Sisu wishes even the mosquitos a happy Summer time!

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7.6.2018 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! Dear friends! The Summer has arrived in Ranua and we’ve already had a real heat wave. I miss the snow but on the other hand the grass feels quite nice under my paws, too. I can also admire the green trees and bushes in our enclosure.


The mosquitos haven’t arrived yet but we expect them to come around the Midsummer. The two legged creatures are not so happy about their presence but I don’t mind. My thick fur prevents the tiny vampyres to bother me so I wish them a pleasant Summer. 🙂


As you can see my fur looks great – white and fluffy. Maybe it’s the long Winter that keeps mama’s and my furs so beautiful …. I sent this photo to a special polar bear girl whose name begins with the letter ‘Q’. Do you think she likes it?


Only a few weeks ago we could swim in the icy water but now all the ice had melted away.


I’ve been very busy training the water polo with big ball.


I love the water ‘foaming’ around me!


Oh bear, this ball is a challenge even for a big boy like me but I will show it who’s the boss!!


Here we go – attack lying on my back. Are you impressed?


How about an attack from this angle?


And here’s another big ball …. Ooops! This photo is of my gorgeous boomsie ….


I have developed excellent technics for juggling with the ball.


What goes up must go down, too!


…. and here we go again!


Enough of me now! I want to introduce you to some of my friends.

This reindeer calf was born recently in our park. In this photo it still has a bit shaky legs but now he can stand up steadily.


This owl sometimes believes he’s the clown of our park. 🙂


As I already wrote it’s been very hot so we all had to drink a lot. Here’s my piggy friend ….


…. and this is one of the wolves at the bar. I wonder if he was drinking ‘Wolf’s Paw’. Just kidding, that drink is made of wodka and lingonberry juice so it’s only meant for human adults. 🙂


I’m proud to present a new inhabitant in the Ranua Zoo. This is Mr Manul who hasn’t got a name yet. There’s a name competition going on so maybe I can reveal his name in my next newsletter.


He looks quite crumpy ….


…. but he is very beautiful don’t you think?


He likes to go out for dinner. 🙂


Obviously the dinner was to his satisfaction. At least he looks like a cat after having a bowl of cream. OK, he IS a cat, of course ….. 🙂


I’m sure the visitors will be charmed by this new sweet inhabitant!


That’s all for this time. Now it’s time for me to relax. I wish all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly Magazine a very happy Summer time! Please, follow my example and relax!!

Bear hugs (very gentle hugs!) from your pal Sisu


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  1. Dear Marko and Mervi
    Sisu gives us a wonderful Summer message from his home and introduces his friends as well. Is the Manul related to Garfield. I am sure that the lady in Munich will be inpressed by his Daniel Craig impressions in the water.

    You really look better than ever! The mixture of stones, green and spring sun and the won´derful light-and-shadow effects are just perfct for underlining your ‘shining’ appearance. And it seems you have also more fun than ever (and you had already a lot I guess!).

    What a question whether MISS Q might like the photo chosen by you!!??

    You and the big ball: fantastic! Marko JUNTTILA succeeded in making 1A shots! THnaks to him and thanks also to the model AND to auntie MERVI who made sure we can see all this!

    BTW: I also like all the pics of all your most beautiful parkmates.

    Enjoy the summer as much as you did enjoy the winter!

  3. Liebe Mervi und lieber Marko,
    jetzt lernt Sisu auch den Sommer in Finnland kennen, Schnee ist schöner aber Gras und grüne Bäume
    sind eine gute Abwechslung.
    Tolle Aufnahmen von Sisu mit dem groĂźen Ball und auch der Manul ist Klasse.
    Vielen Dank, wunderschöne Bilder und Sisus Worte sind wieder witzig und das i-Tüpfelchen dazu.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  4. Dear Mervi and Marko,

    Thank you for this enchanting report with the nice pictures!

    No doubt, Sisu is one small skillful bear, who can enjoy playing everywhere.
    Here he shows how much fun he has with his big ball.

    Sisu’s friends look good,
    Mr. Manul seems to be a little bit curious…

    Greetings from Tallinn

  5. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures from Ranua. Sisu looks great. He is a strong boy, who can easy deal with a huge ball.
    Mr. Manul is very impressive.

  6. Sisus Spiel mit der groĂźen Kugel ist toll.
    Er beschäftigt sich ausdauernd mit dem
    Spielzeug. Das kleine Rentier ist hĂĽbsch.
    Danke an Marko für die schönen Fotos !

