Cuties in the Zoo Duisburg

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22.10.2018 – Videos by Cécile and Jos, Text by Patricia Roberts

Dear All, Cécile and Jos have provided me with 4 video’s with regard to their visit at Zoo Duisburg on October 3, 2018, more particularly in connection with the Aussie World.

The first one is showing us joey Apari and Tasmania devils.

Apari: CUTENESS ALERT: he was rejected by his mother and therefore handraised by his keepers. This little one means something special to me, because his father Milton lived in Zoo Planckendael some years ago, where I could see him during one of my visits there shortly after his arrival. Unfortunately, I now learned that Milton died. But when you see Apari playing with his toy: fun is guaranteed. However, biting in the boomsie of his pluche looks to me: AUW!!!!



The Tazi’s (like Ralph is calling them): wonderful to see them so closely and they show good appetite for their steak.



The second video (not really Aussie World, but HEY, at my age, you are allowed to screw up things a little every now and then, isn’t it): spectacle bears having twins: two little boys: Ariba and Teju. Nevertheless, please note that apparently, the entire family is together in the same enclosure. And when you see the father, it looks as if he is saying: I have nothing to do with these two wild rascals. Blame their mother.




And number three is bringing is back to Aussie World with playing koalas. Sometimes, one is having the feeling that their movements are “in slow motion”, but then they are faster than expected. And when they are sitting together, most probably, they were discussing wild games.



And here is another CUTENESS ALERT. Koala joey (a girl, no-name yet) with mommy Eora (and daddy Irwin), fresh out of the pouch and already very interested in the world around her. Funny to see how much she is doing her best to nibble on the eucalyptus (like the adult ones). I love her cute nose and little paws.




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  1. Dear Cécile and Jos,

    The wombat baby playing with his teddybear (or maybe it’s a teddywombat?) is cuter than cute! I’ve never seen this kind of action before.

    The Tasmanian devils certainly seem to have a healthy appetite! They may not have the nicest character but they sure look very sweet.

    The black bear papa seems to be very tired although I suspect it’s the mama that takes care of the cubbies. Usually the males look tired when the females are filled with energy ….. 🙂 One thing’s for sure – the cubs have more energy than a power plant! 🙂

    Watching the koala baby trying to eat the eucalyptus is both funny and touching. What a sweetie pie the little one is!

    Thank you so much for the lovely videos!

    Dear Patricia,

    Once again you’ve written great captures to the videos – informative and filled with humour.

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Patricia, Cecile and Jos
    I don’t blame you for including the Spectacle Bears (the real life PADDINGTON from South America) in this report. It could be called “Animals with attitude”. All are very special and very rare. The pictures and stories go so well together.

  3. Dear Cécile, Jos and Patricia!
    Thank you for the report about the cuties from Duisburg. The Wombat-Child Apari is very round. The keepers did a good job with handraising it 🙂 Tasmania devils are very cute and funny. I hope they will survive in Europe and get many kids.
    The spectacled bears have a nice family. The kids are rascals 🙂 The father is in very good shape.
    The koala baby is beautiful.

  4. Liebe Patricia, Cecile & Jos,

    der kleine Wombat fühlt sich bestimmt wie der King, weil der Sparringspartner aus Plüsch sich
    überhaupt nicht wehrt. Dennoch zeigt der Wombat eine erstaunliche Ausdauer!

    Die Bärenjungen messen eindeutig ihre Kräfte, und wenn ich mir die Gelassenheit des
    Bärenvaters ansehe frage ich mich, warum sich Erwachsene und Mensheneltern dauernd streitschlichtend ein mischen?

    Die Kooalas überraschen hier wirklich durch ihre Schnelligkeit, was man so nicht oft sieht.
    Der Kleine im Huckepack bei seiner Mama ist oberniedlich.

    Vielen Dank für die tollen Fotos und Videos!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Liebe Cecilie und Jos

    Sowohl die Teufel und der Wombat
    als auch die kleinen Koalas und
    die jungen Bären sind entzückend!
    Danke für die Videos ! 🙂
    (schaue ich abends)

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  6. MERVI – leider ist wieder kein Durchkommen in die Kneipe.
    Weder eingeloggt, noch mit Captcha – war im Back-Room.

  7. Dear Cecile and Jos!
    Seeing all these little sweethearts must have been wonderful and touching.

    I loved the cute wombat baby with its harshly treated plush comrade.

    The little tasmanian devils had a good appetite, hopefully they will stay healthy.

    It´s quite understandable that father bear gets tired while watching his frisky offspring…

    Koalas are adorable sweeties whether little ones or adults. They are much faster than I expected.
    It looked like the koala baby slowly acquired a taste for eucalyptus leaves.
    Thank you for the lovely pics and videos!

    Dear Patricia!
    Thanx for your appropriate subtitles. They are very much appreciated.


  8. This orphaned little Tasmanian devil is more than cute: a big beautiful rat so to say (and that’s not meant as an insult, not a all!) with a big beautiful toy which seems to be a little TasDev, too!?

    Remarkable in the video of the ‘ours à lunettes’ (I like this French name for them, even it’s simply the translation of the English ‘spectacled bears’): the voices in the background. Parents that even talk with/to their children and explain. There was a father explaining the rough play of the cute spectabled bears very patiently AND right! . . . The baby bears were right active rascals.

    All those three furry species and the individuals of their kind shown in vivid videos are most lovely animals and each of them is worth a gentle tab and lots of devotion and attention which I am sure they get sufficiently of their keepers. Oe simply cannot resist their charmes!

    Koals are cuties anyway. And so are the two videos of them taken in ZOO DUISBURG by your friends.

    Dear Patricia, your friends ‘Cécile and Jos’ seems to have the same talent as ‘Monika de Berlin’ has. That is to say: “to be at the right spot at the right time”! . . . Their photos and videos together with your words were real fun for me!

    Thanks to all the FOUR of you: to PATRICIA, CÉCILE, JOS and last but not least to MERVI, ‘KWM’s editor in chief, the middle name of whom gets astonishly more and more ‘patience’ with all her involuntary experience with her ‘Gurus’ = ‘Devils of the net’! Hang in there!

  9. Liebe Cécile, Jos und Patricia!
    wie niedlich ist denn das!
    Die kleine Apari ist dieses Jahr die Sensation gewesen und das zu recht!
    Auch die Tasmanischen Teufel sind ein Hingucker.
    Aber so ein Koalababy ist das Highlight und nicht zu toppen.
    Herzlichen Dank für diese gelungene Gemeinschaftsproduktion von wunderschönen Bildern und Videos.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Ihr Lieben, danke für diese geballte Ladung “Cuteness”.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  11. Dear All, thank you so much for your kind reactions. Apari is quite something special, isn’t he. But the rest of the troop is also doing their best, especially pappa spectabled bear (he is actually my favorite). And I agree with Dumba,: Cécile and Jos do indeed have the same talent as Monika of Berlin: being at the right time and at the right spot. But that means that we all can enjoy the results of these “close encounters”.

  12. Liebe Cecile, Jos und Patricia,

    da habt Ihr ja wieder eine schöne Teamarbeit geleistet.
    Der kleine Wombat ist ja putzig. Besonders niedlich das Video wo er mit seinem Plüschtier spielt.
    Aber auch die kleinen tasmanischen Teufelchen und der Brillenbären -Nachwuchs ist niedlich.

    Auch für mich sind die Koalas das Highlight. Besonders der kleine Mini.

    Danke für die schönen Fotos und Videos.

    Liebe Grüße