Copenhagen – Lynn and her cub go exploring

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29.3.2019 by Ralph Morton

After they come out onto the enclosure, Lynn and her cub are soon exploring.

 photo cub1.jpg

Lynn keeps a close eye on her baby.

 photo cub2.jpg

Lynn shows how big and effective she is at being a Mummy Bear.

 photo cub3.jpg

The cub soon strikes out on its own…

 photo cub4.jpg

To boldly go…..

 photo cub5.jpg

Well, perhaps a little rest is not a bad idea.

 photo cub6.jpg

That smells too interesting not to investigate.

 photo cub7.jpg

Lynn has spotted an interesting piece of branch.

 photo cub8.jpg

The cub soon finds it and starts to check it out.

 photo cub9.jpg

Lynn looks proud of her little one, as it paws the branch..

 photo cub10.jpg

Perhaps if I bite it …

 photo cub11.jpg

The cub decides to take some time out to look at the visitors.

 photo cub12.jpg

Lynn helps the cub to move the branch.

 photo cub13.jpg

An encouraging lick from Lynn as the cub concentrates on the branch.

 photo cub14.jpg

A bit later the cub has found in interesting corner to investigate.

 photo cub15.jpg

The cub checks to see if Lynn is still nearby.

 photo cub17.jpg

A step down to see what else is interesting.

 photo cub16.jpg

The cub wonders if it will take another step down.

 photo cub18.jpg

 photo cub19.jpg

Time for a rest, this exploring is hard work.

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  1. Dear Ralph,
    thank you for the pictures of Lynn and her lovely cub.

  2. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the sequel of your travel report!
    The pics are heartwarming and delightful and your subtitles very affectionate.
    I´m convinced you had a good time with Lynn and her baby bear.

    Did you take a photo of the whole mother & child enclosure? I´m interested in it´s size and look.
    In your pics we can see only details and it looks quite stony.


  3. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for this report
    and photos…

    So many cubbies to visit!

    What fun!

    xo k-j

  4. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the nice report.
    Lynns Cubbie is very agil. 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  5. Dear Ralph!

    This is a wonderful illustrated report from Copenhagen! Because I’m still waiting for my first visit your well written reports are real treasures. I’m sure they are that even to the readers of this magazine.

    Now we know that the cubbie is a girl – maybe that’s why she seems already possess a great amount of energy! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the next report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. This little-one is a right ‘Püppi’ in your pictures, as she looks so tiny and delicate
    but your subtitles show that she has got some power, will, and energy.

    And there are also tender moments with/of mum LYNN:
    QUOTE: “An encouraging lick from Lynn as the cub concentrates on the branch.”
    So sweet!

    Thank you, dear RALPH. I wonder what contents your next reports will show and am looking forward to them!