Summer doings of polar bears in Tallinn

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9.8.2018 by Evi from Tallinn

It’s good to cool yourself in the water on a hot summer day. All of our polar bears, but especially Aron boy enjoy swimming in the new big deep pool.

 photo tallinn1.jpg

 photo tallinn12.jpg

He loves playing with his different toys, diving and just watching the zoo visitors behind the window.

 photo tallinn16.jpg

 photo tallinn21.jpg

Often he swims and plays so much in the morning, that in the afternoon he only sleeps!

 photo tallinn18.jpg

 photo tallinn19.jpg

The keepers sometimes surprise the polar bears with some big ice “bombs”, which always contain something yammy, too.

 photo tallinn4.jpg

On July 22nd, there was “An ice cream day” in our zoo – all of our polar bears received the ice “bombs”.

 photo tallinn3.jpg

 photo tallinn2.jpg

 photo tallinn5.jpg

In the mornings Aron and Friida love playing together in the pool.

 photo tallinn20.jpg

 photo tallinn6.jpg

 photo tallinn7.jpg

 photo tallinn11.jpg

Nord also loves playing and diving in his pool.

 photo tallinn25.jpg

 photo tallinn24.jpg

Nord presents his red ball

 photo tallinn8.jpg

 photo tallinn9.jpg

Nord often sits or stands in a definite place near the water and waits for Friida. He can see her through the glass and the visitor’s corridor.

 photo tallinn23.jpg

Aron is jumping into the water.

 photo tallinn10.jpg

 photo tallinn15.jpg

He found some plants in the pool.

 photo tallinn13.jpg

Aron has played with so much energy that he got tired and takes a nap keeping his paws in the water.

 photo tallinn22.jpg

Nord in his favorite position (in the bottom picture).

 photo tallinn14.jpg

From us all to you all!

 photo tallinn17.jpg


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  1. Dear Evi,

    Because the heat wave doesn’t want to leave us it’s refreshing to see Friida, Aron and Nord having fun in the water. 🙂 The polar bears in Tallinn have lots of enrichment and the water in their ‘pool’ – or rather a little lake – is very clear and clean.

    I love the photos of Friida and Aron playing together but I just adore the photos of sleeping Aron keeping his paws in the water. A brilliant way to keep his body cool. 🙂

    What makes most happy is seeing Nord so playful! I hope it’s a sign of his paw getting better. However, the jolly good fellow looks very happy playing with his ball and diving in the water. Of course, even Nord needs a time-out every now and then and he knows exactly how to save energy. The photo of the relaxed Nord is a hit! 🙂

    The Ice Cream Day is a very good idea although in this hot Summer every day should be an ice day. There’s no doubt the ice bombs are wonderful treats for the polar bears – nourishment and entertainment in one piece!

    Thank you so much for this cool report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Another very charming report from TALLINN, indeed!
    ARON, FRIIDA, and NORD look right contented and are so pretty.
    You made nice pics and videos, dear EVI. Thank you very much!

    What a nice ‘greetings-idea’ in the end, saying “From us all to you all”.
    (I just miss a photo from YOU! 🙂

  3. Dear Evi and Mervi!
    Thank you for the news from Tallinn. Aron and Frida look very nice. They have the toys and play together too.
    I am very glad to see Nord with a ball in the water. I hope his wound is healing well.

  4. Dear Evi

    It’s not just too hot for humans right now.
    But the bears don’t complain and do it just right.

    Being in the water a lot, just not spending too much effort and often an ice bomb.

    Thank you very much for your nice report with the great pictures and the cute videos.
    Best regards, Anita

  5. Dear Evi

    Thank you for the nice report from Tallin. 🙂
    All bears seem to be in excellent condition.
    Aron has grown big. Is Nords paw o.k. now?

    Chris 🙂

  6. Dear Evi and Mervi,
    it’s so good to see these exciting pictures of the wonderful polar bears in Tallinn! Aaron is such a fine polar bear boy and Friida and Nord are just beautiful!!

    Bear hugs from Germany

  7. Dear Mervi and Evi!
    Thank you for these gorgeous and refreshing pics and videos. Everything has been said and I actually don´t want to repeat it.

    I´m glad the bears are doing fine, they have a fabulous pool, get ice bombs and are able to cool down at any time.
    Did I already mention they all look great?

    I love all the pics but especially the photo on which Nord shows his favorite position, wearing a light make-up…
    Hopefully his paw is healing now!


  8. Dear Evi and Mervi
    What a splendid report. I am not too far away in Aalborg so am enjoying your water bears.

  9. Liebe Mervi und liebe Evi,
    Mutter und Sohn geht es prächtig und Nord hat auch seine Freude an dem schönen neuen Gehege.
    Jetzt hoffen wir nur daß seine Tatze wieder gesund wird.
    Danke dir, für wunderschöne Bilder von den 3 Bären.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for publishing my article!
    Thank you all for taking your time to write nice comments!

    It’s great, that our polar bears at last have large swimming pools to cool yourselves in a hot weather!
    Aron enjoys this, of course, the most. Friida often plays together her son, too.
    Nord is playful and he seems to be glad in the new enclosure, but his paw does not improve. Something like the same has even appeared on his other paw, too.Treatment continues and let’s hope that everything will be fine soon!

    Dear Dumba,
    The nice greeting idea is from Mervi.


  11. Dear Evi!
    I am sending the best wishes to Nord.

  12. Dear Ludmila,
    Thank you very much!
    I’ll visit our bears today and I’ll give your good wishes to Nord.


  13. Dear Evi,

    Even I hope Nord’s paw is getting better! However it’s good to see him playing in the water despite his ‘handicap’.

    Hugs from Mervi