Some mornings are difficult

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19.9.2018 – Photos by Anna Novikova

Just like we humans even our white fluffy friends have ‘those mornings’ when they don’t want to get up at all.

Gerda has come to the door of her cave and lets the early sun rays warm her face.

 photo 41303402_2174459072878734_6014473846843768832_n.jpg

Oh bear, I feel so tired ….

 photo 41395102_2174459116212063_7919589543982923776_n.jpg

… I think I go back to the land of dreams.

 photo 41390552_2174459159545392_7929833595034664960_n.jpg

Kai has come out but decided to lengthen the night’s sleep with a morning nap. ­čÖé

 photo 41338987_2174459932878648_4585503966510448640_n.jpg

He moved forwards a bit but the eyelids were too heavy and he fell asleep again! ­čÖé

 photo 39811135_2160841294240512_9050457168913891328_n.jpg

Maybe it’s time to get up anyway. Why do some mornings feel like late evenings??

 photo 41380327_2174459796211995_6257168829399433216_n.jpg

Good morning, dear Gerda! Don’t you think it’s time to rise and shine?

 photo 39403731_2155845871406721_4330790385560322048_n.jpg

Yawn, yawn, yawn!!! Am I tired this morning!

 photo 41362366_2174459506212024_6218592481118781440_n.jpg

I see there are many visitors already so I must make myself presentable.

 photo 41366279_2174459382878703_6119331560660402176_n.jpg

A face wash should do the trick. I think my furdo is OK!

 photo 40779063_2171943236463651_1823611803570012160_n.jpg

Hey, there’s a squash for breakfast today!

 photo 39760727_2160841750907133_3572378403233333248_n.jpg

And I found a piece of meat, too. Well, that piece of meat was history very quickly, hehehee…. ­čÖé

 photo 39409222_2155809954743646_4874616352851099648_n.jpg

Even Kai got a squash but he doesn’t seem to be too interested.

 photo kai4.jpg

I remember a wise polar bear in Berlin once said ‘veggies are for Sissies’ and I couldn’t agree more!!

 photo kai5_1.jpg

Kai decided to go swimming and hoped he would find something eatable in the water.

 photo 40952043_2171943523130289_3402031526303498240_n.jpg

He was very lucky and found some fish!

 photo kai8_1.jpg

Doesn’t our fisherbear look pleased with himself? With all reason, too!

 photo kai9.jpg

Gerda was praising Kai for being such a skilful fisherbear. Maybe this will be a good day anyway ….

 photo 41315567_2174459306212044_4672047420085895168_n.jpg

Even Rostik was treated with meat and obviously he liked it. I guess we’re all curious to know what will happen if Gerda gives birth to a cub later this season. Where will Rostik go? On behalf of all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly I wish this beautiful bear best of luck and hope he will find a good new home.

 photo rostik10.jpg

Finally I just have to show a couple of photos of another skilful fisher.

Hello there! Let me show you what I caught today …..

 photo 39846780_2161405890850719_4680373909973893120_n.jpg

Are you impressed? I must say I’m very impressed myself!

 photo 39755100_2161405914184050_6419063528518320128_n.jpg

Knuti’s Weekly wishes all the animals, keepers and visitors in Novosibirsk a wonderful Autumn time!

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  1. Mervi, thanks for the wonderful article!

  2. Dear Anna, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures and a nice story. Gerda and Kai look beautiful.
    Rostik is a lovely boy. He is ready for the winter too. His fur is thick.

  3. Liebe Anna,
    liebe Mervi,

    ja, morgendliche M├╝digkeit macht auch vor starken Eisb├Ąren nicht Halt,
    aber selbst daraus machst du, liebe Mervi, eine sch├Âne Geschichte.
    Kai und Gerda sehen pr├Ąchtig aus mit ihrem fluffigen Pelz.
    Auch in der herbstlichen Sonne genie├čen sie die kleine Schneeration
    zur Abk├╝hlung.

    Ich w├╝nsche dem jungen Rostik auch ein gutes neues Zuhause!

    Vielen Dank f├╝r die tollen Bilder, auch von den Ottern und liebe Gr├╝├če,

  4. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    Sometimes polar bears make the same experiences as humans…
    Not every morning begins with a well rested body and a fresh mind and we all know the want to sleep just a little bit longer.

    Thank you for these fine pics and the suitable subtitles. The bears look great although they were still tired at that moment.

    Hopefully the Novosibirsk Zoo will find a good new home for Rostik soon!
    I┬┤m happy for the otter that he found such a big fish. He seemed to be very satisfied with it.


  5. QUOTE: “Why do some mornings feel like late evenings??”
    YEAH, we all do have the experience to post this question once in a while! Isn’t it!?

    Wonderful furDo, dear GERDA, no worries! You are a real beautiful roundish-fluffy expecting mother!
    KAI for sure is proud of you. Good he is not aware what this means for him and for ROSTIK.

    ROSTIK with his lovely face will hopefully have a GOOD new home, soon!

    Thank you, dear ANNA NOVIKOWA for the gorgeous photos of the three polar bears in the NOVOSIBIRSK ZOO. . . Thank you, dear MERVI for the matching subtitles and for your editorial work.

  6. Dear Anna and Mervi
    What a delightful way to start the day with Gerda and Kai and breakfast with Rostik. The photos and words go so well together.

  7. Dear Anna and Mervi

    I wonder what they were doing last night ­čÖé

    Thank you so much vor this splendid report!!


  8. It’s also nice to see those Novosibirsk-beauties once again;
    however, I believe there might have been something wrong with the ‘KWM’-system!?

  9. Dear Anna

    Thank you for the wonderful
    pics from Novosibirsk Zoo !

    Chris ­čÖé