Koala Sydney & Co in Zoo Antwerp

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4.6.2018 by Patricia Roberts, Videos by Cécile and Jos

And again another lovely video of Cécile and Jos. This time about Sydney celebrating her birthday, na ja, on June 3, 2018.

 photo sydney2.jpg

To know about the entire story: ah well, let us start from the beginning: on June 3, 2017, Guwara gave birth to a little baby girl who climbed immediately into her pouch to stay there for several months and to become strong and healthy. And look now, what a wonderful result: a feisty little girl climbing from here to there and following her mother.

 photo sydney4.jpg

 photo sydney7.jpg

But Guwara is a good and experienced mother and knows perfectly well how to manage all the movements of the baby. In other words: no PLUMPS!!!

 photo sydney3.jpg

 photo sydney6.jpg

I adore the fluffy ears of these animals and their cool reaction on what is happening around them.

In this video, one can clearly see the distinctive behaviour between Guwara (experienced) and Alinga (first-time). However, it looks like both babies know how to manage the situation, isn’t it.

Tree kangaroo and others in Zoo Antwerp

 photo sydney8.jpg

Close to the enclosure of the koala’, one can find the tree porcupine. When you see them, you want to touch and cuddle them, but most probably, it might become a rather pricky business.

 photo sydney9.jpg

And then, of course, there are always the okapis: Zoo Antwerp’s pride.

 photo sydney13.jpg

 photo sydney12.jpg

Offering a rose to an animal: I have never see something sweeter than this. It is breath-taking, no.

 photo sydney11.jpg

And little pinguins waiting for their portion of the fish is a joy for ever.

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  1. Dear Cécile, Jos and Patricia,

    Sydney is indeed a lovely koala girl and mama Guwara takes care of her in the best possible way. They both are such sweet animals with the cutest ears.

    The tree cangoroo and the porcupine are, of course, lovely as well and the zoo can be proud of the gorgeous okapis!

    A rose to an animal is a fantastic scene!

    Thank you so much for this charming report with lovely videos! I wish you and all the animals and their keepers in Antwerp a wonderful Summer time!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Cecile, Jos, Patricia and Mervi
    It is good to see these very rare animals looking so well cared for and in particular the Koalas.

  3. Dear Patricia, Cecile and Jos! Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the lovely pics and videos from the Antwerpen Zoo!

    Koalas look so sweet with their fluffy fur, their most enchanting ears and darling faces, a cuteness warning should be announced definitely…
    But watching them I always have to think about what Ralph mentioned about sweet Antonia. She always appears as if she would like to shout to her charmed visitors: ” Ich bin NICHT NETT!” “I´m NOT NICE!”
    But they look so cute anyway…and a koala mother with her baby all the more.

    With good reason the Antwerpen Zoo can be proud of their okapis, tree cangoroos and porcupines too!

    To give a rose to an animal is quite touching. The tree cangoroo really appreciates it. The way to an animal´s heart is through its stomach…


  4. Dear Patricia,

    Since I rarely see koalas I am happy about your video. The two of them are dearest.
    Tree kangaroo are very beautiful animals.
    And Also for the Since I rarely see koalas I am happy about your video. The two of them are dearest.
    Tree kangaroo are very beautiful animals.
    And Also for the tree porcupine and Okapis.

    A quite charming report with animals, which I see very rarely and which I find very beautiful.
    Warm greetings,

  5. Dear Mervi, thank you so much for publisihing the report and the videos.
    Dear AnkeB, you are right: Koala’s do look cute, but they definitely are not. My former neighbour told me that when she had to go to Australia for the job, it was one of the first warnings: never try to touch a koala because they are not friendly. And the same for the wombat. NA JA, their looks are good and cute, just like polar bears, isn’t it.

  6. Liebe Patricia,

    schön, dass Du wieder neue Bilder aus dem Zoo Antwerpen mitgebracht hast.

    Die Koalas sind wirklich allerliebst. Super, auch das Video.

    Und wie ich sehe, habt Ihr auch Baumstachler. Irgendwie sind das putzige Tierchen, aber sie duften nicht sehr angenehm.

    Auch Baumkängurus finde ich sehr schön. Diese werden wir ja nun auch bald im Tierpark haben, sobald das Alfred.-Brehm-Haus nach em Umbau wieder eröffnet.

    Danke und liebe Grüße

  7. Dear Monika, thank you for your nice comment. But please, I have to tell that Cécile and Jos made the videos during their visit in Zoo Antwerp (I only prepared the little text).

  8. Dear Cecile, Jos and Patricia!
    Thank you for the interesting report about Guwara and Sydney. Koalas look very cute.
    The tree kangaroo was interested in the rose.

  9. Liebe Patricia,

    deine kommentierten Fotos von Cècile und Jos sind wunderbar und dieses kleine Koalakind braucht keine Angst vorm plumpsen zu haben. Ja, sie sehen so niedlich aus aber noch rigoroser sind die Männchen beim Sex, wie man schon in anderen Videos sehen konnte.
    Okapis sind ganz besonders elegante Tiere und dass Wombats Rosen essen, wusste ich auch nicht.

    Dir, Cècile, Jos und Mervi vielen Dank für diesen schönen Beitrag aus Antwerpen!
    Herzliche Grüße

  10. Sorry Patricia

  11. Dear Cecile, Jos and Patricia!

    Thank you for the nice report from Antwerp. 🙂
    Die Koalas und das Baumkänguru sind hübsch.
    Die Okapis gehören mit zu meinen Lieblingstieren.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