Nord in the new enclosure

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9.7.2018 by Evi from Tallinn

Nord refused to go to the transport box for a long time and due to his refusal he was transported to his new enclosure on the 24th of May in general anesthesia. At the same time were taken some samples from his sick paw by the specialists from university of life sciencies.

 photo nord2_1.jpg

 photo nord4.jpg

 photo nord3.jpg

He came out for the first time in the new place on the 2nd of June. He was curious but very relaxed. He walked around, rolled himself on the ground and even went swimming in the pool.

 photo nord6.jpg

 photo IMG_0393.jpg

 photo nord7.jpg

Now it seems he’s enjoying his new big home, but he seldom swims in the pool. I think that’s because of his sick paw. In the warm weather, he just sat down in the water and looked around.

 photo IMG_0307.jpg

 photo IMG_0311.jpg

 photo IMG_0213.jpg

 photo 20180705_142002.jpg

Nord loves very much to scrape the earth and, of course, to roll himself on the ground. That’s why he is often a “cappuchino bear”.

 photo IMG_0247.jpg

 photo IMG_0275.jpg

 photo IMG_0280.jpg

 photo nord9.jpg

 photo nord8.jpg

Because Nord doesn’t like closed spaces, he is always cautious, when is entering into some room. In the New Polarium, he also sleeps often in the immediate vicinity of the entrance.

 photo nord5.jpg

 photo nord.jpg

Nord’s paw looks still very bad! He gets treatment from the 6th of June according to the results of the analyzes. The treatment plan was made in a collaboration with the specialists from Vienna and Rotterdam.

Friida was slightly excited about the arrival of Nord at the beginning, but now she is calm.

 photo aronfrida4.jpg

Aron does not let anything disturb him. He swims and plays in the water whenever possible.

 photo aronfrida2.jpg

Sometimes Friida joins him, mostly in the mornings.

 photo aron.jpg

 photo aronfrida3.jpg

 photo aronfrida1.jpg

5th of July

I visited our zoo today. Nord was active, he was even swimming in the pool. He got a little pipe for gift. All bears like playing with these pipes, even our Nord.

 photo 20180705_144659.jpg

 photo 20180705_143054.jpg

Something disturbed Nord today – he roared all the time. His paw looks still very bad!

 photo 20180705_142335.jpg

Finally three short videos of Nord:

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  1. Liebe Evi,
    Nords Tatze sieht gar nicht gut aus aber es wird bestimmt alles getan um eine Besserung zu bekommen.
    Jetzt ist er endlich im neuen Gehege und geniesst seine neue Freiheit.
    Vielen Dank für deine schönen Bilder und den neuesten Infos von Nord.
    Drücke die Daumen daß es bald eine Besserung gibt.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  2. Liebe Evi,
    Liebe Mervi,

    die schöne Nachricht über Nords Vergnügen in seinem neuen Gehege
    wird leider getrübt durch den Zustand seiner Pfote, die wirklich
    Anlass zu großer Besorgnis gibt.
    Man kann nur hoffen, dass endlich Besserung eintritt. Diese riesige Wunde
    muss ja auch furchtbar weh tun – armer Nord!

  3. Dear Evi
    You are right to be concerned about Nord’s paw. But at least he is getting the best medical attention.
    The enclosure seems to please him and he looks otherwise in very good shape.
    I am hoping that it will come good for Nord. Frida seems to be enjoying having him around

  4. Dear Evi,

    Even though Nord’s paw looks very bad it’s good to see him in the new enclosure. It seems to me he likes it very much and feels quite relaxed in his new surroundings.

    I’m glad to see he sometimes takes a swimming tour, too. It’s understandable that the wound in his paw makes it difficult and maybe even painful. Luckily he can just sit in the water on a hot day. The water looks really clear and clean so I wish Nord pleasant ‘bathing hours’.

    Nord is a gorgeous polar bear. His fur looks very good even when it takes the cappuccino shade of white. 🙂 My impression is that this handsome bear feels quite comfortable in spite of his paw. I sincerely hope the new treatment will cure it!

    Friida and Aron seem to be doing fine, too. The young Master Aron doesn’t let anything disturb him but playes happily with his toys. He’s such a sweet polar bear boy. It’s no wonder Friida is a proud mother who likes to join her son in the water.

    Thank you so much for the nice report, the great photos and videos.

