Wonderfully ‘devilish’ time in Copenhagen

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18.9.2018 by Mervi & Vesa

Here’s the second report from our visit in the Copenhagen Zoo.

After spending a lot of time with the bears we continued to the ‘Oceania’ and the first lovelies we met were a herd of cangoroos. This was the first time we could see so many cangoroos so close in this zoo.


Because we had never managed to see a Tasmanian devil we hoped to see one during this visit. And we were lucky!

One of them was out but oh no, it was too quick for our cameras! He wanted to play hide and seek with us and we found it under the ferns eating something. We stayed and watched it for a long time hoping it would be more visible. Finally we had to accept this was the best photo we could take …. What a devil!!! ­čÖé


However, when we started walking away the devil ran towards us and presented him/herself from every possible angle. ­čÖé


This cute animal is much smaller than we expected – not bigger than our cat Mimmi. Well, Mimmi is a big cat ….


The devil was very quick in it”s movements so taking photos was not easy. We managed to take some pics anyway.

Doesn’t he/she have adorable pink ears! I’ve never noticed that before. Thank you, dear devil for being an angel for us! ­čÖé


We walked further to the savannah where we met capyparas, maras and guanaco who share the area with nandus.


The feeding was almost over but this guanaco was still eating.


Even this capybara was enjoying her vego meal.


The capypara babies were born in the end of July. After our visit even one of the maras has given birth to two sweet kids.


What the keepers bring can never compare to mama’s milk bar! What a lovely sight this is!


Papa capybara kept an eye on his family from the shadow.


For the time being there are two Amur tigers in the zoo but they live in separate enclosures. The male tiger Miron came from the Moscow Zoo in February. The introduction to the two females seemed to be going fine when the tragedy happened. Miron attacked one of the females so violently that she died.


We were extra curious to see the rhinos. We watched the half brothers’ birth via the zoo’s webcam so the two boys are very dear to us. They have no ‘official names’ so I just call them ‘lads’.

The lads have, of course, grown a lot since our last visit in April but they are still much smaller than their parents.


The mother and the son – the younger of the lads.


I love the ears of the rhinos! Somehow they don’t match the whole figure but on the other hand they are sooo cute! ­čÖé


It wasn’t easy to catch the whole family in one photo – this is the┬ábest we could do. The rhinos have a big, fantastic area for themselves. This is only a small part of it.



Papa rhino was napping but the ears show he was ‘eavesdropping’ what we were talking about. ­čÖé


The camels live very near the restaurant Konnilds so they can be watched through the windows. These proud looking animals need exercise so the keepers were ‘camel walking’ and came riding. All three seemed to enjoy the walkabout.


It was time to leave the zoo and on our way to the exit we met the lions again.


They thought we were very boring when we visited them in the Spring and it looks like they haven’t changed their minds. ­čÖé


Before leaving the zoo we went to the Arctic Ring hoping to see more of Nord. What we saw was a big blue barrel that wasn’t there before ….. Maybe Nord would come and start playing with it. We’ve seen videos of him rolling the barrel to the pool.


No, Herr Nord was still swimming back stroke! He must have been swimming for hours!


We left Nord swimming and limped to the bus stop. It was a fine day in the zoo even though we didn’t see the elephants, the red pandas and N├Âel. Maybe next time ….


There are far too many photos in the album but here’s the link for those who want to watch them.

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    euer Fotoalbum ist gro├čartig mit tollen Bildern!.
    Ich wei├č kaum zu sagen, welche Bilder mir besser gefallen, aber die Nashornbande geh├Ârt auf jeden Fall dazu. Imposant und scheinbar beh├Ąbig teilen sie sich das Gehege und der Kleine ist m├Ąchtig gewachsen.
    Die kleinen Teufel bezaubern zwar mit ihren niedlichen rosa ├ľhrchen, aber ihre Stimmen sind eher
    L├Âwen k├Ânnen sehr uninteressiert schauen, aber ihre Wachsamkeit ist nicht zu untersch├Ątzen.
    Traurig ist die Geschichte mit dem Amur Tiger, der seine Partnerin t├Âdlich verletzt hat.
    Schade, dass nur einer der Eisb├Ąren zu sehen war, daf├╝r war Nord umso sportlicher in seinem Pool zu bewundern.

