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10.9.2018 by Mervi & Vesa

Due to all kinds of ailments and sick cats we were forced to abandon many plans during the last Summer but finally we found a suitable day for a zoo visit in Copenhagen.

The 110 years old zoo tower is a good landmark and luckily for us the bus stop is right in front of the entry to the zoo. It’s possible to climb the stairs to to the top of the tower but it was easy for us to resist the temptation. 🙂


The first animal we met was a sleeping lioness ….


…. but she was kind enough to lift her head and say ‘hello’ to us.


The next destination was the Arctic Ring with the polar bears.

At first we didn’t see any of the bears but after a while we saw something white peeking up from the water. It was Nord having a swimming tour. He was incredibly quick – he just turned around ….


… threw himself backwards ….


…. and continued with an elegant back stroke. Michael Phelps could learn a thing or two from Nord. I’ve never seen a polar bear swimming like that – he used his front paws just like the humans use their arms when they swim back stroke. Unfortunately it’s impossible to show it with photos – it has to be seen!


Nord’s tour continued to the ‘tunnel’ where we could admire his gigantic body.


There’s a blue barrel attached to the ground with a rope and it seems to be a very popular under-water-toy.


We left Nord doing his swimming and diving exercises and walked towards the old polar bears’ enclosure hoping we could meet Lynn and Nöel.

On the way we passed the apes’ house and some of the inhabitants were outdoors. This baboon wasn’t quite awake yet.


The youngsters were styling each other. 🙂


When we came to the old enclosure we found the beautifully white and fluffy Lynn.


After our visit I contacted the zoo and asked if the ladies and Nord are separated. No, they’re not separated yet – they can move freely in both enclosures or stay indoors if they prefer that. All the doors are open.

This time we could only see the lovely Lynn. She certainly is a beautiful lady! Nöel had decided to have a day off in the cave – at least she was ‘invisible’ during our visit.


Lynn was walking and occasionally looked rather stressed. Maybe due to some kids that were yelling at her.  I can understand children can be very noisy but these kids just wanted to annoy Lynn. Because the parents or the teachers were more focused on their phones than on keeping an eye on their children/pupils we had to ask the kids to stop the yelling. Many other visitors seemed to be grateful for our action.

Once again we wondered why some people that obviously don’t care of the animals come to a zoo ….


Lynn was looking much calmer after the yelling stopped so we walked further to the brown bears.

Papa Brownie looked a bit sad but tried to smile.


What was causing this – in our opinion – sad expression on his face?


Our educated guess was that this was the reason. Mama Brownie and the two cubbies were on the other side of the wall. They were also trying to see through the wall – and surely they could smell papa Brownie.


Well, sometimes a bear’s got to do what the bear’s got to do. Being a bachelor now and then is only a part of a male bear’s life. We wished papa Brownie patience and told him he would meet the lady of his heart again when the cubs are old enough.


When we came back to Lynn we found a cappuccino bear! 🙂 She had been scratching her fur against the rocks which changed the colour of her fur totally. What a difference to the white shiny fur we saw only some moments ago! 🙂


Hehehe – I’m like a chameleon! Can you put on your make-up as quickly as I can??


In a neighbouring enclosure we could see arctic foxes still wearing the dark Summer dress.


This was the first time we saw these sweet animals in Copenhagen so, of course, we were very glad they were out presenting themselves to us.


The building of the giant panda area makes it difficult to ‘navigate’ in the zoo. Even this time we failed to find the path to the elephants. I must say I’m not so enthusiastic about this big project. I hope the zoo has rich sponsors taking care of the financies so they can invest even in the animals already living in this zoo.

If there will be a polar bear cub I’m very worried …. The enclosures are not suitable for a baby bear. Something must be done to make them safer! A lot of money was used for buildning the Arctic Ring but obviously the plan makers had forgotten how important it is to have a cosy and safe mother-and-child-enclosure. I’m afraid this is a mistake many zoos make ….


The musk oxes didn’t seem to mind all the noise from the building but ate or took a nap very calmly.


There’s a big herd of reindeers in this zoo. Maybe some of them come from Finland because they seemed to understand what I said …. 🙂 This is one of the young ones.


A Sand Statue Festival has been going on since mid August and will continue for another month. Here are some examples of the master pieces made of sand.

This is the end of part one of our reports from Copenhagen. The second part will follow before long.




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  1. Dear Mervi and Vesa,

    Thak you for the news from Copenhagen!
    It’s nice to hear, that Lynn is doing well in her new home!
    Nord really enjoys the swimming tour.
    The little brownies look quite big, already! Interesting what their names are?
    Papa Brownie seems gorgeous and thoughtful, not so sad.
    The arctic foxes are lovely!

    Greetings from Tallinn

  2. Ah, here are the beautiful pics in your entertaining first part of your Copenhagen-report, rich in variety.
    The little reindeer is so cute. How nice you could talk your mother tongue with it. . . . The polar bears and Papa brownbear are much beautiful examples of their species. . . . Sweet grey arctic foxes. . . Musk oxes are impressive animals (I know them from Tierpark Berlin). You are right: they give the impression to be kind of serene. . . . Who was the photographer of the both of you. You brought real nice shots. . . . Is it possible I detected VESA observing NORD in the ‘tunnel’? (Guess how it comes I did! 😉 ).

    Thank you very much for a pleasant morning read and watch!