    Hugs from Mervi

  5. Dear Mervi and dear Evi,

    thank you for the report ad pics about the wonderful polar bears from Tallin especially handsome Nord.
    Nice to see Nord active in his enclosure.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Nord’s injured paw soon healed.

    Greetings from NürnBÄRg

  6. Dear Evi!
    Thank you for the update on the polar bears in Tallinn.
    I would like to join the other commentators in regard to poor Nord.
    Hopefully his paw will get better soon. I´ll keep my fingers crossed for him.

    His condition reminds me of a similar situation years ago in the Rostock Zoo with Vienna´s injured left hind paw.
    The problem was that she kept licking the wound so it lasted quite a long tome until it healed.
    But it did heal finally!

    Aside from the injured paw he looks vey handsome and seems to enjoy the new enclosure with its pool and some toys.
    It´s good to know Friida and Aaron are doing fine.
    You pics and videos are great!


  7. Von Herzen alles Liebe und gute Besserung für Nords Pfote!

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte.

  8. Evi
    Dieses Artikel zeigt wieviel Muehe man gibt in Tallinn um Nord zu kummern

    Ich drucke weiter die Daumen fuer so einen schoenen Baerenmann

  9. Liebe Evi

    Danke für den Bericht aus Tallin.
    Nord scheint sich sehr wohl zu
    fühlen im großen Gehege. 🙂
    Hoffentlich heilt die Tatze bald.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  10. Dear Evi,

    thank you very much for your detailed threat and the beautiful pictures and the lovely videos!!
    I am very happy for Nord that he can now enjoy his new home.
    The Cappuchino Bear has a beautiful enclosure.
    I hope his paw heals soon.

    Warm greetings,

  11. Dear Evi, thanks a lot for the wonderful pictures and all the best wishes for Nord and his paw.

    Dear Mervi, thanks for showing.

    Hugs Inge

  12. OMG! – The paw looks really bad!

    But in the second pic one can see what an imrpessingly huge polar bear NORD is. Hopefully he can cope with his bad situation and is strong enough to overcome any of possible cure-methods and will be able to recover fully from this bad wound.

    It’s amazing how ‘normally’ compared to other polar bears NORD does act despite of his handicap.
    I relly croos any of my fingers he will be healed completely!

    Is it a sound of pain or rather one of e.g. longing for FRIIDA we hear in the second video?

    – – –

    FRIIDA and ARON are sweet bears.

    Thank you very much, dear EVI, for this latest so nicely pictured report from your TALLINN ZOO.
    Thanks to you, dear MERVI, for also have made it possible to us to read and see.

  13. Dear Mervi,
    Thank you for publishing my article!
    A lot of thanks to you all for these heartfelt comments!

    I’m happy, that our Nord finally lives in the normal conditions!
    And, of course, that some samples were taken from his sick paw!
    I think, all this should have been done earlier, but let’s hope the best.
    The keepers said, that the blood test of Nord was okay, but his paw doesn’t improve.
    The investigations will be continued.
    Nord’s coming to the new place has had a good effect on Friida: if she earlier often walked nervously along the one trajectory, then for now she has calmed down.
    Aron enjoys playing in the water just like before.

    Greetings from Tallinn

  14. Liebe Evi,

    erst einmal danke für die schönen Fotos der drei Eisbären. Und natürlich auch für die Videos.

    Ich finde auch, dass die Pfote von Nord doch recht böse aussieht. Aber wenigstens sind die Blutwerte o.k.
    Es ist natürlich nicht so einfach, die Pfote (oder auch Wunde) sauber und steril zu halten. Wir können uns einen Verband etc. um die “Pfote” legen, aber bei einem Eisbären geht das wohl leider nicht. Das heißt, dass er ständig mit Sand, Dreck usw. in Berührung kommt. Ich drücke weiterhin die Daumen, dass es Nord recht bald besser geht.
    Schön, dass er endlich ins neue Gehege gekommen ist, und er sich dort auch sichtlich wohl fühlt.

    Aron und Friida geht es gut, wie man sieht.

    Danke Mervi für`s Einstellen der schönen Fotos von Evi.

    Liebe Grüße

  15. OT ->>> To EVI
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    As you spoiled us with this detailed report about NORD, I’d like to give you a treat
    by sending you the link to the pic of a stamp with a castle in TALLINN shown on
    a FRENCH (!) stamp which I found today on the postcard of a friend who spends
    its holidays in France:

  16. Dear Dumba,

    It’s really nice information, thank you very much!