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1.2.2019 – Photos: Sóstó Zoo

It’s been quite a while since we had news from the Sóstó Zoo. I haven’t got any news now but I want to show you some nice photos of the zoo anyway.

Fiete looks gorgeous as always!

 photo fiete5.jpg

A morning walk by the pool

 photo fiete9.jpg

During the walk Fiete met lovely Snezcana.

 photo fiete22.jpg

What a nice portrait of a nice couple!

 photo fiete10.jpg

Some back stroke in the pool

 photo fiete8.jpg

To our white friends’ delight it’s been snowing in Hungary, too.

 photo fiete20.jpg

Fiete, Zora and Snezcana – the whole family in the same photo.

 photo fiete7.jpg

Supervising the keepers when they were cleaning the windows. 🙂

 photo fiete11.jpg

It’s polite to swim close to the visitors and say ‘hello and welcome’.

 photo fiete18.jpg

There are a lot of beautiful animals in this zoo. Let me present some of them to you:

The snowy background makes the leopard’s fur look even more ‘spottish’. 🙂

 photo fiete19.jpg

The wolves can make themselves almost invisible ….

 photo fiete16.jpg

The elephants didn’t seem to mind the snowing.

 photo fiete12.jpg

The baby lolifantje seems to be quite comfortable in the slippery ground. At least he/she looks very determined and selfconfident. 🙂

 photo fiete14.jpg

The red pandas with their cute faces look very curious. What’s this white stuff?

 photo fiete15.jpg

A thorough examination 🙂

 photo fiete6.jpg

This was the zoo’s new year photo of Fiete. I can only write that he looks very, very handsome.

 photo fiete21.jpg

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures from the zoo Sosto. It looks like Fiete is doing well.

  2. Dear Mervi,

    It’s so nice to read about the Hungarian Polar Bears!
    I love the picture with the title:
    “Fiete, Zora and Snezcana – the whole family in the same photo.”
    They’re all three so handsome and cute!!
    I hope they do well!


  3. Es freut mich, mal wieder
    Fotos von Larsson zu sehen.
    Der Winter scheint Ungarn fest
    im Griff zu haben. Und auch hier
    darf der kleine Elefant in den Schnee.

  4. Interaction between keepers and/or visitors and the zoo animals is (next to) always fun!

    Thanks for the nice photos and the information you have looked for and found about FIETE and the SOSTÓ-ZOO, deasr MERVI.

    The mirroring photo is fantastic but I also like any of the other pics, of the polar bears as much as of the other pretty animals.

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    wie schön, mal wieder etwas von Fiete zu erfahren.
    Er ist wirklich bildhübsch und das Familienfoto ist große klasse!
    Mein Favorit ist das Foto mit dem Kind an der Scheibe.
    Über Schnee freuen sich alle Bären und in Ungarn scheint es
    genug davon zu geben.
    Auch dem Leoparden und den roten Pandas gefällt er und die
    Elefanten nehmen die schlüpfrige Angelegenheit gelassen hin.

    Danke für die schönen Fotos mit lieben Grüßen!

  6. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for some news from Hungary!

    I´m happy that Fiete and his ladies are doing fine.
    All the pics are fabulous and some are even worth to be published in a big magazine!

    My favourites among the polar bear photos are the first one with this shining liquorice nose and the proud expression, the mirrored portrait of a nice couple, the relaxed backstroke, the whole polar bear family in one pic and the meeting of Fiete with a child at the pane.

    The other animals look fantastic too! The very spottish looking leopard is a beautiful big cat, the wolves have a nice winter fur and the red pandas are as cute as always, but my sweetheart is the brave little elephant marching straight through the snow.


  7. Liebe Mervi,

    ich finde es auch super, mal wieder neue Fotos von Fiete zu sehen, und freue mich dass es ihm so gut geht.
    Groß ist er geworden, der “Kleine”.
    Schön das Foto gemeinsam mit Snezcana und auch Zora im Hintergrund.
    Ob Fiete wohl immer noch bei Zora nuckeln darf?

    Aber auch die Fotos von all den anderen Tieren im Schnee sind wunderschön. Danke.

    Liebe Grüße Monika

  8. Dear Mervi,

    thanks for showing Fiete and other animals.

    They all look good in the snow.

    Hugs Inge

  9. dear Mervi,
    I am so glad to see these wonderful pictures from,Sosto Zoo, so nice to see Fiete, Zora and Snezcana together, I wish the three bears a cosy winter time. Of course Fiete is interested in his dear keepers and friendly visitors so close at the window. All the other animals are also looking great and want to enjoy the snow.I send many good wishes to all
    dear greetings

  10. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für die wunderschönen Winterbilder aus Ungarn. Fiete sieht echt toll aus.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  11. I am so delighted to see such pictures from Sosto. We were very worried about Fiete and what would happen to him, but the Sosto Zoo seems to be a very good place. Their photography is first rate.