Sisu’s visit to Oxford

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10.8.2018 by Ralph and Sisu

Teddybärenmutti and Teddybärenvati had picked Sisu up in Ranua and decided that he would enjoy a visit to Oxford, where many TV detective shows are filmed. With a note to Ralph from Mother Venus to ensure that he would be at home with the Cotswold Bears, Sisu was made comfortable in a red and white travelling box with some chocolate for the journey.

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To ensure that Ralph was in doubt that Sisu was who he claimed to be, he wore a label with a greeting and a request to be taken home. However, Ralph thought it would be good for Sisu to visit Oxford and learn about the city where Ralph lives.

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Sisu’s tickets for his journey were already paid for, so he enjoyed sitting on the bus in the bright sunshine as Ralph explained that they would soon be in the centre of Oxford.

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Sisu recognised this building from an episode of “Inspector Morse” on the television. It is called the Sheldonian Theatre and is where the University of Oxford awards its degrees.

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Ralph told Sisu that this bridge links two halves of the College where Ralph was a student in the 1970s. There is a picture in Knutis Weekly of Tosca and her friends visiting Ralph there.

 photo IMG_20180802_142657.jpg

Sisu enjoyed being admired by the tourists as they photographed this important man from many years ago. Ralph told Sisu that a friend of his went to a college he founded, and they would be meeting later. You can read more about him and his connection with the big Library of the University here.

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This building is called the Radcliffe Camera. It is part of the Library of the University, and features often in the background of TV shows like “Lewis” and “Endeavour”.

 photo IMG_20180802_143250.jpg

Sisu liked the bicycles and Ralph told him that students used them to get around the city. The building on the right is the Radcliffe Camera and the building in front of Sisu in All Souls College, which is shown in films and TV series.

 photo IMG_20180802_143309.jpg

Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway often walk down Brasenose Lane, so Sisu had his photo taken here.

 photo IMG_20180802_143348.jpg

The Lane also appears in the film of the “Golden Compass” at the beginning. Sisu had heard of Iorek Byrnison in the film, but was pleased not to meet him, as he might be rather scary like his father, Manasse.

 photo IMG_20180802_143546.jpg

Sisu recognised this street from both “Lewis and Endeavour”.

He thought that Venus would have loved to be here, as she enjoys a good detective show, as do TBM and TBV.

 photo IMG_20180802_143853.jpg

Talking of TBM and TBV, Sisu hoped they would not miss him and wondered he should ask one of these bears to go and visit them. At that moment some Chinese visitors to Oxford stopped to ask Ralph who Sisu was? Ralph explained and they said they would have brought a panda with them to join in the sightseeing.

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Ralph introduced Sisu to a friend of his in the bookshop where students go to buy their books. He had been a student at the college founded by the man whose statue we saw earlier. The shop was air-conditioned and Sisu was glad to rest after his first day in Oxford.

Sisu hopes to send you some more reports of his stay in England.

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  1. Dear Ralph!
    Since I´m a great fan of the television series ” Inspector Lewis”, especially of the figure DS James Hathaway played by the actor Laurence Fox, these streets and buildings appear somehow familiar to me…

    How kind of you to introduce your hometown to the new member of the enormous family of Cotswold bears.
    I´m convinced Sisu really did appreciate that. 😉
    Thank you for taking us along too!


  2. Dear Ralph,

    What a fun journey through a familiar landscape! I enjoy Inspector Lewis and Endeavor too, so it was very interesting. I will have to visit for myself sometime, maybe after a visit to the Yorkshire bears.

    Sisu is a very well behaved guest.


  3. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the lovely sightseeing-tour.
    Many of the places seem to be familiar to
    us, because we watched the Lewis series.
    I am looking forward to more adventures
    of little Sisu in Oxford. 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  4. Dear Ralph,
    thank you for the amusing story of Sisu in Oxford. I know many places because of Lewis.

  5. Dear Ralph,

    I used to watch all the episodes with Morse so some places in Oxford became familiar to me already many years ago. Now I try to follow Endeavour and Lewis & Hathaway when they’re chasing the bad guys.

    I’m sure Sisu enjoyed the walk in the city with ‘academic atmosphere’ very much. How kind of you to guide him and present all the famous buildings, statues etc for him.

    Since you made a long sighseeing tour I’m sure Sisu appreciated the rest in the library. You both look very good in the photo.

    Thank you for inviting us along to the streets in Oxford. I’m looking forward to further adventures with you and Sisu! 🙂

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. Hallochen Ralph und Sisu.

    Es sieht so aus, dass sie hatten Lust zusammen in Oxford. Ich bin sicher, dass Sisu liebt dieses kulturelles Platz.

    Es war dort viele bekannte Gebäude. Wohin reisen sie nächts.



  7. How most exciting and surprising this report is! . . . So many familiar names and in places one wouldn’t expect to meet them. . . . Just wonderful, dear RALPH. Thanks. . . . I am convinced it was also the right time to make ‘a gift’ like this to TEDDYBÄRENMUTTI (TBM) and TEDDYBAERENVATI (TBV) who have still to cope with a lot of health and other problems (KNUTi-style hugs from here to you ALL/e).

    BN’s new companion who came all the way from Ranua (FINLAND) to famous OXFORD looks nearly as pretty as the original SISU in the RANUA WILDLIFE PARK and sooooo fancy with this green ribbon and shining white fur! . . I am not so familiar with all those detective stories and I near to never keep in mind names of persons and places seen and mentioned there. . . The more I found it a right good idea to make them act as initiator to present some places and buildings and background stories to the interested ‘KWM’-public! . . A very interesting tour, indeed! . . . I have to click all the links later (good idea again to underline the before said with possible more detailed information!). . . .

    Dear RALPH you made very nice photos of well chosen objects and it’s such a funny idea to give SISU (as main observer after all) always the ‘unobtrusive priority’ 🙂 . . Your friend in the book shop made you and SISU perfect models in his shop! That’s a very nice shot.

  8. Dear Ralph
    It’s really nice of you to show Sisu your town. So I could catch a few glimpses…..

    Dear Sisu,
    I’m sure you’ll like it there very much.

    Thank you for this wonderful report.

  9. dear Sisu,
    what an adventure you have had with Ralph in Oxford.So nice that you could make this journey and with Ralph on your side you have seen many interesting buildings of Oxford and Ralph could tell you much about these.
    it is so sweet when you are watching to all the lovely Teddys in the shop. Teddybaerenmutti would love them all.
    dear Ralph, thank you so much for this nice report and for all the pictures, you and Sisu are looking good
    dear greetings and big paw waves to England

  10. Lieber Ralph, lieber Sisu!

    Danke für den interessanten Bericht aus Oxford. Wir lieben Inspektor Lewis und wir haben uns über die tollen Bilder gefreut. Viel Spaß auf Euren Reisen!

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  11. Lieber Ralph,
    schon daß du uns mit Sisu deine Heimatstadt zeigst.
    Natürlich kennen wir Lewis und Inspektor Morse, ich liebe englische Krimis.
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße
    Moni K