Corinna has joined Anton in the bear heaven

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22.7.2018 by Mervi, Photos by Petra Ballon, Dumba and Caren

Yesterday (21. July) we received the sad news from Wilhelma in Stuttgart. Polar bear Corinna had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She died peacefully in her sleep.

We remember Corinna as a very beautiful polar bear lady. We also remember her as a loving companion of the male bear Anton and as a caring mother of Wilbär.

My friend Petra kindly gave me permission to publish some of her photos of Corinna and Wilbär taken on the 7th of November, 2008.

Corinna teaches Wilbär how to play with a hanging barrel.

 photo petra10.jpg

 photo petra5.jpg

 photo petra7.jpg

Wilbär moved to Orsa in May 2009 and I’ve seen with my own eyes that he really learnt something. Corinna was a good mentor to her son.

 photo petra3.jpg


 photo petra12.jpg

 photo petra13.jpg

Together in the water

 photo petra11.jpg

 photo petra2.jpg

Mama and her son having a tender moment.

 photo petra1.jpg

 photo petra8.jpg

 photo petra4.jpg

Goodbye Corinna! You left us a wonderful inheritage – Wilbär. You and Anton will live further in your son and his cubs.

 photo petra9.jpg

This is how we remember this lovely couple – Corinna licking Anton’s ear. Photo by Dumba

Anton died in February 2014 because of the careless behaviour by visitor. You can read more about it here.

Dear Corinna, you’re together with Anton again. I’m sure it was a wonderful reunion.

Mervi’s tribute to Corinna

 photo CorinnaImMemoriam.jpg

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  1. Such sad news. We all loved Corinna, and her special bond with her beloved Anton. She must have missed him so much after he died. Now they can be together again. Rest in Peace, sweet Corinna.

  2. I never managed to get to see Corinna in bears on, but the coverage of her in the German TV series about the Wilhelma was very good.
    Thank you for this tribute page which brings back her eventful life as mother to Wilbaer and partner to Anton.
    I hope that Corinna is with Anton in the icefields, and of course licking his ear.

  3. Dear Mervi, I join Ralph in wishing that Corinna is now again with Anton licking his ear. Thank you so much for the tribute. She was a wonderful mother for Wilbär and I hope that one day, he will have a little daughter like Corinna.

  4. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for your heart-warming fare-well to Corinna.
    Her passing away leaves me speechless.

    Gute Reise, liebe Corinna,
    and happy reunion with your beloved Anton.

    Pawwaves and thank you so much for Wilbärle!

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the remembrance pictures of Corinna, Anton and Wilbär.
    I am very sorry that Corinna went over the rain bow bridge.
    RIP, Corinna!

  6. Dear Mervi!
    Oh, what sad news again.
    I´m very sorry that Corinna passed away. It is somehow comforting that she died peacefully in her sleep.
    Perhaps she dreamed of Anton since his death and decided to join him now because she missed him so much.
    Mervi, you made a wonderful tribute. Your collage is beautiful and very touching.
    Thank you!


  7. Dear Mervi,

    Thanks for this tribute!

    I did not know Corinna, but she looks so beautiful on the pictures…
    Rest in peace, dear Corinna!

    Evi from Tallinn

  8. Ruhe in Frieden, liebe Corinna.
    Wir werden dich nicht vergessen.

  9. Thank you for this lovely memory for CORINNA, the beautiful white polar bear lady of ‘WILHEMA Stuttgart’.

    In the same time you made it a memory for the beloved ‘object’ of all her tenderness: ANTON, the huge and beautiful and lovable Stuttgart-polar-bear-male, as well as for their son WILBÄR/LE who livesin your guest-home-country SWEDEN, in ORSA (province DALARNA already quite a long time.

    Dear MERVI – As you know already for a long time you are always allowed to use any of my pictures whenever you feel like it (without the necessity to ask priorly for allowance). . . . .Only exeption:
    If pics show persons. It’s better (or nowaday nearly a ‘Must’ to ask this/those person/s for their allowance prior to showing its/their likeness in public . . .

  10. Oh, I am sorry, I forgot two things:

    1) To mention the lovely collage you created in honor of CORINNA
    . . You gave her nice companions for her last voyage!

    2) To thank your friend Petra BALLON for allowing you to publish her personal photos in your ‘KWM’.

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank für die Erinnerungsfotos an Corinna, ihren Anton und Wilbär.
    Ich empfinde es als tröstlich, dass sie im Schlaf gestorben ist. Das ist ein
    gnädiger und sanfter Tod.

    Ruhe sanft Corinna im Bärenhimmel!

  12. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für diese wunderbaren Erinnerungen an Corinna. Wir haben sie ja letztes Jahr in Stuttgart noch besuchen können. Die Collage ist wunderschön.

    RIP liebe Corinna!

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  13. Molly Merrow has posted her own beautiful tribute to Corinna in English here

  14. Es tut mir sehr leid um die gute Corinna und ich bin traurig.
    Machs gut und habs wieder fein mit deinem Anton,du Liebe!

  15. Schon wieder eine traurige Meldung.
    Schlaf gut, liebe Corinna …..

  16. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for your touching tribute to Corinna, all the pictures and the collage are adorable.
    Corinna and Anton had a wonderful time together in Wilhelma, full of tenderness and love and now in the eternity in the cosy rainbowland they can continue this for ever….
    I am glad that Wilbär lives in Orsa and has a good life there
    dear greetings

  17. Dear Mervi,

    Again, our community has such sad news.

    Thank you for the lovely tribute and collage. Corinna was so beautiful. I was so sad for her after Anton’s death.

    LG, Christine

  18. Das tut mir sehr leid. Langsam wird es voll im Eisbärenhimmel.
    Ruhe in Frieden liebe Corinna.

    Liebe Mervi, danke für die schönen Erinnerungsbilder und die sehr schöne Collage von Corinna.

    Liebe Grüße

  19. Dear Mervi, thanks for the sad news about Corinna and for the memories in words and pictures and the sweet collage. She was a wonderful polarbear.

    Ruhe in Frieden liebe Corinna.

    Lots of greetings from Copenhagen

  20. Liebe Mervi,
    traurige Nachrichten aus der Wilhelma, Corinna wird unvergessen bleiben!
    traurige Grüße Moni K