    I am looking forward to discovering the second part of your Copenhagen report, soon 🙂

  3. Ist denn die Pfote von Nord wieder besser?

    LG Brigitte

  4. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    You had a wonderful visit in the zoo Copenhagen.
    The lioness said “Hello” to you 🙂
    It is great to see the bears through the glass. Nord was very busy with swimming.
    I am a bit sorry for Lynn, she was happy with Ranzo in Vienna. Now she has to accustom herself to Nord and Noel. Lynn looks nice. Did you meet Noel too?
    Papa Brownie is not too happy to see his wife and his kids. He has a wonderful round face.
    The arctic foxes did not change the summer fur for the winter 🙂

  5. Dear Mervi & Vesa

    You had a nice tour in the Copenhagen Zoo.
    Nords swimming skills are very special. Lynn
    is a beautiful Lady and shows her best side.
    The little foxes are so cute. 🙂 I hope,Papa
    Brownie isnÂŽt too sad about the separation.
    I am looking forward to the second part !

    Chris 🙂

  6. Dear Brigitte,

    It’s Nord in Tallinn that has an injury in his paw. – Nord in Copenhagen is a male that came from Russia.

    Hugs from Mervi

  7. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    Thank you for your informative report and the fabulous pics.
    You must have had a pleasant time then in the Copenhagen Zoo.
    So kind of the lioness to interrupt her sleep and say hello to you.

    IÂŽm impressed with the swimming skills of Nord. With two ladies now he probably has to keep fit…
    His underwater pics are simply great.

    Like Ludmila I feel sorry for Lynn. Nobody asked her if she wants to move…
    It is good that you insisted the children to stop the yelling at her! Lynn looked quite stressed indeed.
    I agree with you in regard to breeding when there isnÂŽt sufficient space! In my opinion this is irresponsible!

    Arctic foxes wether grey or white are such cute animals.

    The sand sculptures are great, but I didnÂŽt recognize the second one. What was that?


  8. Mervi,

    euren Entschluss diesen Turm nicht zu besteigen, kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen!
    Nords Schwimmtechnik möchte ich gerne einmal in einem Video sehen.
    Tja, die junge Lynn wird noch eine Weile brauchen, um sich einzugewöhnen. Die Tiere können
    leider nicht entscheiden, wo sie lieber bleiben möchten.
    Ich finde generell das Geschrei der grĂ¶ĂŸeren Kinder unmöglich und vor allem, dass sie von ihren
    Eltern nicht gestört werden, aber denen ist das Gedaddel auf dem Smartphone ja leider viel wichtiger…..
    Die Planung ohne Aufzuchtgehege fĂŒr JungbĂ€ren ist absolut unverstĂ€ndlich!

    Die PolarfĂŒchse sind sehr hĂŒbsch und die Rentiere haben sich ĂŒber ihre Muttersprache mit dir bestimmt gefreut. Der einsame BĂ€renmann sieht prĂ€chtig aus und muss wohl noch sehr lange sehr geduldig warten.

    Die Sandskulpturen sind toll!
    @ Anke, ich sehe im 2. Bild ein Wal-Jungtier noch in der Fruchtblase.

    Danke Mervi, fĂŒr die tollen Fotos!
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  9. Liebe Britta-Gudrun!
    Danke fĂŒr die Info!
    An einen Wal hatte ich auch gedacht , konnte aber die wulstÀhnlichen Gebilde nicht zuordnen.
    So macht es Sinn.


  10. Liebe Mervi und lieber Vesa,
    freut mich daß ihr im Zoo Kopenhagen wart und dieses Mal sogar die PolarfĂŒchse sehen konntet.
    Nord ist heimisch geworden und ich glaube Lynn fĂŒhlt sich auch ganz wohl, wie es mit Noel aussieht…….
    das muß die Zeit zeigen.
    Leider ist der Bau einer Mutter und Kind Anlage nicht vorgesehen gewesen, was ich ĂŒberhaupt nicht verstehen kann wenn neu gebaut wird.
    Danke Euch fĂŒr schöne Bilder und viel Wissenswertes und ich freue mich auf die Fortsetzung.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Moni K

  11. I like the zoo in Copenhagen very much.

    Dear Mervi and Vesa,
    thank you very much for the nice tour, the lots of information and the wonderful pictures.


  12. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    ich versuche gerade einige Berichte noch zu kommentieren. Und nun bin ich bei Eurem Besuch im Zoo Copenhagen angekommen.
    Ich freue mich, dass es nach langer Zeit endlich mit dem Zoobesuch geklappt hat.

    Die Löwin hat extra ihren Schlaf unterbrochen um Euch zu begrĂŒĂŸen.
    Nord war schon im Wasser aktiv. Die Unterwasseraufnahmen sind sehr schön geworden.

    Vorbei an den Pavianen, und dann kam die hĂŒbsche (noch) schneeweiße Lynn. Schönes fluffiges Fell hat die SĂŒĂŸe.

    Papa “Brownie” lĂ€chelt Euch an. FĂŒr ihn ist es wahrscheinlich nicht einfach, dass seine Frau ganz in der NĂ€he ist, und er nicht zu ihr kann. Da muss er durch. Die beiden Kids sind schon schön gewachsen.

    Es ist immer wieder schön anzusehen, wenn die EisbĂ€ren ihre Farbe “wechseln”. Erst schneeweiß, und dann Cappuccino-Farbe. Ihre Nachbarn, die beiden PolarfĂŒchse haben fast die gleiche Farbe.

    Die Sandskulpturen sind super.

    Danke fĂŒr den ersten Teil aus Copenhagen.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe