Even a snowy Spring is Spring!

Mar 25th, 2019 | By | Category: Ranua 2019

25.3.2019 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! This is the young bachelor Sisu in Ranua writing again. I’m trying to get used to live alone in the enclosure next to my mama’s enclosure. Of course, I miss her but I’m a big boy now and this is how life goes for a polar bear.

Rolling in the snow is still one of my favourite hobbies. Even though the Spring is still very snowy in northern Finland I know the snow will melt away so I’d better take every chance to enjoy it!

The keepers are always finding ways to keep me occupied ….. This time my nose told me there’s something hidden under the snow.

My nose was right! I found something!

Hmmm, I wonder if it’s a wig ….

….. or maybe a false moustache?

This moustache should make even Hercule Poirot envious! 🙂

Well, I have no big news to reveal. I can only tell you that I’m doing fine and so is my mama.

Let me show you again some photos of my co-inhabitants in our park.

This dhole sure has fun! What a broad smile! 🙂

This fox would certainly win a ‘Fox Beauty Contest! Don’t you agree?

Malla and Jemma have gone out from their dens after a several months long hibernation. This is always the sign that the Spring is here!

Even the brownies love to play in the snow.

A snow shower will make the bear’s fur clean and fluffy.

A face wash after a long sleep certainly makes the brownies fully awake.

Some yoga exercises are on the schedule, too.

It’s fun to make snow balls although it’s not so easy to make balls with big paws. Well, let’s say this is a snow thing. 🙂

Finally a couple of close-ups of happy brown bears.

That’s it this time, folks but I’ll be back soon! I wish you all a happy Spring time – with or without snow!

Yours bearily, Sisu the bachelor

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  1. Dear Marko and Mervi!
    It does not look like Spring in Ranua. 🙂
    Sisu has surely no problems with the snow.
    Malla and Jemma came out from the den and enjoy the snow too. In the zoo they do not have the problems to find the food 🙂 They look lovely in the snow.

  2. Dear Mervi and Marko
    Despite the arrival of Spring here in England at long last it is great to see that the icy world of Ranua continues to enchant its residents. I wonder how Sisu will adjust if he has to live in a Zoo where there is hardly ever snow and ice.

  3. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko,

    Das ist ja super. Noch so viel Schnee in Ranua.
    Für Sisu freue ich mich. Wo er sicher noch etwas traurig ist, dass er nun von seiner Mama getrennt leben muss, ist der Schnee für ihn eine schöne Abwechslung.

    Die Brownies haben aber genauso viel Spaß im Schnee, wie man unschwer auf den schönen Fotos erkennen kann.
    Schöne Aufnahmen auch von den Füchsen.
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

  4. Hallo Sisi – Du hast immer noch schönes Winterwetter.
    Der kleine Fuchs im Schnee gefällt mir besonders gut.
    Jemma spielt so ausgelassen im Schnee – fein ! 🙂

  5. Lieber Sisu,

    deine Neugierde hast du gottlob nicht verloren und weißt dich auch gut ohne
    deine Mama zu beschäftigen, das machst du sehr gut!
    Die Nachbarschaft von Braunies und Füchsen tröstet vielleicht auch ein bisschen.
    Genieße den Schnee in vollen Zügen, solange du noch in Ranua bleiben darfst.

    Danke an Mervi und Marko für die bezaubernden Bilder und den Text!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Terve! to our beloved ‘snow-roller of best kind’!

    Oh, dear SISU, don’t vanish completely in your snow-hills – may the treats also be most tempting!
    We really don’t want to lose sight of you!! . . Did I read right?: ‘moustache’! . . .Is it possible you are training to get a little ‘Angeber!’ since you are without your mum? . . Pretty dhole had also to laugh a bit (btw: wondrful photo – as the photo of the little fox is!). Good to see in Marko JUNTTILA’s excellent pics that also MALL and JEMMA are doing fine.

    As you are feeling so well I am wishing you lots of snow piles staying with you still for a loooong time while at our end of the world wonderful flowers started to bloom and made the gift of their wonderful colors to us. Sun comes and goes. But we learned to think positive . . .

    See you soon again! Looking forward to reading your next report of the ‘RANUA WILDLIFE life’ and to seeing the next series of Marko’s great pics of you, your friends and neighbors, and the magnificent nature around you. . . . Please don’t forget to tell your best auntie MERVI my thanks for her great help she always prepared to giv you, so you can keep contact with the folks in all the other areas around you in this world 🙂

  7. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Oh my, winter still rules with snow and ice in Ranua and spring is a long time coming – as every year at this time.
    I´m happy for Sisu that he at least can still play in the snow after being separated from his mother.
    Good to know that he is doing fine!

    The brownies could have slept easily a little longer, but they didn´t want to… Instead of sleeping they´d rather love to play and roll around in the snow.

    The dhole and the fox are looking most beautiful.

    Thank you for this fine report with it´s fabulous pics!


  8. Soo moro Sisu.
    Hahaa manses sanota tommottis ko treffata hyvi kavereit. Me oltti to TBV:n kans manses ko sill ol jotta asiois siäl.
    Sä ole nykyä vähä kkevä poik, emmä ehtiny erellisenkä kirjesses vastama. Mamma sit tykkäs, ett nyt poik tartte oma huusholli. Mitäs ole tykännY+ Olek sää siäl Pappas lukaalis? vai vaihrotteks mamman kanss?.Kyl sä jo tarttiki ihnan oman poksi. Hihih mnää olen vähä utelias eikä vaa muuan fröökynä Q ol tulos kylä?. Olis maar teill kamalan lys yhers? Eikä Mamma olis koko aja olan takan kyttämäs?
    Siäl teill päi on viäl luntt, on täälläki viäl pikkase. Meret ovat jo melkkein friit jäässest.
    Voi hyvi ja kerro mammalles kans terveyksi.
    Palata astiall!


  9. Dear Mervi and Marko!

    Well, I’m glad we’re out of snow here. However, the animals in Ranua still feel very comfortable in the white splendour.
    For Sisu the world seems to be a bit disordered at the moment, but he knows how to deal with it without his mother.

    Thank you for your very nice threat!

  10. dear Marko and dear Mervi
    thank you so much for the pictures of Sisu and his friends
    terve dear Sisu, the bachelor
    I am glad to see you playing in the snow,enjoy this wonderful time in your home in Finland
    you are looking very content and so are all your dear frinds,
    big paw waves and dear greetings

  11. Wow, so much snow!!
    Enjoy the snow, Sisu boy! I know you love it!
    This white wonderful stuff is the dream of every polar bear!
    Aron has no snow now and he is somehow sad…
    He greets you, too, Sisu!

    Dear Mervi&Marko,
    Many thanks for this lovely story!

    Greetings from Tallinn