Sisu is not amused!

Nov 23rd, 2018 | By | Category: Lead articles

23.11.2018 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! I’m sorry but I must begin this newsletter telling you that I’m not amused. I’m not amused at all! The snow has vanished! This time of the year we usually have lots of snow in Ranua but this is a crazy year. I want the nice years back!!

Mama isn’t so pleased either but she’s a good mother who wants to keep me happy so she suggested a wrestling round.


We are about the same size now but I think I’m stronger!


Yehaw! I won!! Mama is getting too old for this kind of games ….


SISU, I HEARD THAT! I’m not getting old – I’m just getting wiser!


It was time to let mama have some time to calm down. I don’t understand why she got so upset …. Tomorrow I’ll tell her she looks like a teenager, hihihii …. That always makes her smile!

Although the snow melted away our pool has frozen – at least partly. Maybe you remember I saw another me in the water mirror. Let’s see if ‘Sisu II’ can be seen through the ice ….


Oh bear, here he is again!

Hello friend! Did you bring the ice with you?


I wonder if you can tell me where the snow vanished. Did somebody steal it? Maybe there’s a snow thief around?


I’d like to shake paws with you!


The ice is quite thick ….


…. but I must say we both look gorgeous!


Now I’m going back to mama.  I couldn’t find any flowers but this branch is quite nice in my opinion. Do you think she’ll be glad about my gift to her?


Of course, I have a little quiz for you even this time. Do you know what this is?


That’s all for this time so I will go on chatting with my ice friend. Please, keep your fingers crossed that we will soon have snow again! Beary but gentle hugs from your pal Sisu.



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  1. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Sisu might not be amused, but I am while watching these photos!
    I´m sorry for Sisu that the snow has vanished but I´m convinced there will be more very soon.
    A wrestling round with his mother is for sure great fun and kind of comfort.

    Although Sisu has grown a lot, he is still a cute and funny guy.
    Both bears look simply gorgeous! Even Sisu´s “another he” is very good looking… 😉

    I loved all the pics and all the subtitles. Thank you!

    In regard to the quiz: I suppose it is a beaver under the frozen surface. Great snap!


  2. Terve, dear SISU, you lovely ‘Lausbub’!

    I can understand you are not amused that your fluffy white stuff has gone. But YOUR nature looks even more nice that ours – at least at this time of the year for sure: here is everything in odd GREY nowadays (see e.g. my last pics during a ‘SHORTY-walk’ yesterday and this morning. But as we had a real nice summer we shouldn’t complain! And there is always something that can uplift our view and our soul – believe me. That’s the same with you as it is with us.

    YOU can still wrestle with your Mama, speak to your mirroring face in the ice surface of your lake, and find twigs with even still some leaves on it you can offer as a gift to pretty Mum VENUS. You can be sure 100% that she will be more than happy about your unexpected gift! . . And here in all that ugly grey we can still find some last flowers (yellow and rosé-coloured roses), children’s playgrounds with colorful gaming devices and fences, and some even did already start to decorate their windows, balconies, gardens, and even their street level with kind of Xmas stuff! . . . Have fun, DEAR, whatever you are up to make! . . . And don’t forget to tell us about your big and little adventures in your fairytale like home in RANUA.

    Dear MERVI, you did find again nice words for your SISU-lovely! Thanks to you and to your favorite photographer in FINLAND!

    Looks like a ‘Flunder’ but my wild guess is it might be a diving biever????

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Sisu played very nice with his mother. It is a pitty that the snow vanished, but I think it will come again very soon.

  4. Dear Mervi & Marco

    I am shure, the snow will come back soon.
    Sisu had much fun with his mother and the
    ice. Even the beaver dived under the ice. 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    der Winter hat ja gerade erst angefangen, und ich denke dass Sisu sich bald wieder über sehr viel Schnee freuen wird.

    Die Schneeblumen auf dem Eis sehen toll aus. Und auch das Bild vom Biber unter der dünnen Eisschicht ist super.

    Danke am Marko für die wieder schönen Bilder aus Ranua.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Dear Mervi and Marko
    Poor Sisu, but I am sure that the snow and ice will return. The beaver looks very fast.
    Venus like Victoria in Scotland has learnt how to combine wrestling with her son and resting at the same time. She lets Sisu do all the work, just like Hamish

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    das Selbstgespräch von SISU mit seinem Spiegelbild ist wieder herrlich, deine Fantasie ist einfach unerschöpflich.
    Natürlich sind die tollen Bilder von Marko eine gute Basis für gute Geschichten.
    Schnee wird er noch genug bekommen, der Lausbub und mit Mama zu toben und die Kräfte zu messen ist eine immer noch beliebte Beschäftigung.

    Dir und Marko vielen Dank mit lieben Grüßen!

  8. terve my dear Sisu
    I am so sorry that you are not amused, and all is a bit boring for you. I know you love the snow but please be patient, the big snow wll come soon and than you can play with it. It is so sweet seeing you with your dear Mama and we all can see, that you are now a big handsome Bear boy.I wish you and your Mama a nice Winter with a lot of snow
    dear Marko thank you for the wonderful pictures,
    dear Mervi thank you for sharing with us
    dear greetings to Finland and Sweden

  9. Dear Sisu,
    A little bit patience and the snow will come and stay!
    Are your skis and skates ready for the winter?
    Your “ice friend” in the pool doesn’t like snow so much – I think – he will go away..

    Dear Mervi and Marko,
    Thank you very much for this nice story!


  10. Liebe Mervi,
    da kann ich Sisu verstehen, ist schon außergewöhnlich, daß der Schnee nicht kommt oder geblieben ist.
    Aber das wird schon noch und dann kann er eisbärig im Schnee spielen.
    Das Bilderrätsel sieht nach Biber aus und ich denke er schwimmt unter den Eisplatten.
    Danke Dir für deine schöne Geschichte und ich warte auch sehnsüchtig auf den ersten Schnee.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  11. Dear friends! It’s been snowing in Ranua so Sisu can be amused again!! 🙂

  12. Morjenstas Sisu!
    Älä ol nyt nii hättäne. Kyll sit lunt viel tulee tuppa. Täälläki tule erellis ehton. Aamul oliva kaikki paika iha valkosen.
    Niin ja talkkari päristelivä jo kukolauluaikka. Eivä ante kunnialliste ihmiste nukku rauhass.
    Orotella ny vaan lissä lunt, ainakin sinn Ranuall. Mnää en ol nii innostunu lumesta. Se o liukasta, mutta snuul onki paremma tassupohja.
    San Mammalles terveyksi.