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22.1.2019 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! I’m sending frosty but warm greetings (can I write so?) to all the readers of this magazine. Although the weather is could and the roads icy many animal lovers come to visit mama and me.

If you’re wearing warm clothes the weather is no problem! This path leads to our enclosures.

If the visitors are staying in the Gulo-Gulo cottages they can even enjoy this Laavu (Lean-to). They can light the fire place to keep them warm. If you want to know more of Laavu – please, check here.

Now it’s time to tell you something about our activities. We start the day saying ‘good morning’ to each other in a polar bearish way. This time a crow joined us in our morning ritual.

Our ritual is very much like that of the inuits ….. 🙂

When you see the following photos you may think that I’m still a baby. Mind you – I’m a big boy now but I think mama’s milk is the yammiest nourishment for me so let me tell you that I’m just a big GOURMET GUY!

Luckily mama agrees with me and she still keeps the ‘Mamman Maitobaari’ (Mama’s Milk Bar) open for me!

Venus: Oh bear, is that boy hungry!!

Venus: Well, feeding Sisu is my duty and I don’t mind the nursing. A growing polar bear boy needs lots of energy and I can offer him that! I want to make sure he will grow to an impressive adult polar bear.

While I’m resting after my lunch I want to show you something else.

I guess this piggie is putting away the Christmas tree. 🙂

Now I noticed a dhole trying to catch something ….

I didn’t know he can jump like this! I wonder what he saw ….

I’m really curius to see what he sees!

Oh, it’s a magpie sitting on a branch. The dhole tries to hide himself but my eagle eyes saw him. Hmm, can a polar bear have eagle eyes ….. ?

He decided to let the magpie be and posed nicely for Marko’s camera instead.

I’m a very lucky polar bear having such a caring and loving mama. Just watch the video under this photo!

Tender moments between mama and me. Mervi told me she got tears in her eyes watching the video ….

That’s it for this time but I’ll be back! Enjoy the Winter time!

Your bearily, Sisu (the gourmet bear)

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  1. Dear Marko and Mervi!
    It would be an adventure to visit the zoo Ranua in the winter. It looks like the winter fairy tale. It would be great to light the fire and watch the polar bears.
    Sisu is a big boy, but the milk is surely very tasty 🙂
    A dhole looks wonderful.

  2. Oh, dear little big boy Sisu, it is a real fairy-tale country,
    where do you live! Wonderful!
    Every Polar Bear would like to have such a beautiful white home…
    Aron from Tallinn greets you and tells, that he also has snow and he loves mother’s milk, like you..

    Dear Mervi and Marko,
    Thank you very much for this fantastic article!


  3. Dear Marko
    Again you´ve shot very
    impressive photos of the
    winterwonderland in Ranua.
    Here in Frankfurt snow is a
    rare thing – this winter we
    have absolutly no snow.

    Dear Mervi
    Since yesterday evening
    I try to enter the Knuipe
    without success. Please
    have a look in the Back
    Door sometimes! I really
    feel lonely there….

    Chris 🙂

  4. VIDEO: So much mother and son love! . . I am really touched. . . . too cute to be true!
    (did remind me a lot of ANCHALI when still enjoying HER personal milk bar
    at PANG PHA while lying on the floor, as she is already a rather tall girl in the meantime – 😉 )

    Terve! dear SISU-friend.
    What a breathtakingly beutiful landscape you have around you in RANUA actully.
    With the right clothes and the guarantee I won’t slip, it would also be a dream of mine to be able to go for a little walk in such white stuff while the sun is shining and the sky is blue!

    What a happy guy you are to be spoiled with scuh a tender ‘la Mama’ with the beautiful name VENUS!
    And you cannot complain either about your animal neighbors. Isn’t the dhole a beauty!!? . . . ‘Your’ MARKO made again gorgeous pics and caught hilarious scenes of ‘The dhole and the magpie’. . . Also the piggie looks handsome and lovely!

    Tell ‘your’ MERVI that I was pleased of her assisting you again in such nice way!

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    SISU lebt wirklich in einem Zauberwald in Ranua, und ich gönne ihm jede Menge Schnee.
    Als Gourmet-Bär hat er den besten Futterplatz, den man sich wünschen kann und Mama Venus
    lässt ihn immer noch gerne nuckeln.
    Als Besucher muss man allerdings hart im Nehmen sein, denn die Eis- und Schneeschicht
    auf dem Geländer ist nicht von Zucker.

    Danke an dich und Marko für die wunderbaren Bilder und Texte.
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko,

    ist das schön. Es sieht ja in Ranua wirklich aus wie im Märchen. Traumhafte Schneelandschaft.

    Auf den Bildern und auch im Video sieht Sisu ja schon fast größer aus als seine Mutter. Irgendwie ist es auch immer etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig zu sehen, wenn so “große” Tiere noch bei Mama nucken. Unsere Anchali nuckelt auch immer noch ab und zu bei ihrer Mama.
    Na wenn’s denn schmeckt.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Wow, that´s wintertime at its best… I´m freezing and my feet are getting cold when watching these pics. But the polar bears in Ranua must be more than happy since it is their favourite weather. Their visitors love them that´s for sure…!
    It really looks kind of strange when a big boy like Sisu is still sucking at his mother´s breast. But it does not seem to bother Venus, so it´s OK.
    Thank you for these wonderful winterly photos!


  8. Dear Mervi and Marko
    Thank you for showing us the wonderful Winter in Ranua.
    Venus can be very proud of how big Sisu is. Her milk must be very strong.
    The Dholes are very endangered in their homeland so it is great to see how well they cope in the snow.

  9. Liebe Mervi und lieber Marko,
    wie herrlich ist diese tiefverschneite Winterlandschaft!
    Sisu weiss daß Mamas Milchbar das Beste ist und solange es Venus zuläßt , ist das OK.
    Für Marko strengt sich auch der Rotfuchs an und jagt Raben.
    Vielen Dank, superschöne Bilder aus dem hohen Norden und von Mervi wieder perfekt getextet..
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Dear Mervi
    Dear Marko

    Thank you so much for this wonderful threat.
    So much snow. The zoo just looks fantastic.
    Of course Sisu still tastes mummy’s milk. He is just a little boy after all.


  11. Dear Mervi,
    Dear Marko,
    Thank you both for taking us to the Winter wonderland of Ranua. It is more than obvious that these two polar bears do love their place to live, especially now when there is a lot of snow available for them. The dhole is funny when trying to catch the magpie, but the latter was smart enough to make sure he/she was having a very safe spot.

  12. Dear Mervi!
    Dear Marko!

    Thank you very much for the wonderful Photos from Sisu and Venus in the snow.
    I wish you a pleasant evening.