    Vielen Dank f├╝r deinen sch├Ânen Bericht und die vielen Fotos!
    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  2. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    You met many lovely animals in the zoo. The Tasmanian devils are the cute animals with the cute ears ­čÖé
    The lions did what the always do: resting ­čÖé
    The group of the rhinos is big.
    Nord is an active bear ­čÖé

  3. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    I just watched the whole album and was really impressed.
    Wow, so many fabulous pics of so many wonderful animals. You must have had a wonderful time in the Copenhagen Zoo. How long did you stay there? Unbelievable that it was just one day…

    Thank you for the second part of this delightful report!!
    I can┬┤t go into each photo, there are simply too many, but I will pick out some favourites.

    Since I┬┤m a big fan of pretty animal┬┤s ears I loved the pink little ears of the Tasmanian Devil for sure.
    Great that after all he posed so nicely for you. You deserved it indeed.

    The photo of the capybara mother breastfeeding her little rascals is a wonderful sight.

    I love Rhinos and the Copenhagen Zoo can really be happy to have such a lovely family with two kids.

    I don┬┤t think the lions were bored. Like all cats they simply like to chill and relax most of the time and to look beautiful meanwhile…


  4. I Think many of you missunderstood my caption to the lion photo. I didn’t mean the lions were bored – I meant they didn’t find US very interesting. Of course, I know the lions love to take it easy and rest most of the time.

  5. Dear Mervi!
    I understood your little joke.
    Due to my imprecise English you misunderstood me. I should have written ” I don┬┤t think the lions were bored of you”.
    On the contrary I┬┤m convinced the lions would have found you quite interesting if they weren┬┤t too lazy to take a closer look at you. Animals often are aware who is meaning well for them…


  6. Daer MERVI – Dear VESA – Before I started to read I stopped at the second image of this report and asked myself ‘What – for heaven’s sake – wanted they to show us here!?’. When I got aware what it was, I had a good laugh – and I can tell you -contrary to what you said- I take it to be a real excellent photo!! . . Suggestion: You can send it to a Sunday newspaper and suggest to publish it as a QUIZZ!

    The rose colored ears are wonderful and after having detected what one saw, one could be also well aware of an eye, the snout and even the whisker! Really GREAT!

    I can well imagine how happy you was to see the charming little devil later a bit clearer. What could one expect possibly more than to meet a devil that ‘makes’ the REAL angel for oneself!

    You met/observed in addition: Kangaroo, Guanaco, Capybara-family, Tiger, Rhino-family, even a walkabout of keepers with a Camel (that btw looked very proud and contented!), Lions, and in the end even a happily swimming NORD! . . . A N D you took great photos of each of them.

    Thank you very much for this entertaining second part of your COPENHAGEN ZOO visit.

    [ I miss INGE aus COPENHAGEN! Hope she is fine! ]

  7. Hi Devil ­čśë and other Copenhagen guys and girls!
    Nice to see you again!

    Winke – winkw! . . ­čÖé ­čÖé ­čÖé

  8. Hallo Mervi

    Die Teufelchen sind das Highlight in dem Bericht.
    Aber auch die kleinen Capibaras haben es mir
    angetan. Das H├Ârnchen ist sch├Ân gewachsen.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če
    Chris ­čÖé

  9. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    Thank you. Wonderful pictures and comments from your Copenhagenvisit.
    Hugs Inge

  10. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    auch der zweite Teil Eures Zoobesuches hat mir sehr gut gefallen.

    Super, dass Ihr eine Tasmanischen Teufel gesehen habt, und richtig sch├Âne Fotos von ihm machen konntet. Diese Tiere sieht man ja nicht sehr oft.

    Die Guanakos leben bei uns auch mit den Wasserschweinen zusammen. Da ist Euch ja ein toller Schnappschuss gelungen, die drei kleinen Schweinchen an Mamas Milchbar.
    Papa ist auch ein ganz H├╝bscher und passt anscheinend gut auf seine kleine Familie auf..

    Kleine Nash├Ârner sind genau wie Elefanten, immer etwas ganz Besonderes. Die beiden Jungs haben ja gerade mal ein kleines H├Ârnchen. Sch├Ân, dass auch der Papa bei seiner Familie sein kann, und Ihr habt sie doch noch gemeinsam auf einem Foto bekommen.

    Den Pflegern macht es bestimmt Spa├č, ab und zu auch mal auf den Kamelen reiten zu k├Ânnen.
    In M├╝nchen habe ich mal gesehen, dass ein Pfleger auf einem Elefanten sa├č.

    Ich w├╝rde sagen, Ihr hattet einen wundersch├Ânen Tag im Zoo.
    Und das n├Ąchste Mal werdet Ihr bestimmt auch N├Âel, die Elefanten und auch die roten Pandas sehen.

    Danke f├╝r die wunderbaren Fotos.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če