My third visit to Nora and Ranzo in Vienna

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12.10.2018 by Evi from Tallinn

On September 27th, I flew to Vienna again to visit “my” cute polar bear lady Nora.

My third meeting with the polar bears in Vienna was very different compared to the previous times. The both bears – Nora and Ranzo – spent most of the time inside and it was a real tribulation for me to see them, take pictures and make some movies of them!




I stood every day for 6 hours near the bears’ area- my camera in my hand- to catch the moment, when they showed themselves.


There was no regularity in the behavior of Nora and Ranzo: one day they came out in the morning, another day only in the evening before the zoo was closed.


When they came out, they looked very tired and moved very slowly.


They looked very tired every day and just enjoyed lying down and sitting.








Nora always played with some toy, Ranzo mostly only sat and turned his head. Both bears used the pool very little and the amount of the time, that they spent outside, usually didn’t exceed 20-30 minutes at a time.






Nora, of course, slept sometimes outside, but far away from the visitors’ platforms or under them – so it was very difficult take good pictures of her.



Every day at 14.00 took place “An info hour” near the polar bear’s area. Somebody talked about the polar bears in general and later the visitors could ask some questions.

Two times the bears also were called out: they got a new toy and some fish were thrown to them. Nora and Ranzo were not very interested in this fish. They were not hungry and they didn’t want to make themselves wet – the fish were thrown into the water.

There is no a definite feeding time in Schönbrunn Zoo – so the bears don’t have the nervous waiting time for food.

Finally some pictures of Nora and Ranzo. Nora sometimes played lying down.





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  1. Dear Evi,
    sometimes the bears are not in the play mood.Then it is difficult to catch them.
    Nora and Ranzo both look beautiful. They are both round and the fur is long and thick. I think they like each other.

  2. Dear Evi,

    Oh bear, how wonderful to meet Nora and Ranzo again! My heart starts singing when I see these two sweeties. 🙂

    Even though the bears were not so active during your visit you managed to take fantastic photos of them! Well, you spent a lot of time with them and your patience was rewarded. Watching polar bears is always great – no matter if they’re active or not. I’ve spent hours watching a sleeping Knut and I cherish the memories of those moments. I’m sure you loved to admire ‘your Nora’ when she was sleeping and when she was playing.

    Both Nora and Ranzo look smashingly beautiful with fluffy furs. This time of the year many polar bears in the zoos are rather tired. They don’t hibernate but start doing things in ‘slow motion’.

    I love all the photos but maybe my favourite is the smiling Nora …. and even the photos of her lying and showing us her cute belly are wonderful. Needless to say I’m still in love with Ranzo! 🙂

    Thank you so much for this fantastic article about our Nordic beauties. It’s good to know they are both doing fine.

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Dear Evi!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful impressions of this lucky polar bear couple in an appropriate surrounding.
    Both look gorgeous and I´m convinced they are doing well in Vienna.


  4. Dear Evi
    I have to laugh in a nice way at your remark that it was difficult to film Ranzo and Nora as they were mainly resting or inside. In the days when Knut was still in Berlin Zoo, visitors from all over the world came to see him, only to leave saying there was no bear there. Knut would be resting in the sand, with perhaps only and ear showing.
    As Mervi says Polar Bears are experts at powering down and resting, while always being alert. As your lovely pictures show the tribulation was well worth the effort. Nora and Ranzo are simply two gorgeous Polars.
    Again, many thanks for taking us along with you.

  5. Liebe Evi,

    dein Bericht ist wunderbar, auch wenn die Bären nicht so aktiv waren. Sie einfach nur anzusehen und zu beobachten können nur wirkliche Tierfreunde. Deshalb ist es oft so ärgerlich, wenn Besucher mit Krach und lauten Rufen die Tiere aufscheuchen wollen.

    Ich denke auch, dass die noch sehr warmen Herbsttagen die Bären etwas müde und träge machen.
    Das neue Spielzeug sieht toll aus und es wird demnächst sicher auch ausgiebig bespielt werden.

    Nora und Ranzo sehen prächtig aus und dir hat das Wiedersehen mit “deiner” Nora natürlich besonders gut getan. Man ist immer froh zu sehen, dass es dem ehemaligen Schützling in einem anderen Zoo auch gut geht.

    Vielen Dank für deine ausgezeichneten Fotos und die Geduld, die du dir dafür nehmen musstest – es hat sich gelohnt!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Dear Evi

    Although the bears were not very active,
    you took some nice shots of them. Both
    bears look very good, with fluffy fur. 🙂
    You´ve been very patient, to wait hours
    for these photos – thank you for that !

    Chris 🙂

  7. Dear Evi,

    it seems the two of them have already switched to winter. That was certainly not so great for you, but that’s bear nature. In autumn there is a lot of sleep and in winter also. Only in new year our darlings become more lively again.
    Nora and Ranzo look good. And that is the most important thing.

    In any case you brought beautiful pictures with you.
    I wish you a nice weekend and greet you cordially, Anita.

  8. Dear, Mervi,
    thank you for publishing my story!

    Thank you all cordially for your comments!
    I always have a great pleasure to meet with Nora!
    If I see her relaxed and if I know, that she enjoys her life together with Ranzo, I can feel happy.
    Mostly the bears looked a bit tired, but they also showed some brighter moments of their life duering the week, that I was in Vienna!
    I hope, I’ll write about this in the nearest future.
    You can find all my videos of the bears here:

    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. Liebe Evi,
    in den Herbst hinein haben die Bären eine ganz ruhige Zeit, da sind sie dann auch wasserscheu.
    Aber du hast schöne Bilder mitgebracht von Nora und Ranzo und beide sehen sehr gut aus.
    Danke dir ganz herzlich für Bilder von deinem Herzensbärchen!
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Liebe Evi,

    Schön, dass es Dich wieder nach Wien zu Nora und Ranzo geführt hat.

    Die beiden haben sich auch schon ordentlich Winterspeck angefuttert.,
    Das neue Spielzeug sieht interessant aus.

    Schöne Bilder hast Du mitgebracht.

    Liebe Grüße

  11. Liebe Evi!

    Danke fuer schöne Fotos von schöne Bären. Nora ist so weiblich und Ranzo so männlich.

    Sie sehen sehr gluecklich aus.