Flocke visits Knuti – Part 5 / Flocke besucht Knuti – Teil 5

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7.10.2018 – First published in 2008, In English/Auf Deutsch

Story: Teddybärenmutti, Collages and translation into English: Mervi
Originalphotos of the bears: Frau Schnatterliese, Manuela R, Viktor, Hartmuth

Flocke besucht Knuti – Teil 5 (Auf Deutsch)


– Dear Knut, should I wear earrings? Or would a bracelet be more suitable?

– It doesn’t matter, dear Flocke, you look always so smashing and elegant.


– Oh, Knutie, I’m so excited, my paws are shaking…

– Wny?

– Well, this is the first time I’ll meet your parents and your aunties. It’s so exciting. What will they think of me?

– My darling Flocke, they love me soooo much and I’m sure they’ll love you very much, too!

– What shall I talk about with your parents? The weather? Food? Winter?

– Don’t you worry, my parents and my aunties are really nice bears.

– Let’s go then. Here are the flowers and Papa’s Whiskybottle.

– Wait a moment! I must get my pink purse!


– Lars! LAARS! LAARS! Am I beautifully fluffy? Should I brush my fur once more?


– It looks fine to me…

– LARS! You didn’t even look….Shall I brush my fur once more?

– Suit yourself. Maybe I should brush my beard?

– Your beard, your beard – who cares!! Why don’t you shave it off?

– WHAT? I’m very proud of my beard!

– Snif, snif…Dear Lars, our little Knuti has a girlfriend. Snif, snif…but he will always be my baby boy…Somehow I feel so old. LARS! Can you see if I have any grey hairs?

– Maybe…

– LAARS? What did you say? Have I got grey hair? WHERE???

– Grey hair is very elegant.

– I don’t want grey hair, I want white hair!

– Tosca, why are you so nervous?

– Our dear boy is coming with his girlfriend. I’m so thrilled!

– Just take it easy! Oh, here they are!


– Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, Fräulein Flocke!

– Danke Tante Tosca, Danke Onkel Lars. Danke Tante Katjuscha, Danke Tante Nancy! I have some treats for you – flowers and a bottle of whisky.

– Oh, such lovely flowers!

– I like to relax with a whisky on the rocks in the evening. Thank you dear Flocke!

– And now it’s time for dinner. And Lars, remember – nobody’s throwing the food into your big mouth!!


– Thank you for the dinner! The food was delicious. The steaks were so yammy and we loved the cookies and ice cream, too.

– Fräulein Flocke, how long are you staying in Bärlin?

– I’m going back to Nuremberg tomorrow.

– So soon? When are you coming back?

– I don’t know. I must go to school. Maybe I come to Berlin when I have holidays. Or maybe Knut can come and visit me?

– Mama, Papa, Tanten, we have to leave now. My neighbours are having a party tonight and we’re invited. Besides – Flocke must do some packing, too.

– Of course. We understand. Please, come back soon, dear Flocke!

Wink, Wink, Wink!


– Dear Lars, they are so beautiful and they seem to be very much in love! Do you remember how it was to be young?

– Of course I remember! We were so in love…

– WHAT? We WERE in love??? Don’t you love me anymore?

– I will always love you, my circus princess! May I kiss your lakritznase?





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  1. Liebe Teddybärenmutti,
    liebe Mervi,

    Flockes Antrittsbesuch bei Knuts Familie ist wieder eine wunderschöne Geschichte.
    Alles kann man so gut nachvollziehen, wenn die Liebste/der Liebste das erste Mal
    der Familie vorgestellt wird. Da waren beide Seiten gleichermaßen nervös.
    Herrlich hast du das wieder formuliert und bebildert.
    Vielen lieben Dank für die schönen Erinnerungen an die beiden Bärchen!

    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Fantastic choice of pic for the first collage! Had a good laugh!

    Oh, FLOCKE’s paws were shaking!? Dear MERVI, possibly you shuld check whether the shaking of your hand has comparabl reasons (?th spring with VESA and those family matters we all know in all kinds of
    impact. . . 😉 ).

    Scenes of a mariage (see TOSCA and LARS), may be taken out of your real life, dear TEDDYBAERENMUTTI!? For sure, the outcome in the long run was/is as shown in the collage with the big red heart and the matching subtitle 🙂

    What a wonderful co-operation this was between the both of you, dear TBM and dear MERVI.

    Thank you very much for this Sunday fun – even 10 years after the original ‘production’ of the funny story and the perfect illustration by means of funny collages!

  3. Dear Mervi and TBM
    Thank you for reissuing this wonderful story from the magical world of Knut and Flocke. We were lucky to be able to imagine this world. The images still fill a hole left in the real world.

  4. Schöne Erinnerungen aus besseren Zeiten.

  5. THANK YOU for posting this!!!
    So many loving, warm memories of our dear KNUT FAMILY!!! This was the most MAGICAL TIME of my life!!! They were such a beautiful, fun family!!! Miss them all terribly!!!
    Thank you again for posting this for us!!!

  6. Liebe Mervi, liebe Teddybärenmutti,

    es ist immer wieder schön, die “alten” Storys von Knut zu lesen. Wie hier von Knut und Flocke.
    Ich habe mir mit Freude Teil 4 und 5 angesehen.
    Flocke und Knut hätten wirklich ein schönes Paar abgegeben.
    Vielen Dank.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Liebe Teddybärenmutti, liebe Mervi!
    Danke für diese fantasievolle Geschichte und die wunderbaren Collagen!

    Der erste Kontakt zwischen Eltern und den “Flammen” ihrer Sprößlinge ist immer ein Balanceakt und kann ganz schön heikel werden, übertragen auf Eisbären allerdings auch herrlich komisch…

    Dieses fiktive Treffen der Eisbären Tosca und Lars auf der einen Seite und Flocke und Knut auf der anderen verlief vergleichsweise harmonisch und entspannt. Liebevolles Wunschdenken!

    Die letzte Collage stimmt mich etwas wehmütig.

    Liebe Grüße