Nora’s and Ranzo’s appreciated toy from Estonia

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8.11.2018 by Evi from Tallinn

The bears of the Tallinn Zoo have always loved to play with all kinds of pipes. When Nora was a small bear, her big favorites were 2 coarse short drainage pipes. She often raised a tube to her neck or put it around her body, she swam with them and even slept with them.


Because I hadn’t seen such toys in the Vienna Zoo, I thought it would be great to make such a gift to Nora and Ranzo. Thought – Done!

The pipe was thrown into the water – Ranzo jumped at once behind that!



He enjoyed playing: the tube between his tooth and the tube on his head.



Nora was very excited: she walked fast on the edge of the pool. She wanted so much to play with this new toy, but she didn’t want to get wet.



Ranzo called Nora several times – the pipe between his paws.



Finally, Nora jumped into the water. Ranzo gave the pipe to her.


She kept the new toy very gently and played with it for a long time. Ranzo only looked at Nora.






The bears dived. Nora preferred playing wiht her new toy – she even pushed Ranzo away.



Look this video!

This tube was a very appreciated toy! Both bears loved to play with it. Nora even brought it inside – then she came out, new pipe proudly between ther teeth!





Naturally, both bears also tested the strength of the new toy.







OK! It’s polar bear proof! 🙂


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  1. Dear Evi!
    You brought a great toy to Nora and Ranzo. The bears like to watch through the pipes 🙂
    I find very interesting, that Ranzo gave a pipe to Nora in the water. The pictures and the video of the diving bears are very nice.

  2. Dear Evi
    From Estonia with love! What a wonderful story and surprise for Nora. You certainly have kept in touch with her.
    The habit of male Polar Bears to present their female partner with a present is a great thing to see at first hand. Film of Lloyd in Bremerhaven presenting things to Valeska, and before that to Victoria, were often shown in TV. However, Ranzo’s gesture here is very good!
    I love the way in which Polar Bears use objects that they find to play with, and so develop the skills they need to pull prey out of the water or get into things that might contain food.

  3. Dear Evi,

    The photos of Nora as a cubbie are simply adorable! It’s easy to understand she was delighted when you brought a pipe to her so she can play with this toy even in Vienna!

    For once Ranzo was the first to jump into the water but quite soon he offered the toy to Nora. I’m proud of his ‘gentlebeary’ manners 🙂

    Of course, the pipe was thoroughly quality controlled. Nora and Ranzo found it to be polar bear proof! 🙂

    Thank you so much for this delightful article with great photos and videos! My heart is always singing when I see Nora and Ranzo!

    Hugs from Mervi

  4. Liebe Evi

    Du hast Nora mit ihrem Lieblingsspielzeug
    eine große Freude gemacht. 🙂 Die Fotos
    sind klasse ! Videos schaue ich abends.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  5. Liebe Evi,

    mit deinem tollen Geschenk hat sich Nora bestimmt direkt an dieses
    Spielzeug aus ihren “Kindertagen” in Tallinn erinnert.
    Wie freundlich Ranzo es mit ihr teilt, ist ganz entzückend anzusehen.

    Danke für deine schöne Geschichte aus dem Wiener Zoo!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Dear Evi!
    Thank you for these fabulous pics of Nora and Ranzo with their fantastic new toy. You really made their day!
    I´m quite enthusiastic about these kind of views since I saw Milak in Aalborg in 2011 playing with a tube.

    It´s fascinating to see polar bears putting their noses/ heads in every possible hole. All of them, especially cubs, seem to love tubes as well or almost more than barrels, balls and traffic cones.
    Both videos are simply heart-warming.


  7. Liebe Evi,
    da hast du mit diesem Spielzeug einen Volltreffer gelandet.
    Nora ist begeistert und will es nicht mehr an Ranzo abgeben.
    Vielen Dank, war toll deine schönen Bilder und Video zu sehen.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  8. Dear Evi

    Thank you very much for your nice report with the wonderful pictures and the two sweet videos.
    Such a pipe is a good thing and is very well received by both bears.


  9. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for publishing my story!
    Thank you all of your kind comments!

    I really made their day, like Anke said – it was a great
    pleasure for me!

    Dear Anke, this video of Milak is funny!


  10. Liebe Evi,

    Da hast Du Nora mit dem Geschenk aber eine große Freude bereitet. Toll, was sie mit dem Teil alles anstellt.

    Sogar Ranzo durfte damit spielen. Die Beiden mögen sich wohl sehr, wenn sie sogar das Lieblingsspielzeug von Nora teilen.

    Die beiden unter Wasser zu sehen, ist auch immer wieder schön.

    Danke für die wunderschönen Bilder und auch die Videos.

    Danke auch an Mervi für`s Einstellen.

    Liebe Grüße