on a daily basis!!! And most of all, very amazing to see that there is still snow in their enclosure.