Knut in Autumn 2010

Sep 5th, 2018 | By | Category: The Memory Lane

5.9.2018 – Photos by Gudrun

This time we celebrate Knut’s monthly birthday with some wonderful photos taken by Gudrun in October 2010.

This was the special Knut-Ecke where he spent a lot of time.

Even in this ‘stony landscape’ he seemed to be figuring out how to bring green plants to it. We all remember how green his small enclosure was.

A nice pose for the visitors. He knew how to do that ….

He was so beautiful, he was so lovable …..

Our sweet Dreamer!

Mervi’s tribute to Knuti

Our magic bear always is the brightest shining star in our sky!


Dumba’s card


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  1. Sweet memory again in ‘KWM’ at the occasion of KNUT’s 141st MONTHly birthday
    which means he would be eleven and three quarters in YEARs today would he be still with us!

    Thank you, dear MERVI for having published once again this charming series of pictures taken by GUDRIN in October 2010 and to add a couple of your own words TODAY:

    YES, he was and IS even still today (in form of the lovely bronze “KNUT der TRÄUMER” realized nearly exactly as to be seen in this last photo by ‘bronze-sculpturer Josef Tabachnyk’) ‘our’ little DREAMER!

    Thanks also to GUDRUN that she has made and archived so many charming photos of him and that she has the generosity to allow even others to use them.

    Big, fat KNUTi-style hugt to yourself (as a dream) and to MERVi (in reality but also only virtually) who makes sure you are not forgotten (for sure: you won’t be!) and works a lot for it in three blogs/forum and in holding in contact people of the more or less FIRST KNUTi-hour as well as others who have become reliable friends in keeping up the great memory in the meantime and also already for a long time (new ones ALWAYS WELCOME!!!!).

    I am late again with a probable(!) collage but will try(!) to achieve something (hopefully nice)
    the latest until this evening.

  2. Liebe Gudrun, Dumba und Mervi
    Die Jahren mit Knut waren ein unvergleichbarer Abenteuer. Aber was je passiert, sowohl traurig wie frohliches, war ein gewisser Eisbaer immer fuer uns da. So bleibt er mis heute.

  3. Dear Mervi!
    For my part I avoid to remember this time in Knut´s life as possible.
    My heart is breaking when I see this dear bear boy at his “Kummerecke” or “edge of sorrow”.
    Many people tried hard to change his living conditions to the better in his last stage of life, unfortunately without success.

    That our beautiful old lady Katjuscha has to stay in the small enclosure since 4 weeks again, after a short break in the big one in early August, somehow reminds me of that time… All promises of the zoo to change the enclosures between Kati and Wolodja regularly were not worth a penny!
    This casts a poor light on the Zoo Berlin.

    Your collage is wonderful and fairytale-like. Thank You!


  4. Knut wird nicht vergessen…

  5. Lieber Engel-knut.

    Ewig in unseren Gedanken .



    Here is the collage:

  7. Dear Mervi,

    It’s really a very nice tradition to remember the cute polar bear,
    who left too early…
    It’s a cute collage, dear Dumba!

    From Tallinn

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    Knuts angelegte Ohren zeigen auf diesen Bildern, wie gestresst er sich auf seinem Kummerfelsen gefühlt hat
    und so sieht AnkeB das auch. Deshalb ist die heutige Erinnerung auch mit Trauer behaftet darüber, wie schlecht es Knut oftmals in der stressigen Zeit mit den drei Ladies gegangen ist.