My Autumn Trip to Berlin: Tonya and co in Tierpark Berlin

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2.10.2018 by Ralph

(I apologise for the small size and quality of these photos, as they are captures from videos which I shot on my phone and cannot be downloaded)

Friday 7th September to Sunday 9 September

I was able to spend a lot of quality time just sitting on a bench in the shade watching Tonya resting or waiting for something to happen, such as some food to be delivered.


Tonya, I use the English transliteration here, is looking large and fluffy. Like Kati she is a patient waiting bear.


A new keeper conducted the daily Polar Bear talk and snack feed. Tonya took a leisurely approach to this activity, but was persuaded to enter the water with a mixture of apples and carrots.


Although I have seen it many times, the delicate way in which Polar Bears hold their carrots to enjoy them, is another reason for loving the world’s largest land predator, and impressive sea bear.


It is always nice to watch Tonya in her favourite corner of the enclosure. I did not see her playing this time, but she was in the water for a while.


The Tierpark have posted two photos of Tonya playing to remind visitors what a sporty bear she is.


For much of the time, Tonya rests and conserves her energy for the coming Winter, and perhaps a chance to rear a cub.



Just as Giovanna is the Mistress of Hellabrunn’s Arctic World, the Tierpark is proud of their Russian lady,as these two pictures from the edge of the enclosure show. Tonya is a beautiful Polar Bear.

My last afternoon on Sunday was spent with Tonya really relaxing and I found this a fine way to unwind before my journey to Gelsenkirchen. But Tonya was not my only visit in the Tierpark.

I had intended to spend a leisurely Friday in the Zoo with Katjuscha and Volodya, but as you will already have seen from her report, Monika as Berlin was keen to give me the to see a newly arrived Rhino baby, and we headed off together to the Tierpark (Apologies to Dumba for this late change of programme).


The new Rhino bull looks so small against his mother. It was a delightful experience and I was lucky that Monika had mentioned it to me. Fortunately Monika loves all the Zoo animals and reminded me that there are other friends to meet as well as Polar Bears.


The baby looks so like a leather Rhino, he is already formidable and always keeping together with his mother.


Eventually, even this brave little Rhino needed to rest. Monika will be keeping a close eye on him I am sure.


One of my favourite animals in the Tierpark are the lively and beautiful golden weasels. I managed to film them at the cage wire looking at the keeper and hoping that food would soon arrive.


Sorry for these little blurs, the snow leopards were completely at rest and had hidden themselves as far away as possible. One of the Amur Tigers was more alert but equally far away.

I leave the photos to the profis like Monika and Gudrun, but the phone gives me some video memories, and I hope you enjoyed these brief stories from Berlin, the next ones will be from Gelsenkirchen.

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  1. Dear Ralph,
    thank you for the report from the Tierpark Berlin. Tonya is ready for going in her winter den. I hope she will be happy this time.
    A Rhino baby is very cute next to his huge mother.

  2. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the report from Tierpark.
    Tonya looks very fluffy and roundish.
    The little Rhino is so cute. I think,
    you had nice days in Berlin. 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Ralph,

    Again it was wonderful to read about your observations when you visited the Tierpark – and especially Tonja.

    You’re right – the elegant ‘table manners’ of polar bears are great to see. They hold a carot on their paw so nicely instead of just ‘throwing’ it straight to the mouth. 🙂

    Tonja looks very fluffy and roundish. If she will give birth to a cub I wish her best of luck. I sincerely hope everything will go fine this time – if there will be a cub.

    You had a perfect timing for your visit and could even see the newborn rhino boy Karl!

    Thank you so much for the report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  4. Mir tun die Berliner Eisbären in ihrer Einzelhaltung im Tierpark und Zoo mittlerweile einfach nur noch leid!