February is Sisuary now!

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8.2.2019 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! Let me tell you that we’re having a fantastic Winter with lots of snow and polar beary temperatures! February really is my favourite month so from now on I will call it Sisuary!

Doesn’t this path look lovely?

I’ve seen photos of my pal Aron rolling in the snow and I want to show you same kind of photos of me. At the same time I send my best greetings to Aron in Tallinn. We are almost related because my big brother Ranzo and his big sister Nora are a couple now. I hope even they have snow …..

Walking in the snow and thinking of nice things is so relaxing. I wish all the two legged creatures had time for this kind of relaxation – although they always seem to be too busy. Hmm, maybe a Humanlife Park with nice enclosures could be an alternative to the stressing life style?

I think I look like a ballet dancer when I keep my paws so nicely. Pas-de-bear!

I don’t have to look for a bar when I get thirsty. I just lick the snow which is very clean and cold. No ice needed! – Of course, mama’s milk bar is a totally different matter ….. I need it when I’m hungry!

Cuddling with mama is, naturally, on my daily schedule.

Mama and I are of equal size now but I think I’m already stronger. That’s why I must remember to be gentle with her when we’re wrestling.

Winter impressions

Because the Winter is so lovely here in Ranua I want to share some of Marko’s excellent photos with you.

The cottage park Gulo Gulo in daylight ….

… and in the night time.

The northern lights can be seen quite often this time of the year.

The trees are in ‘snow blossom’ and the birds seem to like to sit on the white branches.

Are Bodil and Max having Spring feelings already???

At least they are very eager to enjoy each others company!


A beautiful cat in snow

The dhole has found a real snow castle! 🙂

The Siberian deers are lovely animals that don’t mind the cold weather or the snow.

A mama deer with her baby

In the wild many animals have difficulties finding food but in our zoo the keepers make sure their dear deers are well fed.

A couple of close-ups of the lovely faces

The visitors in the Ranua Zoo can even enjoy a sleigh ride with huskies. These doggies are already waiting for the next ‘travellers’.

I’m sure this beauty is called ‘Flirty’! 🙂 🙂 🙂

You must admit our zoo looks fairytale like at the moment!

We polar bears don’t hibernate as our brown collegues so we don’t have to eat so much in the Summer and in the Fall either. Hmm, my belly is rather roundish anyway …. maybe I should try a diet?

Diet? Who am I kidding? No way! I can smell the keepers bringing food for mama and me so I’m off now!

Your white fluffy pal in Ranua wishes you all a pleasant Sisuary!

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  1. Wow!! So much snow!!
    It’s really wonderful!!!
    Happy Sisuary, dear Sisu!

    Dear Mervi and Marko,

    Thanks a lot for this lovely story with
    these fantastic picrures!

    I wish you all a snowy and very pleasant February!

  2. Ja, von solchen Bildern können wir hier nur träumen.
    Es sind aktuell 10°C und Vorfrühling macht sich breit.
    Aber ich schaue mir die winterlichen Schnappschüsse
    gerne an – einfach toll dieses Winter-Wunderland ! 🙂
    Und Sisu genießt das weiße Element sichtlich…


  3. Dear Marko, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the winter impression from Ranua. Sisu and Venus like the snow. The huskies are surely happy about the snow too.
    The dhole looks beautiful under the fir tree.

  4. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Thank you for the beautiful pics of this winter fairy tale with some appropriate splendid animals in the Ranua Wildlife Park.
    Seemingly there won´t be a real winter in Berlin this year, so we can enjoy these gorgeous photos at least.

    Sisu must be very happy at the moment. He´s having a wonderful time, a lot of fun and is obviously completely in his element.

    When I saw the “flirty” husky my first thought was: poor dog, he´s got only one eye left. I´m quite relieved that he was just winking at Marko…;-)

    It must be fantastic to watch the northern lights “live”.


  5. Liebe Mervi,

    ach, ich sehe den “Gute-Laune-Bär” aus dem hohen Norden so gerne!
    Egal ob er Eisdancing macht oder mit seiner Mutter im Schnee rollt – er sieht
    immer prima aus. In der Tat muss er seine Kräfte ein bisschen bremsen, denn
    so groß wie seine Mutter Venus ist er allemal.
    Auch die close ups der anderen Vierbeiner sind wunderbar und allen scheint
    der Schnee gut zu gefallen mit ihrem dicken Winterfell.

