Orphaned bear cubs in the Alaska Zoo

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6.7.2018 – Photos by John Gomes, Alaska Zoo

In the Alaska zoo there are two orphan black bear cubs who just came outdoors in one of the infirmary yards on July 3rd. In the yard next door, we have the brown bear cub who also came in need of care this season because it’s mother was illegally shot.

The bears have no names yet so let’s call the brown bear cub simply ‘Brownie’.

A little bear needs lots of energy for growing ….

 photo alaska2_2.jpg

…. and for exploring the world – in this case his enclosure!

 photo alaska3_1.jpg

 photo alaska8_2.jpg

Brownie has a nice friend in the neighbouring enclosure.

Let’s see if there’s honey in this thingie.

 photo alaska5_2.jpg

I’d better take a closer look!

 photo alaska13_2.jpg

I found nothing.

 photo alaska6_2.jpg

Dear keepers! I wouldn’t mind if you placed some honey here! 🙂

 photo alaska7_2.jpg

I have a small pool, too. Hmm, I HAD a pool because somehow the pool ‘crashed’. 🙂

 photo alaska11_2.jpg

I wonder if I can make it work again.

 photo alaska12_1.jpg

You must admit I’m a very cute little bear. Soon I’ll be heading to my forever home in Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in the Washington State.

Thank you, Alaska Zoo, for taking such a good care of me!

 photo alaska9_2.jpg

Since the black cubbies have no names yet John calls them ‘Double Trouble’. 🙂 Maybe because the two cute rascals are very lively – to put it mildly. 🙂

This one wants to climb the tree but looks a bit worried. Maybe the tree still a too hard nut to crack.

 photo alaska18_1.jpg

Better to consult my friend. Maybe there are other possibilities.

 photo alaska20_1.jpg

Oh bear, this is easy! Follow me!

 photo alaska21_1.jpg

Although we are still very small we are already excellent climbers!

 photo alaska26.jpg

 photo alaska19_1.jpg

What shall we do next?

 photo alaska17_2.jpg

Let’s present our Summer house to the readers!

 photo alaska14_1.jpg

We have many doors in our house so we can go in and out where we want.

 photo alaska16_2.jpg

There’s also a nice terrace on the roof. I bet you’re envious!

 photo alaska23.jpg

Hello! How are things downstairs? I’m doing fine up here!

 photo alaska25.jpg

John Gomes Photos

Knuti’s Weekly Magazine wishes all the animals, keepers and visitors in Alaska a happy Summer time!

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  1. Dear Mervi,

    It’s so sad to think and read, that so little and lovely bear cubs have lost their mothers! Luckily, there are good people, who take care of them. I wish them all a long and beautiful life!
    Thanks for this sad, but I think, necessary article!

    Evi from Tallinn

  2. Dear Mervi
    Thank goodness Alaska Zoo is there to look after these three bears. I am heartbroken at the loss of their precious mothers. It is good to see the little ones coping so well.

  3. Liebe Mervi,
    so traurig der Verlust für die Brownies ist, sie sind jetzt in guter Obhut und sind
    munter und agil.
    Deine Kommentare lassen vergessen, dass sie verwaist sind und sie spielen
    genauso fröhlich wie andere Bärenkinder.

    Danke für die tollen Fotos von John und deine schönen Bildkommentare!
    Herzliche Grüße

  4. Liebe Mervi

    Die kleinen Bärchen sind niedlich. 🙂
    Ich hoffe, sie werden groß und stark.
    Wünschen wir dem Alaska Zoo viel
    Glück bei der Aufzucht der Kinder !

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  5. Dear Mervi and John!
    Thank you for bringing us the fabulous pics of these adorable bear cubs who were abandoned home- and motherless and fortunately saved by the Alaska Zoo. They conquered my heart at once and I wish them all the best for the future!

    I feel sorry for the little ones and wish the poachers who killed their mothers what they deserve, at least “bad Karma”!

    Dear John!
    It´s always a pleasure to watch your wonderful photos! Thank you!
    Do you remember the “Powerdecal” with Knut holding Planet Earth in his paw?
    After changing the batteries It is still working fine.
    Our car, an old sky blue Volkswagen beetle from 1971, wears it with pride.


  6. ‘Double Troubles’* . . = ‘Grabble Scrabblers’ = ‘Volunteer Mountaineers’ . . . you name it!

    *What a nice name John Gomes has found for the charming, irresistibly cute tiny bears.
    May be, later their names will be ‘Trouble One’ and Trouble Two’ or according to the actual zeitgeist
    ‘Touble First’ and ‘Trouble Neglect’ . . hmmmm – that was a stupid joke – sorry!

    Now, on a serious note:
    You have found again lovable subtitles/have put fitting words into the mouth of awwwww….
    soooo cuuuuute bear cubs shown by John in hilarious pics: lovely and lovable.
    Just look at this first photo showing this inimmitable glance of innocent little bears!
    “awww…!” again and again! for each and any of the folowing pics.

    Thank you so much, the both of you, MERVI and JOHN!

    – – –
    And you are sooo right, dear little one:
    I was and still am more than green with envy seeing your chic roof terrace!

  7. Liebe mervi !

    Danke fuer lustige texten.
    John Gomes photos are exellent.

    Ich wuensche alle diese drei Bären ain glueckliches Bärenleben,


  8. Dear Mervi,

    These cubbies are delightful….
    Sooooo cute!
    Bless their hearts….

    Dear John Gomes,

    Nice shots!

    xo k-j

  9. Dear Mervi!
    This is a real “Double Trouble-cuteness! Or early Triple cuteness? Thank you for the wonderful Photos!
    It’s hearthwarming and funny.
    Greetings and hugs!

  10. Dear Mervi and John!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of the cuties. It is great that they were rescued and will get the new homes. It is a pity that they lost their mothers.

  11. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für diese süssen Bärchen. Es ist grossartig, wie gut der Zoo sich um die drei kümmert.
    Und klettern können sie wirklich super.Liebe

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  12. Liebe Mervi, lieber John,

    da können die beiden kleinen Brownies aber froh sein, dass sie in den Alaska Zoo gekommen sind, wo sich die Pfleger liebevoll um sie kümmern. Und ich bin mir sicher, ein bisschen Honig werden sie bestimmt auch bekommen. Wer kann diesen süßen Blicken schon widerstehen?
    Trotzdem ist es sehr traurig, dass sie ohne ihre Mama aufwachsen müssen.
    Die Beiden müssen noch sehr viel futtern, sie sind noch ziemlich dünn.

    Ich wünsche den beiden Minis alles Gute für die Zukunft , dass sie unbeschwert und glücklich aufwachsen können.

    Liebe Grüße

  13. Liebe Mervi und lieber John,
    kleine Bärchen sind unübertroffen süß und ich wünsche den Kleinen, daß sie gesund bleiben und ein
    gutes bäriges Leben bekommen.
    Herzlichen Dank, schöne Bilder von den Süßen.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

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