  7. Hallo SISU!
    Du bist so groĂź, stark und noch hĂĽbscher geworden.
    NatĂĽrlich denket eine gewisse Miss “Q” an dich im hohen Norden.
    Deine Ballkünste sind einmalig schön und sehr beeindruckend.

    Liebe Mervi,
    deine Erzählungen zu den tollen Fotos von Marco sind wieder ganz bezaubernd.
    Auch die anderen Bewohner in Ranua freuen sich jetzt auf ein bisschen
    Sommerwetter. Manul muss seinem Gesicht ĂĽber die Freude allerdings
    noch Bescheid sagen….

    Danke für die schönen Fotos aus Ranua!

  8. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Thank you for these marvellous pics of Sisu and his friends.
    I´m relieved that Sisu likes the grass under his paws as well as the snow. Summertime probably can offer a lot of pleasures to a young polar bear which winter can´t…

    Sisu is a handsome and skilful little bear who certainly knows how to have fun.
    I´m convinced Miss Q. would appreciate to receive a fine portrait of him…
    The pics of his water games are quite refreshing and the big ball is an appropriate challenge for his strength and joy of playing.

    Marko, you caught wonderful photographs of his neighbours too. I loved all of them, the tiny reindeer calf, the splendid snow-owl, the nice piggy and the thirsty wolf.
    But my hands down favourite is the manul. I´m quite enthusiastic because I´ve never seen such gorgeous photos of that somehow grumpy wildcat before. He is simply beautiful and I wish him all the best in his new home!


  9. Dear Mervi and Marko!

    I see Sisu has found in the big ball HIS toy:-)))
    You took great pictures.
    We also have a Manul cat in Munich. Even two! But it’s very rare to see them.
    Thank you very much for the nice report with his great pictures!


  10. No Morjens Sisu!

    Kyl snää kummalline epel ole ko ossatt nii hyvi tommost valtva pallo paisko.
    Munst o paras kuva, misä snää ole perspystös, pää vere all. Se sai mnuu naurama oikke kunnoll.
    Snuul ja mamal oikke mukavi naapurei. Se naurava fogeli, ja sitte se katin näköne otus, jos o aik tuim ilme.
    Tääl on noil susil nykyse vähän huano oltava, ko vihava niit. Paras niitte on pyssy airan sisäpualel.

    Me opetellaa tot knuvikaattori, jot ossattais tull Juuso ja sun tykös. Pist peukkus pystös, et me opita jottai, muuto me jäärä tän täl pual jokke.
    Täl paul jokke tarkotta, ett samal pauale ko tuamiokirkk, tois paul jokke sitä paualt jokke, josa ei tuamikirrkk seiso.
    Pist taas tulema kuulumisseis. Niit o niin lysti lukke. Ludmila-täti ol käyni Viiniss snuu isovelejeäs helssamas. mnää koht silssäs ne uutise kans.

    Kerro mammalles tervauksi. Toivottavast nährä koht.


  11. Dear Sisu, you are really a very nice youngster by even wishing the mosquitos a happy Summer. According to me and – I suppose – the rest of the human word, we wish them a one-way ticket to the moon or so. I am wishing you a lot of fun with your big ball in the water and it looks like you already managed to show who is the master.
    And the owl is indeed a clown. But most of all, I adore the pics of the Manul. The first time I learned about this animal was in Tierpark. And it is gorgeous and mysterious and yet looking so much as a cat.

  12. terve dear Sisu,
    how we all can see, YOU HAVE FUN, this is so wonderfjul, You are looking very good and i can feel, you are happy, enjoy this cosy Summertime.It is very interesting to see all your dear friends, I like them all,especially Mr. Manul and the owl. I am glad your dear friend Marko takes these wonderful pictures of you all, big paw waves to you and to your dear Mama
    dear Mervi and dear Marko
    thank you so much for this lovely up date from Ranua, dear greetings to you

  13. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko,

    danke für die wieder sehr schönen Bilder aus Ranua, diesmal ohne Schnee.

    Das Sisu den Schnee vermisst kann ich gut verstehen. Bei uns ist es so warm, dass ich mir auch eine kleine Eisgrotte wĂĽnsche, so wie sie Flocke in Antibes hat.

    Die Bilder von Sisu mit dem Ball sind klasse. Ein verspieltes und lebenslustiges Bärchen. Sie sind fast identisch mit den Bildern, die ich gerade von Tonja gemacht habe. Die Beiden zusammen wären auch ein gutes Team.

    Das kleine Rentier ist ja niedlich. Willkommen auf Erden.
    Der Manul ist auch sehr schön.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe