Flocke visits Knuti – Part 2 / Flocke besucht Knuti – Teil 2

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Story: Teddybärenmutti, Images and translation into English: Mervi, Originalphotos: Viktor, Jessie Webb, SylviaMicky, Manuela R

Flocke besucht Knuti – Teil 2 (Auf Deutsch)


– You look very elegant. I’m very proud of you my little Knutlein.

– Thank you, Daddy, I feel very elegant and I’m very pleased with myself!

– Knopp, Knopp, Knopp!!!!!

– Flockes’ here, Flocke’s here, my Flocke has arrived! Tralalalaa!!!




– Yes, it’s me – Bernie. Have you any chocolates and honey? My ladies are arguing again. You know how much I love peace and quiet so I can think my bearphilosophic thoughts.

– My fridge is filled with everything. Of course you can get chocolates and honey.

– Everything’s so clean and tidy here! And the table is laid so beautifully. Are you waiting a visitor?

– No, no, no…

– A table for two??

– Oh, well, no, I mean yes….


– I’m a happy brown bear Bernie. I’m singing ‘Mors lilla Olle i skogen gick (a Swedish song about a little boy who meets a bear in the woods). Now I have chocolates, honey and some hot gossip for my ladies. Now I can look forward to a peacefull evening. Oh, dear Knut, you’re a good neighbour.


– Kuckuu, Kuckuu, Knuuti, mein Knuutu, Knutchen, Kuckuu!! Why is your door open?


– FLOCKE, FLÖCKCHEN! May I introduce my neighbour Bernie.

– Knuten Tag Herr Bernie. Best greetings from Nuremberg.

– Knuten Tag, Fräulein – Flocke isn’t it? Welcome to Berlin! Well, I must be going – thank you Knuti, you’re always so helpful.

– Bussy, Bussy, Flocke!

– Bussy. Bussy, Knuti!

– Welcome to my home. You look so wonderfully roundish. So beautiful. And your fur is so fluffy. May I smell you a little?


– Mein Lieber Knuti, Knutu.

– I see you have earrings and a nice ribbon on your hair.

– Just for you, mein Knuti.

– My Daddy also had an earring but you have two – for both ears…I see you’ve got a heavy looking bag.

– Oh yes, I’ve got some gifts for you.

– Gifts for me, but Flocke, YOU are my gift!

– Here’ a blue bucket. I think you like blue buckets, too.

– Oh yes, I do.

– And here’s some Knäckebrot from Scandinavia.

– That’s delicious!!

– And here’s a candle for you!

– Dear Flocke, I love candles. This will be my magic candle. Danke, Danke, Danke!



– Sutra! SUTRAA! SUTRAA!! What are you doing up in that tree?


– Not so loud, Jürgen!

– Papa! Our neighbour, Uncle Knut, has a visitor!

– So what? He always has a lot of visitors.

– But Papa, Uncle Knut’s visitor is a girl!!


– WHAT? Why didn’t you say so in the first place? I must climb the tree fast!! A GIRL!!!



La bella notte

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  1. Dear Mervi,

    Oh, how adorable!

    Knuti and Flocke!

    Oh, how I loved those times!


    xo k-j

  2. Story-details and collages are as funny and brillant as were those in the first part of this gorgeous contribution mad in the year 2009 already.

    There is not much to add to my comment I gave for the first part of the story on September 3rd, 2018 than to say THANK YOU! again and again to the both of you, MERVI and MIRJA, who you did spend so much time, phantasie, love and fun, not only for your own pleasure – sure that it was too I really hope so! – but also and may be sometimes as main motivation you did it for your readers and watchers, the loud and the silent ones! I am sure even those who never give and gave a ‘peep’ love/d your cocoperation-output!

  3. Dear Mervi and Teddybärenmutti!
    Thank you for the second part of this romantic story about a fictional date of Flocke and Knut.
    I liked the humorous subtitles as well as the lovingly created collages of the dressed up youngsters.
    Especially Flocke in Pink was a real eyecatcher!

    I had a good laugh about Jürgen and his beer bottles.
    It was also great to see Bernie again.


  4. Dear Mervi and Teddybärenmutti!
    Thank you for the funny story. I like the picture of Flocke with the ear rings mostly.

  5. Liebe Teddybärenmutti,
    liebe Mervi,

    die Fortsetzung mit Flockes Besuch bei Knut ist so süß, und selbst Bernie und Jürgen
    sind fast so verliebt wie Knut in die “Lady in Pink”.
    Die Collagen sind natürlich der Hit und Bier und Honig flossen auch in Mengen.

    Danke für die schöne Erinnerungen!