Happy birthday to Friida in Tallinn!

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16.12.2018 by Evi from Tallinn

Polar Bear Friida was born on December 16th 2002 in the Tallinn Zoo. She is the last cub of Vaida and Franz.


Friida has lived all her life in the Tallinn Zoo and the zoo keepers call her even “their stepchild”.




Friida has been all time a playful and a full of energy polar bear. She is also a good Mother Bear – she has given life to the two cute polar bears: Nora (born 2013, lives in Vienna) and Aron (born 2016).



Friida’s partner is male Polar Bear Nord.



Friida lives still together with her 2 years old son Aron. They often play together and sometimes their playing seems to be like fighting – I think Friida teaches Aron to his independent life.





Happy birthday, FRIIDA!


Knuti’s Weekly wishes Friida lots of joy on her special day!


Friida and Aron

This video is from today (16th of December)

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  1. Liebe Evi,

    ich meine, Friida ist kein Stiefkind, denn sie durfte doch in ihrem Zoo seit der Geburt bleiben.
    Sie ist eine wunderschöne Bärin und bringt Aron mal eben das bärische Kräftemessen bei.
    Ich bin so froh über das tolles neue Gehege, da macht es Spaß ihnen beim Spielen zuzusehen.

    Ach ja, und Happy Birthday du schöne Friida!

    Vielen Dank für deinen Geburtstagseintrag mit lieben Grüßen!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dear Friieda!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Evi

    It is nice that you made such a nice threat for the birthday child.


  3. dear Evi,
    thank you very much for these sweet pictures and videos from Tallinn, what a big joy to watch them
    dear Friida, happy birthday to you, I wish you a great day and many gifts, you are looking very good
    dear Mervi thank you so much for sharing this nice post with us
    dear greetings to you all

  4. Dear Evi

    I wish Frida all the best for the future.
    She is a beautiful polarbear and good
    mother. And she is so playful. Thank
    you also for the videos of the bears !

    Chris 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Friida

    Ich wünsche Friida alles Gute zum Geburtstag.

    Danke Evi, für die Geburtstagsseite mit den schönen Erinnerungen,Bildern und Videos.

    Danke Mevi, für die wieder sehr schöne Collage.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Dear Friida, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. You are looking gorgeous.
    Dear Evi, thank you for sharing these pics and videos with us. However, it seems to me that rather very soon, her son will have to move to another “apartment”. He is almost the same size of the mother.

  7. Dear Evi!
    Thank you for this nice birthday tribute for pretty Friida!
    Your photos and videos are marvellous and heart-warming!
    I would like to join the good wishes for her.

    Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for your beautiful collage!

    I wish you health and happiness!


  8. Dear Evi!
    You made a wonderful birthday page for Frida. Frida looks beautiful.
    I hope Aron will come in the good zoo. Nord will be happy to have his Frida again.
    Dear Mervi!
    Your collages are great.

  9. Happy Birthday, Frida.

    I hope to come visit you someday.
    You have such lovely children, and you are a good mama.


  10. Liebe Evi,
    auch von mir alles Gute für Friida!
    Sie ist glücklich in ihrem Zoo, versteht sich gut mit Nord und Aaron darf auch noch bei ihr bleiben.
    Danke Dir, für die schönen Bilder deiner Bären.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  11. You made a very nice birthday page for FRIIDA who is a most beautiful polar bear lady, dear EVI.

    I didn’t get really why her keepers call her ‘their stepchild’, I would rather assume that she is their ‘pet child’ (!?), beautiful and contented how she looks. . . . Also her son ARON and daughter NORA (in Vienna) take after their mother and even dad NORD is a handsome guy – isn’t he! . . . BTW: What about his paw? Does he have a chance it will be healed completely one day? . . GOOD LUCK to the complete family!

    Thanks to you (and to MERVI) for your report, the gorgeous photos and also the videos which I will look later.
    In addition, the both of you created nice collages for the birthday beauty!

  12. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you very much for publishing this article!

    Thank you, Dear All, for your so positive comments!

    Friida is a good looking Polar Bear and a good Mother Bear.
    About her has not talked much- so I decided to make this story.

    Nobody talkes and I think nobody knows exatly, how or when Nord’s paw will heal.
    He gets treatment and some professionals are busy with him – the investigation will continue.
    We just have to wait and hope.

    I wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas time!