    Dir und Marko vielen Dank für die winterlichen Impressionen aus dem hohen Norden!
    Polarlichter zu erleben ist bestimmt ganz großartig.

    Herzliche Grüße

  6. Dear Sisu (and Dear Marko and Dear Mervi), thank you for sharing these lovely pics of your Winter wonderland. Enjoy your Sisuary month now and most of all, the snow. I do love to watch these pics of you and your pals in the snow, but in all honesty, I am glad that we do NOT have so much snow here in Belgium. However, the thing I do regret for not having here are the Northern lights. It looks so magic. And UHOH, for Bodil and Max, the temperatures are already becoming “warmer”. Lets cross all digits for a sweet surprise. And it goes without saying that the flirting Husky is the top.

  7. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko,

    Wow, beim Anblick dieser wunderschönen Schnee-Bilder werde ich richtig neidisch.
    Daran kann man sich gar nicht satt sehen.
    Sisu und seine Mama sind richtige Glückspilze, in so einem schönen “Eisbärenland” zu leben.
    Das ist so schön anzusehen, wie Sisu durch den Schnee rollt, oder auch wie er mit Mama im Schnee spielt.

    Aber auch alle anderen Bilder von den Tieren sind super.
    Süß auch die “vereisten” Nasen von den Hirschen. Huskys sind wunderschöne Hunde.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Morjens Sisu!

    Om maar siäl teilläki kauhiast lunt, mut nii o meilläkin. Karunkulmakki ova niin pali täynn lunt, etei ajotiäl tahro nährä mittä. Sit tääl o vil niin perhana liukast. Kyl tarttis oll semmose jääkarhu tassun pohja ja sit viäl kynnet, et pysys pystöss.
    Kovi onnistunei kuvi marko on taas napsinu. Oikke ikävä tul sinne ranual ko näin se kuva Gulo Gulos.
    Mää toivottele snull kaikke kiva mammas kanss. Kerro naapureilleski tervessi.


  9. Dear Marko
    Dear Mervi

    It was nice to visit Sisu again. He lives in a beautiful snowy landscape and can spend his teenage polar bears in a good mood.
    Thank you for the information and the many wonderful pictures.


  10. Dear Marko and Mervi
    Ranua truly is a Winter Wonderland. Sisu of course is growing into a handsome bear, but the other animals look lovely too. The Dhole from the hot Asian climate looks so at home in the tree.

  11. Ich hab mir mal den Spaß gemacht,
    Teddybärenmuttis Kommentar durch
    den Google-Übersetzer zu jagen.
    Das Ergebnis ist sehr lustig:

    Sie haben gefürchtet, aber wir auch. Ein paar Fröscheier, also Pali volles Lunt, man sieht den Dreck nicht. Holen Sie sich Ihre Füße so rutschig. Kyl Tarttis oll Semmose Eisbär auf der Basis der Pfote und auf den Nägeln sitzen, werden Sie nicht aufrecht stehen. Kommen Sie zu einem erfolgreichen Foto Marko ist wieder in der Sonne. Ich habe das Ranual vermisst, also habe ich es in Gulo Gul gesehen.Vielleicht wünschst du dir die schöne Mutter mit dir. Sag deinen Nachbarn ganz.

    Ich glaube, wir sollten GOOGLE etwas Nachhilfe in Finnisch geben – oder !? 🙂 😀 😉 very funny ! :p

  12. Chris – Teddybärenmutti wrote her comment in a special Turku dialect so no wonder even Google translater has difficulties ….. but it offers us some extra good laughs! 🙂

  13. MERVI
    aha, natürlich gibt es auch in Finnland Dialekte.
    Zum Glück könnt IHR euch noch verstehen… 😉

  14. dear Marko and dear Mervi
    thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures from Ranua, the animals and the buildings look so nice in this lovely wintertime
    terve dear Sisu, I am glad to see you in the snow, you and all your dear friends are looking very content, and also your dear Mama has fun to play with her son, for your Mama you are always her little boy
    dear greetings and paw waves to Finland and Sweden

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