New toys for polar bears

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12.7.2018 – Source: Novosibirsk Zoo, Photos: Andrey Polyakov

The Novosibirsk Zoo continues to work on improving the living conditions for their animals. One of the most important issues of animal welfare is the enrichment of their environment. Simply put, we try to make sure that our animals are not bored.

 photo 36316236_1870601966340502_4387811758656454656_n.jpg

 photo 36348835_1870602323007133_4696552991648382976_n.jpg

Activity is necessary for their mental and physical health. PJSC “NK” Rosneft “is the ‘god mother’ of our pair of polar bears and helps the zoo to make their life more interesting and active. In the end of June Kai and Gerda received gifts from the company PJSC “NK” Rosneft ” – a particularly strong ball and a cone.

Kai and Gerda are always willing to play with large objects, which can be taken in the teeth, between the paws and then thrown into the water. They are especially pleased with the new toys.

 photo 36323002_1870602486340450_6915309994132897792_o.jpg

As soon as the gifts were delivered to the zoo, they were immediately handed over to the Gerda and Kai. Our bears immediately checked them and made a thorough quality control. ­čÖé

 photo 36347752_1870602143007151_1709172219579465728_o.jpg

 photo 36367214_1870602259673806_6187803767539236864_o.jpg

 photo 36338194_1870602213007144_7567738435750854656_o.jpg

 photo 36327689_1870601959673836_6451276895634849792_o.jpg

 photo 36311179_1870602429673789_8058017065782476800_o.jpg

Both bears played with the new toys for a long time. No doubt the gifts were very much appreciated!

 photo 36316229_1870602293007136_3518578762415341568_o.jpg

 photo 36329282_1870602386340460_1360232244475592704_o.jpg

The Novosibirsk Zoo thanks the PJSC “NK Rosneft” for assistance in keeping polar bears.

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  1. Liebe Anna,
    liebe Mervi,

    die beiden B├Ąren lieben dicke B├Ąlle und haben viel Spa├č damit.
    Fein, dass viele Zoofreunde die Tiere mit passendem Spielzeug beschenken.

    Vielen Dank f├╝r deinen Bericht und die sch├Ânen Fotos von den prachtvollen B├Ąren Gerda und Kai!

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  2. Dear Mervi, dear Anna,

    Polar bears always enjoy playing with their new toys. Some of them will be long-lasting favorites. This great yellow ball looks very pleasant to both.
    Thanks for this report and these nice pictures.

    Greetings from Tallinn

  3. Dear Anna
    Dear Mervi

    Thank you a lot for the informations and the nice pictures !!!


  4. Dear Anna and Mervi
    Bravo to Zoo Novosibirsk and their sponsor company. What better than a big yellow ball to ensure that
    Gerda and Kai can take part in the World Cup celebrations.
    Two very happy Polar Bears!

  5. Dear Mervi and Anna!
    Everyone who ever saw big and grown up bears playing happily with their toys will never get enough of this sight.
    If great balls, tyres or other toys they really have fun and appreciate these gifts.
    This is what behavioural enrichment means!

    Thank you for this pleasant news and heartwarming pics of Gerda and Kai.


  6. Es freut mich, dass die B├Ąren neue B├Ąlle bekommen haben.
    Die gro├čen B├Ąlle sind immer sehr beliebt bei den Eisb├Ąren. ­čÖé

  7. Thanks to the NOVOSIBIRSK ZOO* and ANDREY POLYAKOV as well as t MERVI who makes it possible for us to be able to see gorgeous photos and read interesting information about zoos and mainly about polar bears from all over the world.

    Beautiful proof is made by this contribution that even in rather small enclosures polar bears can have lots of fun if they get good food and appropriate and exciting playing stuff. The balls are just the right thing for our beloved white giants!

    May KAI and GERDA continue to be happy polar bears under your aegis*!

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    danke f├╝r`s Zeigen der sch├Ânen Fotos von Kai und Gerda.
    Es ist sch├Ân zu sehen, dass die B├Ąren besch├Ąftigt werden. Der gelbe Ball scheint wohl der Favorit zu sein.
    Ich liebe die Fotos, wenn Eisb├Ąren im Wasser auf dem R├╝cken liegen, und ihr Spielzeug in den Pfoten halten.
    Ich w├╝nsche Gerda und Kai weiterhin viel Spa├č mit ihrem neuen Spielzeug.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  9. Liebe Mervi,
    toll wenn ein so gro├čz├╝giger Sponsor f├╝r die Tiere das Spielzeug besschafft.
    Diesen gro├čen Ball w├╝rde ich auch gerne besorgen, aber ich f├╝rchte das ist zu teuer.
    Vielen Dank auch an den Fotografen Andrey f├╝r so sch├Âne Bilder von Gerda und Kai.
    Liebe Gr├╝├če Moni K

  10. Danke f├╝r Bericht und tolle Fotos.

    Viele Gr├╝├če aus Kopenhagen

  11. dear Mervi,
    I am very glad that Kai and Gerda from Novosibirsk have such wonderful toys, what a great pleasurre for the lovely bears to play in the pool and it is also a joy for all the visitors to see content bears.
    Thank you so much for publishing these nice pictures by Andrey
    dear greetings and big paw waves