Grattis, käre husse! Happy birthday, Vesa!

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22.12.2018 by Mimmi and Nalle (with a little help from Mervi)

Dear husse Vesa,  today it’s time again to celebrate your birthday. We have made you many cards and we even have some gifts for you – not to mention many good promises for the next year.


We’ve both had many health problems during this year but you have patiently taken care of us. We have lost count of how many times you drove us to the vet clinic alhtough you were not feeling well yourself. Thank you so much for being such a good and caring Daddy to us!


This is our Christmas card for you.


Nalle: I know you appreciate my assistance when you’re working with your computor so I promise to assist you even next year! I’m sure my expert hints are worth gold when you’re placing your trotting bets.

However, sometimes I get very tired at watching those white giants on the screen – even though even I like them very much.


Mimmi: I can’t jump on your desk but luckily I have a vivid imagination (just like Mervi 🙂 ) so I pretend I have a flying carpet. I can look down at Nalle and tease him. 🙂


Mimmi: Lying down with a cute teddybear is one of my favourite hobbies. However, I’ll try to move if and when I’m on your way ….. please, remember, I said ‘I’ll try’!!!


Nalle: A nice nap with a plushy bear is always right. OK, I know this is your chair but a cat needs a comfortable chair, too! Let’s make a deal – you can have the chair when there’s ice hockey on TV!


It’s already a long tradition that we help you and Mervi decorate our Christmas tree. We think we did a good job. Now that we’re older we don’t want to climb the tree anymore. 🙂 …. hmm, although some glass balls look quite interesting ….


Here in Malmö we seldom have a white Christmas but we can make it white even without snow!


The cute polar bear decorations are gifts from Knut friends.


This one has caught a fish!


The same decorations as every year!


As you can see we have made the Christmas very white!



Of course, there’s a yammy cake for you as well! We wanted to make a thorough quality control but then we remembered chocolate isn’t good for us. Mervi really wasn’t very thoughtful …. next year we demand to have a cream cake!!!


Sydämelliset onnittelut syntymäpäivän johdosta! Happy birthday, dear Daddy! Grattis på födelsedagen, käre husse!


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    I suppose you will have a marvellous day with a tender and loving wife, two good-tempered purring cats, yummy food, tasty drinks and lots of fun.
    I wish you health and happiness for the coming year of age! Take care!

    Dear Mervi!
    Your birthday tribute for Vesa with its beautiful collages is simply wonderful, an expression of great love!
    I love your decoration for Christmas! Mimmi and Nalle seem to be true angels at the moment and don´t intend to change anything to their taste!?

    I wish you both and your velvet paws a wonderful time.


  2. Happy Birthday, dear Vesa!


    (Mervi, what a wonderful birthday tribute!)

    xo k-j


    MERVI – you´ve outdone yourselve with
    creating so many beautiful cards. I think
    Nalle und Mimmi can be proud of their
    human “parents” – you care so well for
    both cats !

    Schöne Grüße nach Malmö
    von Chris

  5. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    I join in sending greetings to you both on Vesa’s birthday.
    The collages are beautiful.

  6. Happy birthday to you, dear Vesa!

    Dear Mervi, this Birthday – card is very nice and beautiful.

    I wish you a pleasant 4. Advent!

  7. Happy Birthday dear Vesa!

    Eine wunderschöne Gratulationscollage hat dir Mervi gestaltet.
    Die zwei Stubentiger sind allerliebste Gratulanten in der Schneehöhle mit den Bären,
    am Computer und auch auf dem fliegenden Teppich.
    Natürlich hat Mervi alles festlich dekoriert und bestimmt schon ein leckeres
    Festmenue gekocht.

    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag und alles Liebe und Gute für das neue Lebensjahr!


  8. dear Vesa,
    happy Birthday and good wishes to you, enjoy a cosy party with your dear Mervi,your sweet Mimmi and your handsome good Nalle.
    dear Mervi you have made a wonderful birthday site for Vesa, thank you so much for sharing with us.
    I wish the whole family a good Christmas time full of joy
    big paw waves and dear greetings

  9. Dear MIMMI – Dear NALLE
    Out of every word you said and out of every photo we were allowed to see from ‘the princess and the little prince’ I can hear/read/see big love! Also your ‘husse’ and your ‘Hussin’ (?? 😉 ) look very much in love! Please tell them I found everything I saw here tocuhing, lovely – wunderschön. And PLEASE don’t forget to tell your mother what a gifted ‘Undertitleress’ she is. . . . Isn’t it good to have such a talented tin.opener!? And what nice collages she is able to make – and I bed in next to no time (contrary to myself who needs ages for everything . . .). Did she even bake this precious and yummy looking birthday-gateau??

    – – – Dear VESA – You can be very proud of your family who prepared everything in such an affectionate kind .
    HAPPY PERSONAL NEW YEAR ( prior to the New Year for everyone) again to you.

    – –

    KNUTI-style hugs to the complete McNuts-family I’d like to real-hug after having been treated with this nice ‘KWM’-publication (which is a right family-project-cooperation).


    Lieber Vesa, ich wünsche Dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag, viel Glück, Zufriedenheit und ganz viel Gesundheit.

    Da haben Dir ja Mimmi und Nalle eine richtige Lobeshymne zum Geburtstag geschrieben. Na ja, Mervi hat wohl auch etwas geholfen.

    Liebe Mervi, das sind ganz tolle Collagen zum Geburstag Deines lieben Ehemannes.
    Ich wünsche Euch Beide fürs kommende Jahr alles Gute und Gesundheit.Und vielleicht sehen wir uns ja dann auch in Bärlin wieder.
    Frohe Weihnachten und ein wunderbares Neues Jahr.

    Liebe Grüße

  11. Das ist wirklich eine wunderschöne Geburtstgsseite, deine Mervi und die Stubentiger haben dass toll genacht.
    Ich gratuliere Dir ganz herzlich und wünsche Dir alles Gute fürs neue Lebensjahr.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika ?

  12. Dear Vesa, happy birhday from Copenhagen !!!!!

    What wonderful birthday greetings from Mervi and the lovely cats – wonderful pictures and collages.

    Merry Christmas !

    Lots of greetings to Malmö from Copenhagen.

    Inge and cats

  13. Dear Vesa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I know, way too late, but better late than never. Or maybe I can also say, that I am the first one for your next birthday. What do you think?