Frimas and her cubbies – a study in cuteness

Mar 4th, 2019 | By | Category: Dierenrijk Nuenen

4.3.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

On the 27th of February Frimas presented her sweet cubs to the visitors. Hans Muskens was there with his camera and has kindly given me permission to publish some of his wonderful photos even in this magazine. Thank you so much!

You can see more photos by Hans here.

Frimas comes out and seems to be checking that everything’s OK.

 photo hans6.jpg

Isn’t this a lovely family portrait! Frimas has all the reason to be proud of her sweet twins.

 photo hans2.jpg

The cubbies are so small but oh, so curious! ­čÖé

 photo hans3.jpg

 photo hans11.jpg

Of course, mama Frimas was supervising her babies all the time.

 photo hans13.jpg

Oh bear, is there a party going on?

 photo hans5.jpg

The solid food is still too ‘heavy’ for the cubbies but luckily mama’s milk bar is open all day long.

 photo Hans1.jpg

After a good meal it’s nice to have a tender moment with mama.

 photo hans4.jpg

My heart is melting when I watch this wonderful photo. I’m sure even you have lost your heart to these sweeties!

 photo hans10.jpg

It’s hard to believe that after a couple of years this tiny baby will be as big – or even bigger – than Frimas.

 photo Hans7.jpg

SIMPLY ADORABLE!!! The following photos speak for themselves.

 photo hans8.jpg

 photo hans9.jpg

 photo hans12.jpg

Dear Hans, thank you so much for your permission to publish the photos even in Knuti’s Weekly! I wish you, Frimas and her cubbies a pleasant Spring time. Of course, I wish the same to all the other animals and all the keepers in the Dierenrijk Nuenen!

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  1. Mervi und Hans.

    Danke fuer so suesse Fotos. Zwillinge sind so suess und stolze Mama. Einfach sch├Ân.


  2. Hallo Mervi

    Die Fotos sind hinrei├čend.
    ­čÖé Die Zwillinge sind echte
    Herzw├Ąrmer – so niedlich!

    Liebe Gr├╝├če
    Chris ­čÖé

  3. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Baby bears are ever so cute, these twins even twice…
    Frimas must have her paws full with these frisky and adventurous little rascals.
    Thank you for sharing your enchanting pics.

    I wish mother Frimas and her children the best of luck!


  4. Liebe Mervi,

    hatte Frimas vor Jahren auch mal Zwillinge?
    Diese beiden sind nat├╝rlich allerliebst und werden von
    ihrer Mutter gut bewacht.

    Lieber Hans,
    fein, dass du unserer Reporter vor Ort bist und du uns
    mit solch tollen Fotos verw├Âhnst. Vielen Dank!


  5. Hallo Hans,

    danke f├╝r die sch├Ânen Fotos von Frimas und ihren s├╝├čen Twins.
    Im Vergleich zum Eisb├Ąrkind aus Copenhagen sehen die Beiden schon etwas gr├Â├čer aus.

    Danke Mervi, f├╝rs Einstellen der Fotos.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  6. Dear Hans and Mervi

    Thank you so much for the photos of Frimas and her cubs.

    I am still hoping to get to Nuenen by public transport (Dutch Railways) either in April or later in the year.

  7. Dear Hans

    Adorable pictures!!! Thank you so much.


    Dear Mervi
    Thank you, too