Lynn and her baby in the Zoo-TV

Feb 22nd, 2019 | By | Category: Denmark

22.2.2019 – Source: the Copenhagen Zoo

The webcam – the Zoo-TV – in Copenhagen is working better. The screen is much sharper now so we can see Lynn and her baby more clearly.

Yesterday I could witness some nice and even funny scenes. The photos are screen shots from the webcam so they are of poor quality but I hope you can enjoy them anyway.

First I saw Lynn nursing her cubbie.

 photo cam10.jpg

It’s balm to one’s soul to see a polar bear mother nursing her baby. So peaceful, so beautiful, so touching.

 photo cam9.jpg

When the baby’s ‘lunch break’ was over Lynn went towards an opening that looks like a narrow door.

 photo cam8.jpg

I’m not sure what she was doing but it looked like she was eating something. Maybe the keepers had placed food for her there.

 photo cam2.jpg

The cubbie was curiously examining the den ….

 photo can7.jpg

…. and many times Lynn carried it to the ‘door’.

 photo cam1.jpg

The sweetie kept escaping over and over again. 🙂

 photo cam5.jpg

This cubbie seems to be very mobile and curious. It’s also fun to see how white the baby’s fur is compared to Lynn’s brownish fur.

 photo cam6.jpg

When the bears come closer to the camera we can even admire their faces. Of course, it takes some patience to see any action but I can quarantee the patience is richly rewarded when you see these two!

 photo cam3.jpg

Zoo-TV (webcam)


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  1. Hallo Mervi
    Lynn hat einen sehr geräumigen Stall.
    Das Kind ist schon gut auf den Beinen. 🙂
    Du wirst es bald mit eigenen Augen sehen.

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    bei meinem Blick in Webcam trug Lynn das Baby zur Türöffnung,
    aber flutschte ihr immer wieder durch die Beine weg.
    Da hat Mutter Bär alle Tatzen voll zu tun.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  3. Thanks dear Mervi for showing.

    Wonderful to see mother and baby. Let`s hope the best.

    Nord and Nöel are enjoying the beginning spring with each other with swimming and mudbaths, Nöel loves mud.

    Weekendgreetings from Copenhagen

  4. Dear Mervi and Inge

    I hope to get to Copenhagen in June to see the cub! Molly Merrow may be coming over about that time.

    I love the photos, they remind me of Victoria and Hamish. The keepers in Scotland were amazed at how white he looked compared with her.

    Lynn seems to be a very good Mum.

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Lynn, Ranzo´s former girlfriend and playmate, turns out to be a good mother for her little one.
    You must be quite excited to go to Copenhagen and see it with your own eyes.
    Hopefully you are fully recovered soon and can visit them when mother and child will make their first excursions out of the den.
    All the best


  6. Die beiden beobachten zu können, macht Freude. Mutter und Kind scheinen gut drauf zu sein.

    Vielen Dank fĂĽr diesen informativen Beitrag, liebe Mervi!

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    schön dass auch in der Copenhagener Eisbären-Kinderstube alles in Ordnung ist.
    Das Kleine ist sehr munter.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe